Donkey Health Tip – MUD

If your donkey is laying in mud be sure to get the mud off when it drys. Why? Mud has the potential to give sores to equine. The best way to remove the dirt and mud is a brush in the winter. Be gentle around the eyes and ears.

Like people donkeys, horses and mules can have allergies. It is best to find a vet who can help you with allergies. Allergies are difficult to treat. But we can do our best to help our equine stay comfortable. Rio our Mammoth donkey developed spring and summer allergies in 2016. Rio was 10 years old when the allergies started. His eyes weep and he rubs his face leaving sores on his nose. My horse has had allergies since I purchased her as a filly age 20 months. Just like people animals can have allergies.

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Take a look at the Donkey Whisperer Farm Training tools; Donkey 101, Donkey 102 video on demand take Melody Johnson to the farm with you via any smart device. Learn how to train your donkey to follow you as a fair leader. Social skills are needed before we can ask our donkey to trust us to brush, pick up the feet and take a walk. Your donkey really wants to trust you. Learn how to change yourself and play games with your donkey to help your donkey learn to follow you as a leader.

How nice would it be if I was able to come to your farm and train you how to train your donkey? Please take a look at Donkey 101 & Donkey 102. I train the owner or caretaker how to not only train the donkey for basic social skills. I teach the owner how to read the donkey.

Learn how to read donkey behavior and change your actions and energy to match the donkey.
1. What is a sign of stress in my donkey?
2. What is a sign of a relaxed donkey?
3. What is the Donkey Hand Shake?
4. What is the 3 second rule?
5. What does walk-on mean? What is the ground tie whoa? (gas and breaks)
6. How can I help a donkey who wants nothing to do with me ever?
7. I have a kicking donkey, how can I help this donkey and stay safe.
8. How can I use the honor donkey to help my donkey learn?
9. Why is my donkey refusing to pick up the feet?
10. Why is play important in training and caring for equine?

Your donkey is waiting for you to learn donkey behavior and how to lead the donkey as a fair leader with a plan. Each time we step into the donkeys world we should be a fair leader. Scanning and aware of how to respond and never drilling or stressing our donkeys out. Stay ON DONKEY TIME ™. 

Donkey Whisperer Farm Trainer, Melody Johnson

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