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A GOD Story




If you are new to my blog I want to say thank you for reading my blog.  A big thank you to all of you who have been reading my blog (my life story) since 2010.

My 49th birthday present from my husband came in the spring of 2009 an outdoor arena.  Not just any outdoor arena but an arena with extra drainage to let the water out, as we live in Kingston, Washington and I was trail riding three times a week no matter the weather.  I would dress warm and put my long coat over my saddle and let my horse Miss Lily heat me. No matter the weather I was riding and teaching Rio to pony up as I was preparing him to ride with no bit and no spurs.  My main purpose for Rio was to carry my husband Scott on trail rides, Scott is my best friend and not interested in horses he wanted a safe Donkey thus why I chose a baby Mammoth donkey named Rio.


My very first blog post was in the brand new year of January 2010, I remember how excited I was as I was working really hard to start my own new business named Donkey Whisperer Farm.  We paid for a professional website (not updated since 2010) along with the website came a blog.  I can remember thinking what in the world am I going to do with this?  I was saving my money to attend Parelli as I wanted to become a Parelli instructor (equine trainer) for Donkeys, horses and of course Mules.

My first four posts before the trauma hit a semi-truck car accident

January 2010 – 1st Post

Feb 2010 2nd Post

March 3rd Post

April 4th, 2013 my fourth post

My 5th post was in June GOD Created A Miracle For Me explains how I survived a semi-truck accident while riding as a passenger with a friend after she ran a stop sign.

I can remember thinking as a young girl

One day I will become a horse trainer, little did I know I would also become the Donkey Whisperer for world-wide coaching, training and consulting of humans.  GOD is amazing!

After the semi-truck accident the large screws in my pelvis and all the nerve damage caused me to go backwards many times and after three years of physical therapy I really did not know if I would ever be able to get on and ride again as the back spasms were so bad.  We never stopped praying for GOD to take away this pain and then one day in March of 2013 my doctor finally found a new drug cocktail that kills the insane nerve pain most days unless the barometric pressure changes too much like last night and I wake up with horrific amounts of hip pain as the three large stainless steel screws in my pelvis were drilled into some key nerves that control my hips, knees, ankles and feet. My ribs still spasm and I need medicine to control the spasms. Thank you JESUS I now have the medicine I need to enjoy my life and finish the dream GOD placed on my heart. Build my business named the Donkey Whisperer Farm, GOD is amazing!


For three years the doctors could not figure out what to do for me to Stop the non-stop deliberating spasms and pain and I slept no more than four to five hours per night. I continued to pray with my husband that GOD would take this pain away and then in March of 2013 my doctor found the new medicine to help me do more and enjoy my life again.

Fast forwarding to the summer of 2013


After the semi-truck accident once a month my husband would drive me around Sequim, Washington looking for our future home.  We were looking for land in whats called the blue hole of Sequim, less rain and more dry days.  We are prayer warriors and we never stopped praying GOD would provide us with the best land, irrigation to grow our own low sugar hay and an Olympic Mountain view. Some times it seemed like GOD was not listening as so much time had passed and yet no sign of a break in the pain and no sign of the land we had prayed for.  One day the doctor said try this medicine and poof the pain and spasms are now controlled. Thank you Jesus!

One day while I was working on my blog writing a new post our home phone rang and it was our real estate agent select Chuck Marunde, Sequim, Washington.  We highly recommend Chuck Marunde as a real-estate agent as he is honest, on time, responsible and works hard to make his customers dreams come true.  Thank you Chuck!

A phone call from Chuck; Melody guess what?

I have a person living in Alaska who has twenty acres he would like to sell on the exact road you want to live on!  I began to feel my face get wet as the tears began flowing down my cheek but these tears were not like the tears I had endured before from pain and no sleep these were tears of joy.  I said as soon as Scott get’s home we are coming to look at the land as I know exactly where this land is.  To make a long story short, the twenty acres of land with irrigation we now own and call home was never placed on the market.  The land was offered to me and my husband only. GOD is amazing!!!!

Why? GOD knows how to take care of his children. What are the odds of all the real-estate people in Sequim for the seller to call our real-estate agent?  In GOD’s world nothing is impossible and we must never forget with prayer nothing is impossible with our GOD.  If you think you have things all planned out, think again as GOD always has a better plan.

Our new 20 acre farm in Sequim, Washington


This summer I was able to get back on my horse Miss Lily and Rio our Mammoth donkey for 30 minutes at a time.  Rio and my my horse are both trained by me to ride with no bit and no spurs. GOD is amazing!


Finished Miss Lily in Seven short lessons

Miss Lily (my quarter horse mare) can neck rein now and she can side step along the rail, but most important she can step right up to the stepping stool I need to get on now. I am very grateful to the Parelli home study program as I had given my equine an excellent foundation and they waited for me to get strong enough to ride again.


We just finished our first project on our new twenty acre farm today!

sampson fence

The entire twenty acres is fenced with Red Brand horse fence and three 16 foot gates.  I am so excited as next comes the road, electricity, hay barn, MD barn Master barn, outdoor arena, and ten acres of Orchard hay will be planted as GOD provided our new farm with irrigation. 🙂  GOD is amazing!

If you feel like GOD is not listening I challenge you to stay in faith, pray all the time every day, over and over, and keep a journal as GOD never, never, never forgets his children he loves each one of them.  GOD is not Santa Claus but he is very capable of making good out of evil.  I am disabled for the rest of my life but I am not dead.  I am starting my business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC going back to work on January 1st, 2014 as a virtual donkey, horse and mule trainer and one day I will have people come to the new Donkey Whisperer Farm, Sequim, Washington for classes, education, and a breath of fresh air. We will be growing our own low sugar orchard hay for our equine, selling some hay, bringing home Obo and Tuba (standard donkeys), ‘GOD has a sense of humor as my name is Melody’, a horse for Miss Lily named Trophy (we live on Trophy lane) and a black and white mini for Rocket Man, still looking for this little gelding.

All of our equine will have paradise paddocks to keep them healthy and moving. The donkeys will have dry paddocks, with salt licks, fresh water, toys a place to roll and shelter.  Miss Lily and Trophy will be able to have grass in their paradise paddocks. I pray GOD will give me the opportunity to share a disability riding center to share what donkeys can do for us humans. GOD in Jesus Christ name is amazing!

god loves you

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



3 Responses to “A GOD Story”

  1. billgncs

    what a great story – do you use a hackamore or just a halter ?

    We went up to the Cheyane pow-wow in Montana a few years ago and the place was just full of kids, little ones riding bareback with halters.



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