Donkey Training

Private Coaching! I just graduated another student as I train the owner to train the donkey world-wide from the comfort of your home. No travel required. Melody Johnson, Trainer/owner Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC, Sequim, WA.

Please take a look at my last student testimonial listed below. If you would like to get on my calendar for the spring or summer of 2017 as a private student send me an e-mail at I am now accepting new students. Please select  Donkey 101 Video On demand to begin learning.


Testimonial – Aaron McGuire 4/10/2017
Roswell, New Mexico

I started by rescuing a five year old “jack.” I had no experience with donkeys or any clue on how to train him. He had little to no training, was pushy and would only let me pet his head. I thought I could work with him and eventually train him. Little did I know, donkeys are train differently than horses and I was getting nowhere.

I found Melody while looking for training videos on the Internet and decided to call. I realized immediately that I needed someone with her experience to be successful with Po (my newly castrated donkey). I was amazed how my problems with Po had simple solutions that I hadn’t thought of.

Melody made it easy to ask any question whether it was very easy or very hard. Now I have two donkeys and am training them both to pack.

I have been able to apply the skills Melody taught me to training my second donkey. She did not teach me the steps of how to train my donkey, she taught me how to understand donkeys. With this understanding, I feel confident I can continue to train my donkeys.

Melody gave me the skills to effectively communicate with my donkey and ultimately achieve my goal of packing with an amazing animal.

I highly recommend Melody; she is professional, easy to communicate with, puts what is best for the donkey above all else, and really knows what she is talking about.
~Aaron McGuire
Roswell, New Mexico


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


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