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Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys fur and hooves do not like to stay wet.

Seems like spring is the time of the year our donkeys need the most help with the itchy fur and they are more prone to sores and need us humans to be checking them over each and every day.

Bald patches on donkeys is normal. Donkeys have longer hair than a horse. Donkeys are more susceptible to rain rot than a horse. Make sure your donkey has access to shelter as clumps of hair fall out and bald patches develop. Check for Lice. Oil based products work much better than powders due to the donkeys thick and long fur coat.
As soon as the weather is 70 degrees give a good bath with anticeptical soap and cream rinse. I never spray water in my donkeys or horses face…

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Help My Donkey Has A Bald Spot

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