Help A Wild Burro (Donkey) And You Will Get Paid $500.00

Please share on your WordPress page. These donkeys are heading to slaughter if we do not find them homes. I am available to help with diet, training, coaching and consulting you to give these donkeys a great life. I promise the donkey will be the best thing you ever gave yourself, remember donkeys come in two’s. Melody

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Learn about a brand new program sponsored by The HSUS to help find homes for wild burros! Contact Heidi Hopkins at to find out how you can help a wild burro and get paid to do it!

The details:

In 120 days or less- gentle a burro  (halter train, trailer load, pick up all four feet)

Find a qualified adopter willing to pay the $125 adoption fee

GET PAID $500!!!!!!!!!

It’s that simple.

Wild burros are available in Oregon!

Time is running out, if you are interested in this pilot program please contact  ASAP!

To read more about this 5 year grant aimed at helping wild burros go here:

Select WILD BURROS (donkeys) Grant Project

Heidi Hopkins

The Platero Project Program Manager

t 503-747-8894     fax 503-482-5653


From: Rio The Mammoth Donkey,

All of these wild donkeys will be sent to slaughter if we do not find…

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