"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Most Asked Questions For Donkey Care

sequim10192013 043How can I pick out the hooves of my donkey?

Learn How To Tame Your Donkey

Working with donkeys is like building a house! We are in the process of attempting to communicate to the architect and builder what we need in our next one story home.

What is the foundation?

Taming, clear leadership without abuse and a skill set of tools.  Donkeys, horses and mules are looking for a leader select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC  as I will teach you how to be a great leader without abuse. Boundaries are needed in all aspects of our life and this includes donkeys, horses and mules.

“Here is a video of me working with Tuba a standard donkey, this is only our third lesson, one lesson for fifteen minutes once a week. That’s it. Donkeys never forget anything.”  Notice Obo (naughty donkey) is smelling and watching I am setting him up for success. Donkeys are visual learners, burn this into your memory always work with the honor donkey (perfect donkey no training needed) first so the other donkey can see what to do.

Obo is a naughty donkey but I need you to understand his body language is scared and when he gets scared he drags the human around and kicks  A donkey can kick forward, sideways and backwards and they are very strong, a donkey that is untrained and scared is a Dangerous donkey he needs us humans to have a plan. A scared Donkey get’s himself out of control so bad that the farm he currently lives on is afraid of him. Afraid so much they had to sedate him the last time they did his feet.  Sedation is never necessary if we humans learn how to stay safe and teach the equine the skills they need to live in our domesticated world.  I am happy to share I was able to pick up all four of Obo’s hooves and pick out the gunk along with Tuba in the same training lesson no more than fifteen minutes for each once a week. Obo did attempt to drag me, I corrected him quickly with a loud No as I have my timing down, I quickly contained him with the rope halter and worked on rubbing him with my carrot stick, spanking the ground and reaching out and spanking the wall two times.  After this lesson he stood still perfect.  You can see in the video two mammoth donkeys are standing and watching and kicking the gate.  Equine make lots of noise when they want our attention and we humans can learn from this. The video of Tuba is a really good training tool for you the student to learn as much is going on. It looks easy but what I am doing is not easy it takes practice and patience.

Timing, reading the equine

Staying calm, not being in a hurry, breathing out and I chew gum as they love to smell my breath with spearmint gum in it. All of this takes practice to get the timing correct, read the equine and be ready for what they may do next.  Never get angry and always stay calm and relaxed and safe when working with dangerous equine. Try to have empathy for the animal think how you feel when you are scared. Remember a scared equine is a dangerous equine do not attempt to work with a dangerous equine without a coach helping you stay safe.

Success In Three Short Lessons

Obo will get his hooves trimmed with me on-site and no sedation within the next few weeks, we are waiting on scheduling with the trimmer.  After three lessons Obo is ready for a trim with no sedation. I have only worked with Obo and Tuba three times in three years due to the semi-truck accident.  My coaching, training and consulting business teaches you how to be a good leader with a skill set of tools and clear leadership with no abuse of the animal.

A good leader can use body language, voice change and more to get their point across as after all the donkey does not speak our human language. The donkey, horse and mule is reading our non-verbal language.  I teach how to teach words to equine as they can learn and this will help them into the rest of their lives.

Think of it this way; Notice how when you are in the room with an angry person you pick up on the anger? Well equine pick up on anger, violence, too loving of a human, no boundaries, no plan. The same as they pick up on a scared human who is going to do whatever is necessary to cut time and make the equine submit. Donkeys are not horses with long ears, donkeys need us humans to slow way down and take the time it takes for them to build a relationship with us and they are always waiting for us humans to earn their respect with no violence. We must stay safe thus why I highly recommend taking advantage of Parelli for 30 days free, get the rope halter, carrot stick and lead line. Learn the 7 games, friendly game, porcupine game (pick up hooves) etc.,

Video of Rio and Rocket Man playing notice how Rocket Man is picking up Rio’s hooves he is playing the porcupine game 🙂

Select What Is A Virtual Trainer?

Interested in working with me?

Send me an e-mail Melody@donkeywhisperer.com and I will schedule for January as I am just too busy to help anyone at this time. Working hard to get my new business up and running, prepare our current home/farm five acres in Kingston, Washington for sale in the spring of 2014 and get everything ready to move into our new twenty acre farm in Sequim, Washington in the spring of 2014.  I plan on having on-site conferences, training events and guest professional speakers for hoof care, diet, and more so stay connected to me.  GOD is amazing!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





6 Responses to “Most Asked Questions For Donkey Care”

  1. crybennett

    Hey Melody. Vet is coming out next Wednesday to geld the donkey. Don’t remember if I told you after my last email to you or not. (I asked about putting the donk and mini mule together again to play). Anyway, what is the fee for the ‘virtual training’ you’ll be doing after January?

    Thanks, Crystal Bennett


  2. neilirving

    Great post I think one of are horses is in touch with his inner donkey, very naughty getting his hoofs picked out but since we got the new horse who was untouched 10 weeks ago and is as good as gold getting her hoofs picked he has watched and is getting better



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