Donkey Rope Halter With Matching Lead Line Made From Yacht Rope, Brass Screw On Snap Leather End For TRAINING

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC is proud to announce our store is stocked again! We sold out three times in 2015!!!

We sell QUALITY mini, standard and MAMMOTH Donkey rope halter with matching lead line. Why the brass snap? I teach my students how to use my rope halter with the brass snap, this is a vital part of teaching to stand for the trimmer. Walk on, send into the stall and not drag you around the farm. 

Our halter is a nice as Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox etc., difference is our halter fits a donkey. No club fee to purchase our rope halter with matching lead line.

If you need help training your donkey I provide worldwide virtual coaching, consulting and training of YOU the owner. I train the human owner to train the donkey. After all you are the person who needs to feed, do the hooves, teeth, diet, and care for your donkey. You do not want to send your donkey off to a trainer. You want to learn how to train yourself. Training a donkey is easy if you know how to train and understand the donkey, stay a leader with no abuse. Voice, energy and words along with timing is what I teach. Kinda like the Dog Whisperer, I am the Donkey Whisperer I enjoy saving the equine and making your relationship great again so the donkey, mule or horse does not go off to sales again or worse slaughter.

Select Our store to order after your order is placed you will receive an e-mail stating via VIRTUAL MERCHANT (BANK E-COMMERCE) your credit card was charged and what you purchased. We ship out same day in most cases. Next you will receive a receipt from the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC and a tracking number for shipping to watch your halter come from Sequim, WA to your farm anywhere in the world.



ropehaltersnapcream mini rope halterMammothropehalterchocolatestandard rope halterMini donkeymule Jasper.

IMG_6948mycolorsstoreon donkey time sign and rope haltermammothrope


Why purchase the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC Halter/Lead Line?

Our quality is top of the line, we use the best yacht rope, brass screw on snap for training and a leather end for training. My students are excited to have these tools when training their donkey without abuse.

Please never ever leave any halter on your donkey when not in attendance to avoid self-mutilation or death.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson


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