Donkey Health Tip – MUD


Here Comes The Rain
If your donkey is laying in mud be sure to get the mud off when it drys. Why? Mud has the potential to give sores to equine. The best way to remove the dirt and mud is a brush in the winter. Be gentle around the eyes and ears. We place sawdust down in the high traffic areas and a place to sleep outside. 
How nice would it be if I was able to come to your farm and train you how to train your donkey? Please take a look at Donkey 101 & Donkey 102. I train the owner or caretaker how to not only train the donkey for basic social skills. 

Learn how to read donkey behavior and change your actions and energy to match the donkey.

1. What is a sign of stress in my donkey?
2. What is a sign of a relaxed donkey?
3. What is the Donkey Hand Shake?
4. What is the 3 second rule?
5. What does walk-on mean? What is the ground tie whoa? (gas and breaks)
6. How can I help a donkey who wants nothing to do with me ever?
7. I have a kicking donkey, how can I help this donkey and stay safe.
8. How can I use the honor donkey to help my donkey learn?
9. Why is my donkey refusing to pick up the feet?
10. Why is play important in training and caring for equine?

Your donkey is waiting for you to learn donkey behavior and how to lead the donkey as a fair leader with a plan. Each time we step into the donkeys world we should be a fair leader. Scanning and aware of how to respond and never drilling or stressing our donkeys out. Stay ON DONKEY TIME ® .

Donkey Whisperer Farm Trainer, Melody Johnson


Bringing Your Donkey Home

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® proudly presents a free educational video “Bringing Your Donkey Home”


1.Have a Plan

  1. Donkey Meets Human
  2. Pasture
  3. Pair Them Up
  4. Touching Donkey
  5. Environment
  6. Bio-security
  7. Shelter
  8. Gates and Locks
  9. Diet
  10. Manure
  11. Training
  12. Toys
  13. Vet & Farrier it’s a Team
  14. Emergency Preparedness


Happy Birthday To Rio The Mammoth Donkey

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Rio turned 13 years old! Wow time has flown so fast as Rio came into our life at 9 months.  Rio is a Mammoth donkey, not a mule.  Rio stands 16’2 hands at the withers.

Resource: History Mammoth Donkey


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Donkeys Evolved From The Desert – Bringing Home The Donkey

The donkey was given the gift of self-preservation to survive in the desert.

Select Science Donkeys Evolved In The Desert.

Donkeys come in three sizes Miniature, Standard/Burro and Mammoth. Donkeys challenge us humans to learn how to train and feed 100% different from the majestic horse. Owning two donkeys is a gift from God. Donkeys are healthier emotionally, physically and mentally living and working with another donkey.

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm.

We have finished three tracks paddock paradise for our horses and donkeys. The tracks help our donkeys and horses keep walking and exercising. Test your hay before purchasing for the desert equine the donkey. If your donkey is getting fat pockets, fat neck or a big tummy. You must learn how to keep your donkey healthy.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm is working on a new video  “Bringing Home The Donkey”.




Pair Up






Emergency Preparation

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God bless you and your family two and four-legged. Melody Johnson, Donkey Behaviorist.


Donkey Training

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Winter On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

Winter has returned to the farm. The weather has been absolutely mild this winter, we have been so blessed. All the donkeys and horses have the choice to go in or out of the stall. All eight equine are standing in their stalls out of the wicked wind chill. Its snowing tiny flakes, the beginning of the storm hit around 8:00am this morning. Looks like this winter storm will run at least five days.

Select Cliff Mass Winter Advisory Blog

Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys do not do well in the cold weather we must do our best to help them stay warm and healthy. Our weather is in the teens with the wind chill and this is dangerous for a donkey.

Take a look at Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 Video On Demand Training Series. Melody Johnson is a donkey behavior expert and a trainer of humans. Melody trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey using resistance free methods. Never abuse, or old cowboy techniques. Donkeys are smart not stubborn. Donkeys have photographic memories. If you are going to work with a donkey you must have a plan. Donkeys are game players.

Did you know donkeys die every winter from the cold? Yes. Donkeys are stoic and do not show pain until it is too late. Preparation is the key. Learning how to be a fair leader. Learning how to train the donkey to trust us to introduce new objects, places, things and people.

Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys must live on a dry paddock just like the desert with limited time out on the grass. Donkeys cannot eat hay too high in sugar or protein without getting sick. Donkeys cannot stand and eat brush all day and night without getting sick. Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys are seriously easy keepers. If we do not pay attention to the diet the donkey will get fat, obese and develop insulin resistance, fat deposits on their neck and tummy. Once the fat roll breaks on the neck we can never fix this. All of this is preventable. Please read, research and learn how to care for the magnificent and brilliant desert equine the donkey.

