Most Asked Questions For Donkey Care

This is an oldie but a goodie

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sequim10192013 043How can I pick out the hooves of my donkey?

Learn How To Tame Your Donkey

Working with donkeys is like building a house! We are in the process of attempting to communicate to the architect and builder what we need in our next one story home.

What is the foundation?

Taming, clear leadership without abuse and a skill set of tools.  Donkeys, horses and mules are looking for a leader select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC as I will teach you how to be a great leader without abuse. Boundaries are needed in all aspects of our life and this includes donkeys, horses and mules.

“Here is a video of me working with Tuba a standard donkey, this is only our third lesson, one lesson for fifteen minutes once a week. That’s it. Donkeys never forget anything.”  Notice Obo (naughty donkey) is smelling and watching I am setting him…

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