How To Safely Put A Donkey, Horse Or Mule On A Diet

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Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

After the semi-truck accident select GOD created a miracle for me  I was unable to ride, walk, do much of anything period for years.  My main way to get around the farm is using the little red A.T.V. my husband purchased specifically for me so I could feed and see the equine as walking the big hill was impossible.  I literally had to pick what I could do for each day as my body could not over do it or I would have such bad spasms and pain for months after.

Our dogs put weight on and became very depressed and guess who else put weight on?

The donkeys and my horse as we use to take them for trail walks and I was riding my horse two and three times a week for three and four hours.  Now they are standing around…

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