God Created A Miracle For Me


GOD, Jesus Christ and his angels spared my life in what can only be called a miracle.

The spring of 2010 I survived a life threatening motor vehicle accident, a large farm truck I call it a (semi-truck hit) full of cow manure slammed into the passenger door of the vehicle I was sitting in. Sadly, the driver of the small truck I was riding in ran a stop sign, leaving me with a life long disability in a matter of seconds.  Before the accident I was trail riding three times a week for 4 hours, I was happy and physically fit.

This disability has left me with the inability to have any core strength. This is a challenge for sure when trying to ride or do anything physical. I suffer from rib spasms, back, pelvis and my feet go numb. Still I am blessed to be here and write to you. GOD is amazing as my husband and me started the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® the summer of 2013.

I was flown by emergency helicopter to Critical Care Hospital in Seattle, WA with life threatening injuries; I remember praying and asking GOD to let me live, I was scared I would die.  My injuries can only be called a miracle from God to be alive, God is great, God creates miracles and I am living proof of his great work.


Three surgeries and blood transfusions in two days as I was dying

Eight broken ribs right and left side some in three places

Four chest tubes inserted in-between the broken ribs

Collapsed lung – Difficult to breathe

Grade V  kidney Tear – Stint Installed and removed, very painful procedure. Grade 5: Shattered or devascularized kidney, ureteropelvic avulsions, complete laceration or thrombus of the main renal artery or vein.

Broken collar-bone 

Three large pelvis screws

 Pelvic bone shattered three large screws surgically installed as the surgeon told my husband he could bend my pelvis up together like a banana.

Things I am grateful for:

I am most grateful to God for his love, strength, mercy and miracle to save my life and provide me with the opportunity to recover, the strength to endure this pain.  I am very grateful to my husband Scott! The team of doctors and nurses that worked on me as they saved my life.  Several surgeons told me I am a miracle and blessed to be alive. One doctor asked me if I believed in God and I quickly told him about deep faith in Jesus Christ. I was in intensive care for at least 7 days and the hospital for 12 days.  Finally I could go home but once I got home my life was no longer the same as I had no ability to do anything without help and twenty-four hour care in our home not set-up for a person in a wheel chair. Please understand I demanded to go home and with this decision took more work. My husband Scott drove me to Seattle four times a week.

I am grateful to all of the people in my life that helped with our farm, my husband and a close girl friend and her close friend stayed with me day and night in the hospital taking shifts to never leave me alone in the hospital.  Food was brought into our home, prayers, cards, calls, text messages, flowers, balloons and so many visits and prayers.  In the middle of trauma God created a unique support system for us one only GOD could create.

I was unable to put any weight on my right leg or walk confined to the wheelchair for almost three months I slept in a lazy boy chair with pillows propping me up for at least four months and then the hard work began, physical therapy moving from the wheel chair to the walker, from the walker to the cane and then finally I could walk on my own.  I am grateful for my relationship with Jesus Christ as I do not believe I could have physically taken the pain without Jesus holding my right hand. I attended physical therapy three days a week for three years. I wore my equine riding gloves to lift weights. Never Give Up! Today my physical therapy is the farm. The body was made to keep moving. The only problem is when we have a disability we must rest and get up and try again. Never give up, never.

It is my hope that sharing this event will help you believe in Jesus Christ our savior for all things.  I have a gorgeous sign in my home a gift given to me by my close friend “Expect Miracles.”   I believe that nothing is too big for our God nothing…. This is my testimony for Jesus Christ and his mercy and grace. The car accident has left me with pain and a life long physical disability. Disability is real. Some disabilities cannot be seen quickly, all disabilities are real. I have learned to enjoy my life disabled. Some days are better than others. Each day is a gift from GOD as life is fragile and precious.


Finally I Was Able to Go See My Horse and Donkeys

Lily & Melody June 2010

Melody Kissing Rio

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson



72 Replies to “God Created A Miracle For Me”

      1. Donkeys smile not mules…. I have a horse, mammoth donkey and mini donkey. It’s ok everybody thinks my big donkey (mammoth donkey) is a mule he is indeed GOD’s biggest breed of donkey. We grow them big in the Pacific Northwest, Washington. Smile…


  1. I’m stunned! I bow low to our Savoir when I hear stories like this. They are uplifting and encouraging!!! He truly is real and loves us. I’m happy to see how well you’ve come through this. Thank you for sharing this personal story with all of us. Me, I respect you even more. Some might have questioned their faith, you built on it. 🙂

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    1. Without Jesus Christ I could have never ever made it the pain was just too great and the loss of my physical abities has been great. Still I live with a grateful heart and a beleif that one day things will get easier. Every day is painful it is all part of living with three large screws in my pelvis.


  2. I was led to your page by someone that I am connected with that created a painting of Rio for you, very nice to meet you, wow, what a story, I am so glad that you survived,…you’re an inspiration and encouraging..keep the faith and blessings Melody.


    1. Hi Laura,

      Nice to meet you. GOD is amazing I just share my story to help others and help the donkeys, horses and mules. Thank you for taking a moment to comment and read my blog. 🙂 GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


  3. Hi Melody, First of all…I am glad you are alive to tell your story! What an amazing witness you are. My Husband was in a bad motorcycle accident a year before I met him, leaving him paralyzed. So, I understand from a “second-hand” perspective how difficult such a dramatic life event can be. Praise God for his miracles and that He works through our brokenness.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! I’m glad it led me to yours and I will be following along with you as well. Glad we can connect through the blogging world. Keep spreading the good news! Many Blessings, Hannah


    1. Well I am just a human doing the best I can. I can honestly say not everything in my life works out, I have had my hard times like everyone else. Everyone has a story for sure. I am grateful to have GOD in my life and be a christian before the semi-truck accident.


      1. Well the bible states we only beleive in Jesus as much as a mustard seed. I pray it will not take what it took for me to fall to my knees for Jesus to come into my life for you. I have had many things that were most difficult happen to me that I do not share these things brought me to my knees to Jesus Christ. It is really nice to meet you! Melody

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  4. Dear Melody, I read your story with tears in my eyes. Not only because of the profound trauma that you underwent, but because of your resilience, and the power of the faith that you practice. I too believe in miracles (and angels), since like you I sustained a near-death accident (falling through a bridge while cycling) several years ago, and since then find that gratitude and a belief in spirits more loving and powerful than I sustains me in my daily life. Many thanks for visiting my blog, mostly because it introduced me to you! And by the way, I LOVE donkeys too: Since I couldn’t carry my backpack, 2 “burros” did instead – for one week – while I walked the Camino (in Spain, in 2013, still writing the book..) Blessings and peace..


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