GOD Gave Us Eyes In The Front Of Our Head


God Gave us eyes in front of our head because it is more important to look forward then back!

As children of Jesus Christ we are to look ahead to the future as our best days are ahead, we are not to look back.  We should never stay in the rear view mirror of our life, dwelling on what has been lost due to death, betrayal, pain and suffering.  

We must remember that Jesus suffered all of the things we are suffering and he over came.  Jesus lives inside of each of us after we make him our Lord and Savior, we are made strong by his strength,not our strength. “We can get up after trauma, death, betrayal and suffering and move into our promised land.”


The bible is clear we are to enjoy our life while living here on earth and we should help one another. Look around and see who you can be a blessing for today, another human or animal is waiting for you to help them.  The most amazing part of sharing and  helping is GOD rewards us for helping others.

I challenge you to share your gifts and talents (pay them forward) then watch to see what GOD will do for you as GOD rewards us when we help others.


Do you have a GOD story to share?

Please be brave and leave a comment as your GOD story is an inspiration to me and so many other people you will never meet.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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