Riding a donkey up the cliff to Fira

Sad but true how cruel is this for a small donkey to carry a 200 pound  human?

A donkey should only carry 20% of its weight including the saddle. Never forget this, you can be a human angel and stop abuse of our worlds animals. Speak up!

Select How Much Weight Can My Donkey Carry?

Select fat people riding small donkeys to see how tourist will abuse a small donkey by riding them. This is so sad, all for money.


Half the Story (My Travelogue)

*Picture courtesy Flickr

Greece has always been on my to-visit list. While I don’t have a number of things on my to-do list there, not yet atleast, there is one definite do not do – ride a donkey up the cliff to Fira. Fira is the beautiful capital of the island of Santorini. Getting up there by donkey is a popular tourist attraction.It may be memorable, unusual and picturesque, but it is also cruel, scary and I am sure, uncomfortable. This item was never really on my list, mostly because I didn’t know about it, but now that I know what I know, it never will be. There are other ways to get the top of  the cliff. The easiest and most comfortable would be by cable car.

The donkeys and mules that work as tourist “taxis” on the island are forced to climb up and back down a…

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