World-Wide Virtual Coaching, Training For You The Owner Of A Donkey, Horse or Mule?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

I have been a Parelli student since 2007 after purchasing a twenty month filly Miss Lily and Rio (our mammoth donkey) at nine months with Rocket Man (13 years) our mini donkey.  I am not an instructor of Parelli. I also have videos and have studied Meredith Hodges, Lucky Three Ranch, Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox and many more. You could say I learn from as many sources as possible as no one person knows everything.  In April of 2010 I survived a semi-truck accident leaving physically disabled for the rest of my life select GOD Created A Miracle For Me.  After three years of physical therapy I was finally able to travel, my first trip was to complete the Horseanality/Humanality Course in Florida with Linda Parelli and Dr. Handley. This course was powerful for me to read all equine personalities and humans whom I interact with in my personal life and my world-wide coaching, consulting and training the owner (humans) of equine.  My new world-wide business is Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC you can take a look at what I do by selecting the link


certificateparrellihorsanlityfeb42014 certicatehorseanlityparellihumanliltycoursefeb42014

I started out helping people for free all over the world after surviving a semi-truck accident in 2010 it was a way for me to have purpose and still stay connected to my passion in the donkey world. Today I coach, consult and train owners for horses, mules and donkeys from my computer to their computer via skype, my cell, instant message, facebook and e-mail. I have helped over 65 people since 2010 in France, Norway, Australia and all over the U.S.A.

What is resistance free training?

Resistance free training in my words is you the owner are always thinking and planning ahead to have a plan for your donkey, horse or mule. You are the leader without a twitch, without bending the ear, without a beating with a big two x four. You never with hold water from your equine or food for punishment. No making them stand to the fence for hours or wear a saddle or halter for hours on end. You are the leader in a safe way, and you never let anyone including the farrier hurt your equine.

Pain is old school way of training an equine

I teach you the owner how to train your equine without pain, think about how you learn. Do you learn from a person who hurts you slaps you in the face over and over if you do not sit still for the dentist. Drill Sargent personality or do you learn how to become the best you can be from a person who engages you into learning, a person who will share the world with you in whatever new field you want to learn? I say world as it feels like this when we learn something new. It feels like we are stepping into a new world experience and for our equine this is how they feel. A human who will entice you to share the world with them? Do I discipline my horses and donkeys if they are dangerous and not behaving yes, but I do not abuse them ever.

obomelodysmilimgmelodylilyjuly2010DSCN1295 LILYLICKINGRIORIOLILYPONYUPLILYRUNNINGRIOBACK2012LILYAGE72012BEAUTYRioage62012septMelody Kissing Rio

If you want to learn a new way to train give me a try the first 1/2 hour is free. My skype name is Donkeywhispererfarm2010 and my cell is 360 620-5868.  We skype once a week and I give you detailed homework assignments I type out in Skype to you. Next you provide me with a video of your homework and we discuss how to improve your results and what I see in your timing and your equines response. Remember to match the energy of your equine.

I am accepting new students again as some have graduated and achieved their goals.

melodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1melodlilysept2013RocketMan2012age18015 (5)melodyridingrionobitage7


We are building a world-wide education center for Donkeys, Horses and Mules in Sequim, WA. A place to learn from veterinarians who specialize in the diet, hoof care, and more of the donkey, horse and mule.  Our first course, grand opening of my new business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC on July 17, 18 and 19th, 2015 (Friday-Sunday) with Nate Bowers teaching how to train our equine to pull a cart. You must have a foundation before you start training any equine to pull a cart as this is a dangerous sport.  Sign-ups will be starting this summer for next summer attendance as we are moving from Kingston to Sequim, WA.

sequimmtst102014MELODYCUTTINGHAY2014MAYIRRRRIGATIONSEQUIMFARMMAY2014roundpen2204mayON DONKEY TIMELily3bittlessbridle newfarmbig2014aprilobo2 - Copybarn2015may

Our new MD barn is almost completed! Thank you JESUS!!!!




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