What A Farrier Needs

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RIO&MELODYMFriends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Thank you for reading my blog, sharing information, photos, posts and most importantly helping our worlds most beloved equine (Donkey, Mule and Horse).

You are the human angel our world needs, Thank You!

Perhaps you are wondering what in the world a farrier is?  A farrier is the human who will be certified in balancing, trimming and possibly shoeing  equine (horse, donkey or mule) every seven weeks.

What is a natural trimmer for Donkeys?  Pete Ramey site explains more

No shoes, balance, trimming and helping keep the equine in optimum balance without shoes

RIOLILY2012JUNESUMMERWhy should I care how happy my farrier is?

A great farrier is essential to optimum health of your beloved equine.  I highly suggest you do your homework before hiring a farrier to work on the hooves of your equine. Balance, no blood, no soreness is what your equine needs…

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