Donkey Trailer Loading Training

Learn how to train your donkeys to load in the trailer, ride in the trailer and stay safe. Learn how to load multiple donkeys and unload. Learn how to purchase the right trailer and how to have a safety plan in place. Donkey Trailer loading includes twelve teaching videos with over one hour of the training content by trainer Melody Johnson and a 10-page E-book (pdf) outlining key points to trailer loading.


Donkey Trailer Loading Training Video On Demand:

  1. Melody Johnson, introduction walking three miniature donkeys to the trailer.
  2. Preparing the trailer for the donkeys.
  3. Tying miniature donkeys to the outside of the trailer.
  4. Loading three miniature donkeys.
  5. Miniature donkeys lose in the trailer.
  6. Unloading three miniature donkeys.
  7. Providing miniature donkeys balance and consistency.
  8. Tying two standard and a mammoth donkey to the outside of the trailer.
  9. Loading a mammoth and standard donkey.
  10. Mammoth and standard donkey lose in the trailer.
  11. Unloading standard and mammoth donkey.
  12. Providing big donkeys balance and consistency.
  13. How to load the difficult donkey.
  14. Video cameras inside the trailer.
  15. Walking the donkeys back to the barn.


Walk Two Or Three Donkeys Using One Lead Line

Walk two donkeys using one lead line.  Go to our store to order Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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Donkeys Have Personalities

Did you know animals have personalities?

Donkeys are born with their unique personality, extrovert more go than whoa. Introvert more whoa than go. Did you know introvert donkeys do not bray? Yes, it’s true the true deep introvert donkey will make a little bit of noise but will never let out a full bray.

Training the introvert takes a bunch of patience and a plan. Why? Everything the introvert does new takes longer to process the information and learn to trust. The donkeys’ gift is the ability to problem-solve and think. Donkeys do not want to do anything that may or may not hurt them or worse kill them. The horse’s gift is speed. Horses when scared fart, poop, and run.

If you would like to learn how to train your donkey order Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand in our store.

Stay On Donkey Time ®

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Whisperer Farm

Donkey Is Bonded To Cows

Donkeys usually prefer to live with their own species. Donkeys have photogenic memories, they remember good and bad memories forever. If a donkey is forced to live with just a cow or a bunch of cows in a field without another donkey and later in life, the donkey is re-homed into a herd of donkeys and cows more than likely the donkey will want to hang out more with the cow. Why? For so many years the donkey lived with the cows without a donkey companion, no doubt guarding the cows against coyotes or predators as this was his/her job. Most of these guarding donkeys have never had any hoof trims, teeth checked, fecal samples, and shots, etc., These donkeys have no idea what a halter/lead line is or what a human can do for the donkey. The donkey prefers to shadow what is familiar and safe in his her mind.

Rehabilitation for this donkey will take having a plan and being patient. I suggest Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand, my stick, and string and my halter/lead line. Take one of your honor donkeys into training with this donkey. Why? The honor donkey will have calm energy and this donkey will learn visually as all donkeys are visual learners. Let this donkey see you taking the honor donkey for walks, brushing, and lots of massages. Donkeys learn by watching. It is important to move into the next step of placing your hands on the donkey and training the donkey in short sessions outlined in Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand.

Can this donkey become a trained donkey to take a walk on the halter and lead line and get his feet trimmed? Yes! The owner will need to learn donkey behavior and how to train the donkey and become a much-needed asset to the donkey. This donkey has never had human care much about him other than throwing hay out and give water and salt.

Thank you for investing in your donkey,

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

10 Things About Donkeys You Most Likely Did Not Know

Donkeys are livestock guardians

This is wrong! Donkeys will guard the animals they are bonded to if they are big enough. A miniature donkey is too small to guard anything. Domesticated dogs can kill a miniature donkey. Donkeys bond to their own species. If a donkey is simply placed with a flock of sheep that it does not know, the donkey may grab the neck of the sheep and kill it. Donkeys will kill baby sheep and goats so best to keep the babies away from donkeys. Donkeys grab the neck of another donkey in play and in battle. Please get livestock guarding dogs to guard and protect the livestock. Remember livestock guarding dogs need to be trained to protect livestock. Donkeys need a serious diet as donkeys evolved from the desert. Hay and all forage must be tested to come in at 10% or lower in sugar and protein. Sadly farmers re-sell or give away a donkey who has not performed the job as livestock guarding to their satisfaction.

Donkeys are good for calming a herd of horses or calves.

Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys need a serious diet and cannot eat all day and night on pasture or brush. Most livestock is fed an extremely rich diet full of grains and lush pasture. Donkeys who are fed rich food or overfed grass or brush will get insulin resistance, fat deposits on the body, and the neck will break over or be crusty. Hoof abscesses are common with a rich diet, the liver fails and soon the donkey dies a painfully slow death. Donkeys are stoic and will never show pain until it is too late in most cases to call a veterinarian.

