A Divinely Guided Transition from Quiet Country Living into ‘A Little Country Neighborhood’

Please check out our new neighbors and friends Dorthy & Fred! Dorthy has a healing business, Simply Pampered. Please go check out her new blog and give her a WordPress welcome to the family of bloggers.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Simply Pampered


It all begins with knowing what presently surrounds you and fully embracing everything that is and everything new and exciting.

Have you ever wondered what’s like to live in the country and watch nature blossom all around you?  Or what it would be like sitting at your computer or walking past a window and watch deer wander and graze casually through the field next door?  To see a coyote on a dead run along the irrigation canal after crossing the road from the farmers hay field?  Watch the hawks and bald eagles circle and soar in the wind currents or busying themselves as they hunt critters in the fields?  And the flock of crows flying about snacking on walnuts stolen from the walnut tree across the road, or marching in a line like a troop of ‘crow soldiers’ eating bugs and worms in the grass and then perching themselves upon…

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