Need Help Training Your Donkey, Horse or Mule?

I am a world-wide virtual coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner of equine, my name is Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

I train you to understand your donkey, horse or mules needs and stay in the leadership role with no abuse ever. I am passionate about helping you keep your dream of farm living and not sending your equine off to another home.

Issues I Can Fix

Donkey is angry will not come when called, violent towards you or another equine

Donkey will not let you put the halter on

Donkey is kicking when farrier comes and fighting

Donkey is too fat and getting abscesses, laminitis

Horse is violent, striking, attacking, cribbing, will not stand when boarding

I have to sedate my donkey to get the hooves trimmed


After working with me you will be able to;

Call your donkey, horse or mule just like a dog and they will come running to catch you

Halter your equine with no resistance

Send into the stall, pasture or trailer, lower head to put halter on and load with no resistance and back out

Pick up all of the hooves with no halter on while standing on one side

Give medicine without a fuss

Take for a hike on a trail and let your donkey carry your lunch

Teach agility training just like a dog to your donkey

Ride your horse, donkey or mule. I teach you how to do safety checks before riding as long as the equine is old enough and big enough for your weight

Your donkey, horse or mule is now ready to learn how to pull a cart


Ready to start working with me?

Select our store and pay for one lesson, five lessons or ten lessons via Key Bank, Virtual Merchant who manages credit cards world-wide.  I will send you a receipt after each lesson and I will keep track of how many lessons you have used. We Skype once a week and I give you detailed homework. I need a video of you doing your homework to help you be successful achieve your goals. I have trained 100’s of people from my computer to their computer all over the world from France, Norway, and all over the U.S.A. I am now working with a farm in Korea. 🙂

If you want to learn how to train using resistance free methods give the Donkey Whisperer a try. I will train you how to become the Donkey Whisperer for your farm. I look forward to helping you.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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