Donkeys Are Intelligent, Not Stubborn

Donkeys are not flight animals like horses, so you cannot as easily scare or force a donkey to do a task. An old school round penning will never work on a donkey. Donkeys need to see a reason for everything they do. Donkeys evolved from the desert, a donkey needs time to think. I call this ON DONKEY TIME ®. The donkey will never do anything that can hurt the donkey. Self-preservation is number 1 to a donkey. The horse will jump off the grand canyon when scared, do you see the difference? A donkeys’ gift is not sped it is a brain that can problem-solve to stay alive.

Donkeys are incredibly strong.

Donkeys have a reputation for being strong pack animals and while this is true, they are not stronger than another animal of the same size. Donkeys can only hold up to 20% of their weight. Donkeys must be full-grown and conditioned to do heavy work.

When Is A Donkey Full-Grown?

Miniature Donkeys age three

Standard or Burro age four

Mammoth Donkeys six to seven

If you would like to learn how to train your donkey go to the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® education center. Melody Johnson trains the owner or caretaker worldwide via Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand, use your smartphone to take Melody to the farm with you.

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Build A Halter For Any Donkey, Horse, Mule or Zonk

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Another happy customer! Linda Austin with her new Mammoth donkey Rossco. Rossco is wearing our blue and black soft yacht rope halter with the black lead line, brass screw on snap, leather end. Build a halter for any equine! OUR STORE

Our donkey halters (YACHT ROPE) with a matching lead line fits Miniature or Standard/Burro size donkey from age 4 months to full-grown. Each soft yacht rope Donkey halter is adjustable with a matching lead line, brass screw on snap, leather end. Order OUR STORE SAME DAY SHIPPING.

Select special order, any color. Do you want 2 or 4 knots on the nose? No extra charge.  Soft yacht rope will never mold. Wash in a bucket of warm soapy water and let dry.

Mini donkey special order 6ft lead line – Build a halter for any equine
Standard donkey special order 9ft lead line – Build a…

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Train A Donkey Save A Donkey

We are all about donkeys

Donkey Whisperer Farm is all about donkeys! We celebrate, educate and promote these magnificent and intelligent beings. We are dedicated to building public awareness about equine personality, behavior and are deeply invested in educating and empowering you with safe, holistic, resistance-free training methods that foster a strong bond between you and your equine.

Donkeys who cannot come when called, pick up the foot, bite, kick are at risk for re-sale. Meat Buyers are waiting at sales. Please take the time to train your donkey. Your training will last a lifetime.


Donkey Behavior


Take Melody Johnson to the farm with you via your smart phone or any smart device.

Print out the booklet a PDF Donkey Behavior. I am training you to train your donkey.

Donkey 101 Video On Demand Training Course – 19 Videos


Donkey 101 focuses on unique and proven techniques that train you, the owner, to train your donkey so you and your donkey enjoy a balanced, positive and rewarding relationship.  Donkey 101 includes 19 instructional videos and a six page PDF that you can print and take to the Farm.


Donkey 101 teaches the fundamentals of resistance-free, natural training for you and your donkey. We offer a holistic training approach that includes insight and guidance into donkey psychology, emotion and behavior. Donkey 101 includes 19 instructional videos with over 1 hour of training content by trainer Melody Johnson and a 6 page PDF outlining and highlighting core training points.

A Small Training Area
Training Tools
On Donkey Time
Building Trust
Three Second Rule
Personal Space
Your Donkey Catches You
Walk-On and Whoa
You are the Leader!
How to Ground Tie
Going in and out of Stalls
Introverts and Extroverts
Backing up
Teaching “Over”
Walk-On, Whoa and Back Up
Donkeys are not Stubborn!
Going in and out of Gates
Taking Your Donkey for a Walk


Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series is for students who have completed Donkey 101. Take an in-depth look into donkey personality, herd mentality, the rescued and traumatized donkey, how to pick up the front and back feet and various other problem solving techniques.

Donkey 102 contains 16 Videos with over 3 hours of training content by trainer Melody Johnson and our 11 page PDF outlining and highlighting core training points.


We are proud to announce our new Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series now available to all students who have purchased and practiced our Donkey 101 Online Training Course. Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series is for intermediate students and takes an in-depth look into donkey personality, herd mentality, the rescued and traumatized donkey, how to pick up the front and back feet and various other problem solving techniques.

1. Introduction
2. Making a Commitment to Your Donkey
3. Knowing the Signs of Stress and Fear in Your Donkey
4. Donkey Personality: Introvert or Extrovert?
5. Understanding Herd Mentality
6. The Rescued or Traumatized Donkey
7. Endorphins Versus Pain
8. Teaching Your Donkey to Tie and Stand
9. Preparing Your Donkey for the Farrier/Veterinarian
10. Blanketing Your Donkey
11. The New DWF Training Tool Stick and String
12. When Your Donkey Does Not Respect You as a Leader
13. Picking Up Your Donkey’s Front Feet
14. Picking Up Your Donkey’s Back Feet
15. Having Fun with Games and Obstacles
16. Conclusion: Your Donkey is Waiting For You!


