"Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained" Melody Johnson

What To Do When The Trainer, Farrier or Trimmer Wants To Hurt your Equine?

“If you are new to my blog I want to say thank you for taking the time to read it. For those of you who have been following my blog since 2010 I want to say WOW thank you big time, you are still following me to see where I end up in this great big thing called life.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC




Time is money and when people are in a hurry to make money they cut corners to get the job done but at what cost? Another reason for abuse is pride.


Would you like to go to the dentist and they slap you in the face over and over until so you will sit still and then tell you to pay the dentist bill?
What is the difference if you are paying someone to abuse your equine?

Number one training tip I can give you is this! Tame the equine, definition of tame per the dictionary is listed below I do not agree with it


/teɪm/ Show Spelled [teym] Show IPA

adjective, tam·er, tam·est.
1. changed from the wild or savage state; domesticated: a tame bear.
2. without the savageness or fear of humans normal in wild animals; gentle, fearless, or without shyness, as if domesticated: That lion acts as tame as a house cat.
3. tractable, docile, or submissive, as a person or the disposition.
4. lacking in excitement; dull; insipid: a very tame party. – I never want this in my equine how sad is this, this is a prisoner not a partner 
5. spiritless or pusillanimous.

Here is my definition;
Prove to your equine you are a great leader and you will never ever hurt them or let anyone else hurt them in your presence ever. Now I am not talking about on slap on the butt or neck or a spanking on the butt, one time. Prove to your equine you can match their energy.  Remember you are the smart human they are just an animal reading your body language and facial expressions.
Who is smarter?
I am talking about talking the dirty little secrets trainers use for greed, time is money in their world;
twitching, using a bicycle chain as a training tool for a bit called a mule bit. Using spurs before they know what to do on the ground. Spurs can be used after they understand what they are used for and never to make the bleed or jab them.
Dragging a donkey behind an A.T.V.  or a vehicle because they wont walk with you!
Select Man gets five years for animal abuse to read, yes this is happening still today.
Never let another persons dog attack your equine in your presence a leader protects the herd.
Never let another human beat your equine in your presence this is your job to correct with resistance free training.
Never let another human use horrific training such as no water, no food.
Never let another human tell you it’s ok tie their head to the side of the saddle and throw rocks at them.
Never let another human run your equine until foam is coming out of the butt and mouth from over work and fear in a round pen.
Never let another human ride any equine too small for fun.
Never let another human tell you to whip them into shape show them who is boss.
Never let another human tell you to tie the head down and put some spurs on to make them go.
Never let another human kick your equine in the gut.
You chose the equine they did not choose you! Take responsibility for your actions after all you are paying for a service.  Use common sense and never let anyone do anything your gut says is wrong ever!
sequim10192013 067
Photo of a mule bit
If your equine is not being cooperative with the person you have brought to do a service perhaps you better wonder why?
Animals can read a violent nut in a matter of seconds. Why not say I want to re-schedule and work on my training, come back another day. Or better yet say get off my property you are fired!
sequim10192013 064
If you can’t handle conflict you have no business being an owner of the equine as they are dangerous, you must have a coach, consultant and trainer you trust to teach you how to handle conflict.
Domesticated equine depend on us humans to be a great leader and never let them get hurt in a serious manner while we are on watch as the leader.
Guess what happens if we do not lead?
The equine will lead!
Do you know what happens when you accidentally fall off a horse, donkey or mule you stood by and let get abused or worse yet you abused while on a trail ride?
Your horse will run away from you and never come back!
Do you think riding with no bit is easy?
No it takes time but boy is it as wonderful experience to have a Mammoth donkey or fast horse take care of you and not want to get you off their back!
Lily3bittlessbridlemelodytirred2014marchsequimfarmworkMelody Kissing Riomelodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1obomelodyflysprayRIOMELODYRIDINGOUTSIDEARENAmelodyridingrionobitage7melodlilysept2013MELODYDOGSSEQUIMFARM2013333

Aubree getting ready to go for a ride on Lily with me leading

Aubree getting ready to go for a ride on Lily with me leading

I study human personalities and equine personalities. If you are a person who feels bad about what is happening to your animal, equine etc., do not feel bad anymore. Guilt does not fix anything take responsibility and start working with me today. I will not judge you, I will help you to be strong and courageous around bullies.
If you want to learn how to train using resistance free methods and not abuse give me a try! I will teach you how to have the tools you need to be successful with your equine and I am cheap compared to other trainers. I work with you from my computer to your computer. When you are my student you have support with me on any area you need help in training. Please do not send your equine off to a trainer without doing your home work and demanding video surveillance (nanny cam) 100% of the time they are at training. Better yet! Give me a try. I do not charge to review your videos, phone calls or e-mail questions. We Skype once a week and I give you a detailed training plan to follow in writing via Skype.
Take a look at my business website http://www.donkeywhisperer.com Select OUR STORE to pay for lessons, 10 lessons is cheaper than one at a time. I have been a home study student of Parelli since 2007 and I recently took the five-day course for Horseanlity/Donkey/mule/humanality.  I am a survivor and I can tell you first hand the only thing you are teaching a human or animal with abuse is to hate you.
rayhuntPARELLIMELODYCERTIFICATE parelli certiificate parellihumanlitychart
I look forward to working with you and yes I have references!
Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC
360 620-5868

4 Responses to “What To Do When The Trainer, Farrier or Trimmer Wants To Hurt your Equine?”

  1. Laura Stock

    Very good read. We have a donkey who is very sensitive to people and moods around him. It took him twice as long to trust our farrier but he took his time and simply showed Jackie affection. When he was gone for a few months we got another farrier in who didn’t have the patience for donkeys, we found out. Jackie was nervous and instead of working him through it like our usual farrier, he booted Jackie in the chest. Jackie is large but he was only 2 at the time. All it served to do was show Jackie he was right to be scared. That farrier left our farm and has never returned. What you had to say was very good!


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

      I want to people to learn to stand up to these bullies. Be the leader and protector for your donkey, horse and mule as they did not choose you YOU chose them. We need to be smart about what the equine is telling us. They know if a person has a twitch in the trunk or not. I can honestly say I went thru 3 or 4 farriers until I found my farrier of the past three years. My farrier/trimmer would never ever abuse any of my equine ever. He would say I will come back when they are trained or sedated. It is not fair to ask the farrier to train your equine. This is the owners responsibility and I am here to support people who want to learn resistance free training. I am the voice for the Donkey, Horse and Mule of our world. Melody



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