The Donkey Ambulance

The donkey knows his/her purpose, the donkey has been serving GOD carrying the most important pregnant women and unborn child Jesus Christ. This is a job GOD created the donkey to do no doubt he knows how to be humble, sure-footed, strong and careful for his precious cargo. The pregnant woman on his back is his designed purpose. GOD is the Alfa and Omega the beginning and the end. Everything and everyone is born with a purpose. We have to find our purpose and pursuit it.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By as published in Modern Farmer

Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. The country is no longer among the bottom ten countries in Save the Children’s annual rankings of worst places to be a mother, but it remains a dismal 146.

Enter the donkey ambulance.

Testing in Balkh province, Afghanistan. / Courtesy HealthProm. Testing in Balkh province, Afghanistan. / Courtesy HealthProm.

When the U.K.-based charity HealthProm — an organization that supports health care for women and children — asked women in northern Afghanistan how to improve health services, many said that expectant mothers needed a better way to reach health centers. “If you take it that the average labor after the first child is about five hours,” says Stewart Britten, the group’s project manager for motherhood programs in Afghanistan, “if it’s a three hour journey, women are not going to risk it.”

The donkey ambulance is a low-tech, inexpensive solution to this…

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