Travel Channel featuring Missing Mustangs segment

Tuesday's Horse


Travel Channel – America Declassified – Sunday 11-10-13 @ 10pm EST

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Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Dave Philipps speaks with Sally Summers to find out what is behind the American West’s diminishing population of wild mustangs.

Why is the federal government now spending millions to round up these American treasures and put them into captivity? And are some of them ending up in Mexican slaughterhouses?

Dave witnesses a Bureau of Land Management-sanctioned “gathering” of the free, wild mustangs. Is the government trying to appease local ranchers who want the land for their own use, or are the horses truly unable to survive on their own in the drought-ravaged desert?



Thanks to a comment to this post, I realized I made a dreadful mistake! For some reason I get Sally Spencer mixed up with Sally Summers

Sally Spencer (not Summers) works for the BLM, and how. Spencer (not…

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