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Jan 5th 2018 – Feels Nice To Be In The 40’s

Life on the farm has slowed down a little. Soon it will be hay season again but not quite yet. The farm has four seasons. Each season reminds us of how important it is to re-charge.

The farm is a bit wet and muddy at the moment. The robins have returned to the farm this is a good sign as perhaps spring will come early.  The trumpeter swans fly over our farm morning and night what a glorious place to get to live.

The farm is full of Sequim mud at the moment. Wow this mud sticks to everything and it makes a bit of a mess. All the donkeys and horses got out today and enjoyed the sunshine, a run and a roll. I worked hard to make sure each bucket was washed clean and all the stalls were tidy. One of the most important parts of owning equine (donkeys, horses and mules) is keeping the farm clean. All living creatures need clean water.

Living on the farm gives us a great purpose. No time be lazy ever. No matter if we are sick with a cold or worse we must take care of the farm and all the animals living on the farm.

Hubby and I are aging this is all part of life. Living with a physical disability takes a certain mind-set to never give up. Most importantly I pray every day to keep walking and moving. God in Jesus Christ name has provided us with this farm and the miracle of my life. In 2010 I survived an almost fatal car accident while riding as a passenger, I did nothing to deserve this disability and pain. My life has never been the same. I live each day with gratitude and peace. I am working really hard to build our little business the “Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC”. God has a plan for all of us. We are blessed every day to get to live on our farm in Sequim, WA.

Each time I feel the need to wonder why? I think why not me? Lots of people have worse things happen to them then what happened to me. God takes bad and makes good. God loves his children, our world, our universe and all the people and animals living on it. We must remember to pay it forward each day and never take anything for granted. Each moment is a gift. The car accident only took a few seconds. Seconds in time that I will never understand why? Yet here I am writing to you when I should be dead. Faith is something we cannot see yet. Never give up and trust GOD, pray and stay the course, run your race. Each person has a reason to be here at this exact moment in time.

As I am aging with this physical disability I work hard to keep moving. The body was built to stay in motion, it hurts to walk and move in the cold so I layer and wear lots of extra warm clothing. In extreme cold I must limit the time outside as my body has gigantic screws in the pelvis. If the screws get cold I am in extreme pain. So the key is not to get too cold.


2 Responses to “Jan 5th 2018 – Feels Nice To Be In The 40’s”

  1. la dame aux ânes

    Hi Melody! Aren’t we lucky to be living with animals and being responsible for them gets me up in the morning too. We are just about finishing a new shed for Bijou and Bichette and it looks so grand! I’ll post a picture when it is actually completed. Their old shed was in a sorry state, not that they minded, but we did. Also when the ewes give birth in less than a month, we’ll have to move the donkeys and the rams away from the girls and this is when they’ll discover their new shed in the top field…..I am very exited for them. Please check out my diary about my 10 days walking with the donkeys in my blog:
    The article is called “not without my donkeys” and let me know what you think please.
    December and January have been so wet here and it’s very muddy. We are looking forward to some sunshine and dry weather….Chat soon, xxxxx

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    • Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

      Hey you two! I put your Christmas card on the mantel this year in our home. I think of you so often. I will read your diary. Where is it? Lets try and connect very soon. Hugs to you and the animals. I am so happy for you and your little family living in France. We are too wet here. Soon it will be nice out again. my e-mail is



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