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Work, Work, Work and More Work As We Prepare To Move To Sequim, WA

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We purchased twenty acres in Sequim, WA last August with two pear trees, one apple tree and irrigation running six month out of the year.  We have been working non-stop since then to get the farm ready for us to move in with our equine.  We will be living in our 5th wheel while our one story home is built, adventures and stories to come no doubt. We will be doing some serious down sizing for the next seven months to say the least camping should be fun as we prepare to build our last home a home I need to live in with my physical disability.  The semi-truck accident has forever destroyed my spinal cord and I  have serious back pain and spasms praying the new farm that is flat and less rain will help me get stronger. I say never give up and trust GOD for all things.

The barn is finally being built as the concrete is in. We now have a well, running water, electricity, phone lines and the entire farm is fenced with Red Brand horse fence.  The interior fencing will be hot wire with run in sheds for the paradise paddock. We will be growing our own Orchard hay as this is low in sugar and perfect for easy keeper horses, donkeys and mules.

This last month has been a bit stressful as we are packing, coordinating projects and preparing our current five acre turn-key farm for sale.  My dog Jewel had emergency surgery and they removed 1 1/2 pound of tumor (3) of them interconnected near her heart. My husband got really sick for a week thank you Jesus both are healthy now and no cancer for our dog Jewel. Now Rio is foaming in the mouth and we are having the vet run test trying to find out what is wrong with him. Please pray for us and pray for Rio to get well fast.

Donkeys are stoic they show no pain until they are in big danger. Rio is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and playing with Rocket Man but he is drooling non-stop for the last week. Something is wrong. Vet will figure this out and we will get him healthy again. GOD knows what he is doing and all of these trials have not stopped us from following our dreams and goals.

2/23/2014 The vet scoped Rio meaning sedated him and stuck a camera up his nose. Rio has an inflamed sore throat red and angry were Dr. Hills, words from Sound Vet, Poulsbo, WA. We are very grateful to Dr. Hills and Dr. Smith. Rio is now on antibiotics and I have to shove a tube up his nose twice a day with medicine to go down his throat with no sedation.  Rio is such a good boy he is handling this well.

How are we doing?

My sweet hubby and I are exhausted please pray for us all of this has been overwhelming to say the least.  We continue to trust Jesus and pray every day for GOD to give us favor to help us endure this stress.

The sun will shine again!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!









4 Responses to “Work, Work, Work and More Work As We Prepare To Move To Sequim, WA”

  1. Heather-Joan Carls

    Hey Mel. I pray that Jewel will have continued good health. So sorry about Rio. He will also be in my prayers as I have faith he will be ok. I cannot wait to see your business unfold within the next year. I know things will continue to go good for you guys. Y’all are always in my prayers and fondly in my heart. Have a great weekend and keep us posted about Rio 🙂


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

      Jewel is all healed up. Thank you for praying! Rio is finally getting better he is on antibiotics and we had to scope him and take a biopsy of his throat night before last to see if this is the correct antibiotic. Will keep everyone updated. GOD is amazing and I truly think all is going to work out. We are stressed trying to move and get the new farm ready, sell this farm. But one day at a time. How are you?


      • Heather-Joan Carls

        Hi. My family and I are doing good. Just waiting for this rain to go away and we can get outdoors and do stuff. Fishing season opened this past month so Chris is looking forward to getting out there with Justin and doing some, provided it’s not crummy weather and I am the official photographer 🙂 I am doing ok. Still hurting but still getting around ok. I finally go to the pain clinic on 05 May and we’ll go from there I guess.
        Yes, I agree that moving is stressful, trust me. Been there, done that a few times. Like you said, all you can do is take it one day at a time, as tolerated, of course.
        Glad Rio is getting better. Good hearing from you. Take care 🙂


      • Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

        Hi Heather,

        I am glad you have found a pain clinic. Try to find a physiatritst for a pain doctor as they will help you have the best quality life. 🙂 Praying for a full recovery for you and that you are out of pain and can function and enjoy life. I still have pain it will never go away but the doctor has found a way for me to bear it. Hugs, Melody


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