Riding A Donkey At Liberty


I am so excited to get moved to our new farm and bring home Miss Lily, Miss Trophy (horses), Rio and Rocket Man, Obo and Tuba and another mini for Rocket Man. My health is improving but I will never be the same as before the semi-truck accident. I have to pace myself as I still get rib spasms, horrific back pain and neuropathy in my feet. The new farm in Sequim is flat and will provide me the opportunity to walk more and ride more.

My goals to do the liberty work for my equine, trail ride, learn to pull a cart and more have been put on hold due to the semi-truck accident. I loved to trail ride and have spent thousands of hours planning every detail of the new farm. We made the twenty acres accessible to ride around it since I do not know if my back will ever be able to go for a 3 or 4 hour trail ride again.  Praying one day I can take my hubby for a trail ride on Rio as we had planned before the semi-truck accident in 2010.  Are you wondering what I am talking about select GOD created a miracle for me to read more.




Please remember Donkeys Are Not Horses With Long Ears and horses dream of being trained the way a donkey demands to be trained!



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!











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