Farm Animals

Fall On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

Many people love fall naturally as the colors of the leaves are so bright. Summer is now a distant memory one more time, I sadly say goodbye to my summer clothes. Some of us take time to learn to appreciate fall, I fall into the second category. Living in the Pacific Northwest my entire life has taught me a thing or two. Winter is coming. Shorter sunshine days and rain and snow. I am physically disabled a survivor of a life threatening car accident, my body does not like the cold and damp weather. We are about to enter our second fall living in our forever home. God is amazing as he takes a horrible situation and makes a beautiful story. Never give up. Never.

My husband and I created the Donkey Whisperer Farm in 2013.  We purchased the raw land and established the Donkey Whisperer Farm business. We built everything on our land for the donkeys, horses and dogs first. Everything!  We moved into our 5th wheel and lived in the R.V. for three years during the housing and economic U.S.A. depression. Finally the economy took off again and we sold our home. Our journey was truly a long one, full of trials and smiles. A little down time is soon to come on the farm and for this we give thanks.


Our donkeys and horses need a little more attention during the damp season. The donkeys are playing more now that fall has arrived, grabbing the neck, biting the heels and playing tug. The mares (horses) seem to be smelling winter is coming too. They are much quicker now and not so lethargic as just a few weeks ago we were in the 80’s, All of the donkeys and horses are growing their fur coats and one more season is about to erupt. Yesterday as I was feeding I could see all of the donkeys and horses breath again. Yes, fall is here. 

2018 seems to have flown by so fast. Part of getting older is noticing time. I love life and the animals bring us so much joy, peace and love. Most importantly a purpose each and every day. God made each human to have gifts, dreams and goals. We were made to move. Never to sit idle and waste our lives away. The farm brings such purpose and satisfaction. I thank GOD in Jesus Christ name for each and every special day we get to have on our farm.

We pick up the poop every single day on the farm and we compost, the poop is spread out on the hay field in the fall. We will plow the hay field this year and plant orchard hay seed. Looking forward to harvesting this low sugar/protein hay and stacking in our barn.