Donkeys and Goats Running And Playing In France

Remembering my friends (former student husband and wife) living in France with  Galopin  the standard donkey sadly he died after being gelded. The vet did not have experience with donkeys. Galopin did not wake up after the drugs were administered.

GOD is great and they now own two more donkeys a girl named Bichette and a boy named Bijou’s here is a little insight into life on the farm in France.

Thinking about adding a donkey to your goats pasture?

Please get two donkeys. Females with females or geldings with geldings is always best. Estrus can trigger even geldings to penetrate and hurt a female causing her to stop eating.

Why do some donkeys live in peace and harmony with goats and others do not?

*Depends on how the donkey was raised

*The sex of the donkey

*Donkey Lives Alone or With Another Donkey – A donkey forced to live alone will grab the neck and can kill a smaller animal fast.

*Does the donkey have another donkey to grab the neck, play tag and tug with. If not the donkey will do this with the goats. Donkeys are intelligent and get bored fast. Give your donkey another donkey to live with in peace and harmony.

Remember when baby’s come to separate the baby goats away from the donkeys until they are old enough to outrun the donkey.

Make sure your pasture is big enough for all to play. Too small and deaths will occur.

Personally, I would keep my donkeys in a separate pasture, paddock. The diet for the donkey is strict. Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys gain weight fast. Donkeys can get a wild hair and start grabbing the neck and can kill a goat, sheep, pig, dog etc., fast.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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