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The Mom Deer Comes Back Four Years In A Row To Give Birth On Our New Farm In Sequim, WA

Our neighbors Fred and Dorthy took these photo’s for us of the mom deer, as she has returned to our farm for four years now to give birth to her babies before we put the fence up.  I felt sorry for the deer until she reminded me that the farmer who bailed the hay killed her babies last year and the bald eagles came in to eat the babies. She is too heavy with pregnancy to jump the fence and will now be forced to go to a safer place to give birth. Additionally, big dogs keep deer out of our yard so she would have had to move on anyway.  My neighbor told me she looked both ways before crossing the fast highway, animals are smart.

Moving to the new farm in Sequim, WA is going to be a dream come true as I was born in Washington State and I have many wonderful memories of Sequim back when it was all farm land. We are blessed to have the opportunity to own this beautiful twenty acre farm and with any luck I will get to see her and her babies when we move in soon. Thank you Jesus!





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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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