What If?

Dear Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,


Have you ever had a dream, goal or deep Passion and then your mind says I can’t do that? What if?

This is what I say you do!

  1. Pray for wisdom and guidance.

  2. Write down your Action Plan Now.

  3. Do your homework (get a mentor/coach) on how to achieve your goal.

  4. Expect to wait as delays are for everyone, think about the goal not the bad stuff over and over.

  5. Never Give Up!


    REMINDS YOU EVERY DAY OF YOUR DREAM. When I was in physical therapy for three years I wore my horse riding gloves to lift weights. Why? I could see myself well enough to ride again even when I could not lift a one pound weight.




After surviving a life changing motor vehicle accident leaving me disabled for life, select GOD CREATED A MIRACLE FOR ME, I have learned life is short and fragile. Every minute, hour and day is important as we will never be here again, Never!!!!

Change is scary

Yes of course it is, and life has a way of making us wait for our dreams longer than we would like. Still do nothing and get nothing, move towards your dreams and goals and you will land someplace close.

Remember only you can make yourself happy, not your family. Only you can take a step towards your dreams and goals. We were created to Never Settle. Please Never Settle, Never Give Up. God Created His Children To Be Warriors.


When I was in the Emergency Room (Critical Care Intensive Care) I remember the lead surgeon telling me. “You are going to be ok, Melody”  I said why? He said because you are a fighter you are not whiner. We can tell in thirty minutes when trauma hits who is a fighter and who is a whiner. I will never forget his words. GOD made me to be a warrior and I pray he made you to be one too. Remember you are not a victim if you choose to be a victor and learn from the past. Move into the present and stay in the present. Enjoy every moment in life, squeeze the great stuff in life out and focus on the good stuff. Bad things happen to good people, this is a fact. The difference between a person who never gives up is they have faith and courage to change.

Life is full of changes and never forget nothing, I mean nothing stays the same. Life is like four seasons in our world. Spring, new beginnings, Summer, fun, fall, cool and time to slow down reflect and finally winter. Plan for Spring and a new beginning!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC





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