Teach Girls To Be Leaders


Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Please remember that leaders start young!  I have been dreaming about owning my own business since I was a young girl and now today at fifty-three years old I own the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC. I  have not made any money yet but I will not give up! I believe in GOD in Jesus Christ name and I also believe dream big and land some place close to those dreams/goals. Please support women in business as well we are the under dog in the business world.  We deserve to have the same opportunity as men but I must share it is harder, for whatever reason not sure why.  One thing I have noted is women seldom support other women. While working in the corporate world for twenty-six years I would see time and time again men taking another man under their wing. Mentoring and helping them achieve success in the business world and yet sadly seldom did I see women do this for one another.


I have no idea I personally created an Upward Mobility Program when I worked and it was successful! Here is how it worked;  When the retiree (male) was ready to retire the selected candidate a woman would get mentored by the retiree to take over his job for one year before he retired.  Years later the program is still working. “If you get the opportunity to be able to help another young lady or woman and you are a woman please do not be envious, help them. I believe when we share and care GOD sends his angels out to help us more.”

After The Semi-Truck Accident

Select GOD Created A Miracle For Me I changed forever. I realized if I did not step up and make changes for the better be brave, trust Jesus Christ and start my own business I would die an old woman wondering if I could have.  

What Do You Think About The Difference In How Women Treat Women In The Work-Place?

Please do not be shy, leave a comment I am interested in your thoughts.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!






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