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Are You Frustrated With Your Donkey, Horse Or Mule?

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Why can all of my equine wear no halter on 10 acres and come to me when called? Relationships take time and I am a fair leader but make no mistake I am 100% of the time a fair leader. I intentionally find ways to create a way for each personality to enjoy being with me. Some are introverts, extroverts and a couple are bipolar just like us humans. We have 1 Mammoth donkey, Rio Johnson, 3 mini donkeys, 2 standard donkeys (rescues) and 2 horses one is new and a rescue with severe PTSD issues and was dangerous when she came to live with us in June of 2014. She is no longer dangerous she is learning to trust and most important think.

I am an extroverted personality but I work very hard to match the energy and personality of the equine that shows up. Rio is an extreme introvert, he is slow and if pushed he will lay down and not move. So how I work with Rio takes work for me as my energy is high, I must become what he needs to be part of his life and be respected by him. In the wrong humans hands he would be dangerous as he always thinking. My hubby is an introvert and he works hard to pick up his energy and match the energy of our extrovert equine. This is what natural horsemanship is all about understanding how to fit into their world respectfully and never ever letting them hurt us. Working with equine is a dangerous sport.

Why are some equine easier to train?
Sex, past abuse, personality (lead extrovert is the most difficult) and how we teach them. Cookie cutter training will not work on all equine. We must evaluate the specific personality and needs of each equine and match the energy and then relax and act like nothing happened. Easy to write not easy to do as this takes practice. Emotional intelligence is imperative to your success.

Hubby and I Have 5 new equine living in their forever home they are important to help me teach you how to build trust first. Next comes training. Just like us humans can tell quickly who we like or do not like in the human world the horse, donkey and mule can do this in micro seconds it’s called survival.

The sixth sense is strong for survival. First we must build trust and be a fair leader not a dictator who never thinks what our equine needs and gave a plan to stay safe, this is a serious balancing act. When I am training new equine I do not let anyone work with them except me until they learn what is expected of them in domestication.

What does our domesticated equine need and want from us humans? Safety, a buddy, food and water along with toys as domestication is boring to an equine built to walk 15 to 25 miles per day. A job to do helps too, exercise is imperative to emotional and physical health in us humans and our equine. A human who will be a leader without physical abuse and never drill, a human who can make things interesting for them to learn what is expected.

A leader can use energy to correct and relax equine. A leader is confident 100% in the leadership role every time they step into the pasture or barn. A leader is confident as they know they are a leader and they have a plan a leader never has any fear ever. As they think of ways to stay safe without getting hurt when training.

Please do not step into your equines space with fear. Please seek a professional to help you develop your skills and control your energy never hold a grudge stay safe as working with equine is a dangerous sport if you have poor timing and your equine can out think you. If you are not matching the energy you will be a threat or a treat dispenser or worse a toy for your equine. Too much love and no leadership social skills creates a spoiled naughty and in some cases dangerous equine. Fear can create a dangerous equine too. Balance is the key.

Donkeys are deep thinkers never destroy trust as it is most difficult to get back just as trusting a human who betrays us humans is for the equine it is much more difficult. Learn to live in the moment and do not feel bad for the past show your equine the present every day be consistent in meals, training and correction must be done and then manage your energy to relax after the equine makes a mistake.

My horse miss Lily is a lead mare born this way but as a 20 month filly she was not confident so she spent most of her time rearing trying to stay on top of me. She was a right brain extrovert meaning she was very impulsive and could not think and have a plan. She now is a left brain extrovert meaning she has a plan and can think and wants to follow my leadership. She is not a rookies horse ever, she is a horse who can give a look just a look and make the horse or donkeys run out of the stall. My new horse is a horse who has severe PTSD and is a right brain extrovert but she is fearful Miss Lily was never fearful just spoiled. A fearful horse, donkey or mule can become very dangerous. Emotional intelligence is important to become a great partner for your equine. “My lead mare has a relationship with our new rescue horse but she never ever let’s the new horse lead. She sleeps with the new horse as she did with the donkeys and grooms but she never holds a grudge and she never let’s another equine lead her.”

If you are interested in learning how to have a relationship with your equine and stay in the leadership role I am excited to train you how to come into the equines world. After you learn how to become a leader with a plan this new skill will trickle into your personal life with the family, neighbors and all human relationships.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged.

Melody http://
My e-mail is
My cell is 360 620-5868 for a free meet and greet to learn how virtual training (me training you to train) works.

2 Responses to “Are You Frustrated With Your Donkey, Horse Or Mule?”

  1. FromtheHorsesMouth

    I get frustrated that my donkey eats my mare’s tail. Do you have any suggestions for this? I have never seen him do it, but her tail is almost completely chewed off above her hock and I am so worried she won’t have any protection against flies next summer if I don’t stop it soon 😦


    • Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

      I am more than happy to take a guess but if you want my help hire me for 1 hour. Here is my store

      Your horse is an introvert and is not protecting herself from your extroverted donkey. Donkeys prefer to live with another donkey as they are not horses with long ears. Donkeys grab the neck of another donkey, jump on their backs, play tag and tug. Donkeys come in three sizes, mini, standard and mammoth, age, sex and size all come into account of what is happening here along with the size and age of your horse, sex and personality. Get some toys for your donkey as the donkey sounds bored to death. Orange traffic cone, jolly ball and interact with your donkey. I need much more details, videos, and intake and I can create a plan to fix this problem. Hope this helps you.



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