Let’s Play


Play is an integral part of donkey health and welfare. Donkeys are extremely playful by nature and can be observed running, jumping, boxing and wrestling with each other when in a herd or when in a partnership.

Play is a vital component to donkey physical and mental health. As with human beings, play is important to the development of the muscle skeletal system including leg strength, joint flexibility, mobility and muscle development, including heart health.

Play also facilitates psychological and emotional health by releasing specific hormones and endorphins in the brain that encourage a feeling of well being, relaxation and even joy.

Here at Donkey Whisperer Farm each donkey is paired with at least one friend or more. No donkey is ever alone. We always encourage donkey owners and caretakers to have at least two donkeys for companionship. We encourage that you match up geldings to geldings and jennies to jennies. Geldings and jennies have a different way of interacting and playing and it is best that they are allowed to bond and play with a same sex partner.

If you only have one donkey, please encourage play by putting enrichment toys around their barn and paddock. Use slightly deflated soccer balls, equine toy balls, construction cones and black rubber feed trays. Please don’t use wood or metal objects. Many donkey owners make the mistake of letting their donkeys play with a stick or tree branches. Sticks and branches can be a favorite toy, but we have seen numerous emergency cases including chokes, splinters in the throat, impacted splinters in the teeth and eye injuries.

Be safe, have fun and lets play!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm 


Training Donkeys “Donkey Behavior by Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm”



Order from OUR STORE

Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys have been on earth for at least 5000 years. Much longer than the horse.

If you want to learn how to train a donkey you must first stop and think about the donkeys evolution and environment. The desert! Donkeys ears are used to hear the predator and to wave the heat away. Donkeys can survive much hotter weather than they can severe cold. Donkeys cannot survive extreme cold with wind chill temperatures in the teens and below 0 without human intervention.

Many donkey owners think the donkey can eat like a horse and be trained like a horse. Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To be Trained, Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm. Horses can out-run the predator. The donkey must be able to think, feel, evaluate and set into motion a plan of action to survive. Yes! Donkeys can problem solve and think around any predator, human, place or thing.

Donkeys first and most frustrating survival gift is the ability to determine a predator or threat quickly. Next the donkey develops a plan of action to out think the predator or human. Donkeys train humans quickly! In a matter of seconds a donkey will determine if a human, object, place, animal or thing is safe. The donkey is seriously into self-preservation and he/she will use his/her brain to survive each and every time he/she feels threatened. If you are going to train a donkey you must learn to think like a donkey. SELF-PRESERVATION IS NUMBER 1 TO THE DONKEY.

Donkeys second survival gift is the ability to eat very little sugar and protein. In the desert there is not much to eat, the ability to survive once again depends on the donkeys metabolism. The desert does not have green grass, lush trees, leaves. The desert has rocks and is hot arid, dusty dry terrain. The hooves were shaped and created for the desert. Donkeys do not do well standing in wet conditions, the hooves like to stay dry.

Interested in learning donkey behavior?

Select Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 Video Training Series On Demand. Take Melody Johnson to the farm with you using any smart device. Print out her booklet explaining donkeys behavior, signs of stress, relaxation, and personality. Yes donkeys have extroverted and introverted personalities just like people.

Endorphins a bite of a carrot a treat. Giving a bite of a carrot for doing the task correctly is a powerful training tool. One I Melody Johnson work hard to train owner of a donkey. Treats must be healthy and safe and training must be ON DONKEY TIME ™ meaning we are never stressed, or drilling the donkey. Short lessons. End on a good note and come back tomorrow to see what your donkey has learned.

Students questions

  1. I am afraid to give a bite of a carrot as the donkey will become nippy? Donkey 101 teaches you how to be a fair leader. How to learn timing and stop the nip or bite. You are learning how to be a fair leader. A fair leader 100% of the time you are with your donkey. Donkeys will not eat anything if in fear or do not trust us humans. Donkeys cannot be bribed or beat to follow you as a leader. You must earn the respect of your donkey. This takes playing games with your donkey. Take a look at Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 Video Training by trainer Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm.
  2. I purchased a six thousand dollar riding donkey. I rode the donkey twice. Now the donkey will not come to me. Your donkey has learned how to train you. Donkeys have the gift of survival. It is time for you to learn donkey behavior and how to be a fair leader.
  3. When my sister comes over to ride my donkey will not follow her. Why? The donkey will follow the human who is fair and a leader. The donkey is smart not stubborn. If your donkey is riding in a pack of donkeys following the tale of a donkey your sister can ride. The donkey will take care of your sister. Did I tell you how smart donkeys are? Donkeys are smart not stubborn.

Rocket Man one of our mini donkeys sitting down is our business logo “ON DONKEY TIME ™ Donkey 101 & 102 Video series teach you what ON DONKEY TIME means.