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We are all about donkeys

Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is all about donkeys! We celebrate, educate and promote these magnificent and intelligent beings. We are dedicated to building public awareness about equine personality, behavior and are deeply invested in educating and empowering you with safe, holistic, resistance-free training methods that foster a strong bond between you and your equine.

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ® Trainer is an expert in donkey behavior modification. Melody trains the owner or caretaker to train the donkey via Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand. Take Melody to the farm with you using any smart device.

Melody has trained thousands of students via Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 E-VIDEO ON DEMAND Series. Every student who comes to Melody Johnson wants the same issues resolved quickly:

  1. Catch The Donkey! The Donkey Whisperer Farm trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey. Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand with a written booklet to study and learn donkey behavior.

2. Teach the donkey to stand for the farrier and pick up the feet with no kick or fight.

2. Say the word foot and the donkey picks up the foot.

3. Stop the donkey from biting, nipping and swinging the head into me.

4. Stop the donkey from dragging the human. 

New Video “Bringing The Donkey Home” Learn how to set your farm, shelter, fence up for success. Donkeys are intelligent, we must have a detailed plan to stay a fair leader. Stay On Donkey Time ® meaning never get upset, end on a good note, never betray a donkey, abuse a donkey.

Take Melody Johnson to the farm via any smart device. Print out our book attached to each training video. Stay On Donkey Time ® as donkeys cannot be forced to do anything. We cannot bribe a donkey and we cannot punish a donkey to follow us. The donkey must form a relationship with the human and most of all the donkey must trust us at all times. Never abuse a donkey, never let the donkey see you watching the donkey get hurt or abused. Donkeys will think, and think until they find away around the unfair human.

Donkey 102  video on demand trains the owner or caretaker how to to train the donkey. Our fiberglass stick and string is a training tool used to touch the donkey never hurt the donkey. A tap to keep on when walking, a wiggle to stop the bolt, desensitizing to prepare for the farrier and more. This stick is a must have for your shelter and farm. Seriously an extension of your arm. 🙂

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm.

Select Train the owner of a donkey to train the donkey 101 & donkey 102 – Video on demand

ON DONKEY TIME ® is our business logo! Stay calm, have a plan and be a fair leader.

Sadly donkeys who have no social skills are at high risk for re-sale and meat buyers. Please take the time to learn how to train your donkey. Peace and harmony are guaranteed to come back to the farm. It’s all about the human. Preparation is the key to training a donkey. Donkeys learn at the release of pressure not from pain. The donkey has trained the human. Some donkeys are rescue donkeys meaning they have met the worst kind of human. Donkeys have photographic memories. Donkeys never forget good or bad. Fixing a donkeys that has been abused will take Donkey 101 and Donkey 102 and time. No donkey is a throw away donkey.

Stay ON DONKEY TIME ® never drill or stress your donkey out. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Select OUR STORE to look at our Donkey Sot Yacht Rope Halter/Lead Lines. Donkey Tack.

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All domesticated donkeys, mules and horses need their hooves trimmed on a regular basis. Six weeks in the spring and summer. Seven weeks in the fall and winter. Toe pushed back, heel low but not too low and please do not dig out the sole. Depending on the part of the world you live in trimming is done different. I live in a green state, Washington, all eight equine are trimmed every six weeks in the spring and summer and seven in the fall and winter. Why? The hoof grows faster in the warmer seasons.  If we do not pay attention to the diet of our the desert equine the donkey our donkey will get sick and can die. The diet for the desert equine the donkey is a dry paddock full-time, grazing time on lush grass is limited for exercise but never to eat 24 x 7. Hay must be tested to be 10% or lower in sugar/protein. Donkeys who are fed alfalfa hay, green grass, trees, brush all day and night will get sick. Here are a few things just a few that will happen; White line, seedy toe and lots of pain and suffering abscesses, insulin resistance and more.

Donkeys evolved in the desert. Never forget this. Feeding the desert equine takes having a plan and ensuring the donkey is getting exercise. Never starve a donkey. