Donkeys, Mules and Horses

smarterthanmosthumanswho said donkeys are any less than stallions? RocketMan2012age18obo12014obo3obo2 - CopyDonkeysSNOWsarapushalrDONKEYMA2013 bestdonkeyphotoRioage62012sept rio7thbirdhayrocketTrophy2013agefiveBuddyJewelSSampsonsep92013sequim10192013 062RIOROLLING2012AGE6riorocketman2012julyMelody Kissing RioLILYMELODY2012CUTELILRUNNING2012AGE7RIOAPRIL2011snornedonkeysnorwayDSCN1295RIOAGE9MONTHSOLD (2)rio6jan2013007DSCN1626LILI12907age20monthsRIO2DAYS OLD??????????scottriorocketman2009rioage4trailwalkRIOAGE62012RIOAGE3 (3)amiller_Rioage62012 (3)

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