Shelter is important for Donkeys

Clean water is a must. Some donkeys do not like a bucket color. Yes donkeys can see in color. Donkeys prefer clean warm water in the winter. Clean is very important. Make sure to keep a little extra hay in the slow feeder. Salt is imperative to drinking water. We chose free lose salt. No selenium in the salt if the hay has selenium. Never feed alfalfa hay to a donkey. No oats, sweet feed, breads, etc., A safe treat is 1 or 2 bites of a one carrot. Thats it. I never give a bite of a carrot for standing and looking cute. I am not a treat dispenser. I give a bite of a carrot for doing something I asked the donkey to do i.e., come to me on 10 acres when I call.

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Donkey Behavior Expert Melody Johnson Trains The Owner To Train The Donkey

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm Trainer is an expert in donkey behavior modification. Melody Johnson has trained thousands of students via Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 E-VIDEO ON DEMAND Series. Every student who comes to Melody Johnson wants the same two things; 1. To teach the donkey to stand for the farrier and pick up the feet with no kick or fight. Say the word foot and the donkey picks up the foot. 2. Teach my donkey to catch me as after a few weeks living with the new human even the most expensive and trained donkey will train the human to do exactly what the donkey wants.  Donkeys are Smart Not Stubborn. “Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson.

Select Train the owner of a donkey to train the donkey 101 & donkey 102 – Video on demand  

Take Melody Johnson to the farm with you using any smart device. Donkey 101 and Donkey 102 is On Demand Training. You own lifetime access to these videos. We do not rent our videos. We understand life gets busy. You need time to study and learn.

ON DONKEY TIME ™ is our business logo! Stay calm, have a plan and be a fair leader.

Sadly donkeys who have no social skills are at high risk for re-sale and meat buyers. Please take the time to learn how to train your donkey. Peace and harmony are guaranteed to come back to the farm. It’s all about the human. Preparation is the key to training a donkey. Donkeys learn at the release of pressure not from pain. The donkey has trained the human. Some donkeys are rescue donkeys meaning they have met the worst kind of human. Donkeys have photographic memories. Donkeys never forget good or bad. Fixing a donkeys that has been abused will take Donkey 101 and Donkey 102 and time. No donkey is a throw away donkey. Melody has rehabilitated hundreds of donkeys.

Melody Johnson trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey to pick up the foot. Melody teaches words not clicker training. Melody has taught students from all over the world to teach their donkey words, each student speaks the words walk-on, over, foot, back-up in their language. The donkey follows the words not a clicker. This is especially helpful when it is time to do advanced sports with donkeys such as donkey packing, riding donkeys, cart pulling, donkey agility and more. Everything Melody teaches will set the donkey and student up for success ensuring the donkey can live in his or her forever home.  Donkeys learn words in any language. Preparation for the farrier is one of the most important factors in owning a donkey. Donkeys are strong and agile. Melody Johnson trains humans to understand how to train the donkey.

Take Melody Johnson to the farm via any smart device. Print out detailed instructions guiding you into the donkeys behavior and personality. Stay On Donkey Time ™ as donkeys cannot be forced to do anything. We cannot bribe a donkey and we cannot punish a donkey to follow us. The donkey must form a relationship with the human and most of all the donkey must trust us at all times. Never abuse a donkey, never let the donkey see you watching the donkey get hurt or abused. Donkeys will think, and think until they find away around the unfair human.

Melody Johnson explains the donkey personality and the human personality helping students learn how to control their energy and timing. Each human and animal has a unique personality. Extroverted and Introverted. Extroverted donkeys bray and have more go. Introverted donkeys are slow to respond to change and are seriously different to train. Like people the introverted donkey is more quiet, this donkey is seriously smart. Taking training into another level. Introverted donkeys learn at a different pace than extroverted donkeys. These donkeys are the donkeys when trained that we place our children on as these donkeys do not burst out with energy very often.

Donkeys are not stubborn, Donkeys are smart. Melody Johnson trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey to pick up the foot. Melody teaches words. Donkeys learn words in any language. Preparation for the farrier is one of the most important factors in owning a donkey. Donkeys are strong and agile. Melody Johnson trains humans to understand how to train the donkey.

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Tools Needed To Train A Donkey

  1. A donkey rope halter that fits your donkey. Select our store to order your donkey a perfect fitting halter/lead line.
  2. Stick and String to touch your donkey never hit your donkey.
  3. Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 E-VIDEO SERIES TRAINING ON DEMAND. Take Melody Johnson the farm with you to train your donkey using any smart device.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how to train your donkey. Peace and harmony will return to your farm shortly. Never give up!


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