"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

Studying The Donkey


Please never put a small donkey in with a horse or worse a bunch of horses when they can’t defend themselves. If you study donkey behavior you will see this donkey is scared for his life. This donkey is a Jack (Stallion in the horse world) Jacks are very dominant equine. The purpose of this post is to help educate and create awareness, donkeys are not stubborn they are smart. Donkeys are not horses with long ears, donkeys are donkeys.

Notice the mini donkey has his head up high, he is braying a distress bray and running!

These horses could easily kill him. Rocket Man (our mini) is protected by Rio our Mammoth donkey when Miss Lily try’s to chase him. Donkeys should live with at least one other donkey and never be thrown in with a bunch of horses like this. Notice the owner thinks the donkey is stubborn – wrong, the donkey is scared for his life.

Please study this video and learn what a Distress bray sounds like. Notice the body language of the mini donkey, his head is high, donkeys do this when scared, never when relaxed.

Notice the donkey runs for the woods for protection at the end of the video. Tears for this donkey as he is scared for his life with good reason.

A mini donkey can’t defend himself against a herd of horses or even one horse. A mini donkey can’t out run a full size horse. This is a really good educational video.

Donkeys are not stubborn donkeys are smart. The donkey is trying to save his life he is scared to death.

We currently have Miss Lily, Rio (mammoth donkey) and Rocket Man our mini living in the same paddock. Our new farm has twenty acres. We will have another mini for Rocket Man to control his weight, Rio will have two standard donkeys and Miss Lily gets a horse named Trophy.  All of them will live on the Paradise Paddock, the donkeys will have a dry paddock and the horses will have a grass paradise paddock.  Donkeys are not horses with long ears, donkeys are donkeys.


For more help with understanding your donkey send me a note at Melody@donkeywhisperer.com as I am free for the first fifteen minutes. I am available for coaching, training and consultations beginning on Jan 1st, 2014. DRAFT new website http://donkeywhispererfarm.com/home/


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





3 Responses to “Studying The Donkey”

    • Donkey Whisperer Farm

      It depends on the size of the donkey the donkey’s personality along with the horses personality lot’s of variables. I study horses, donkeys, and mules…. I have heard of goats for horses. Donkeys are very mis-understood. They are smart not stubborn. 🙂



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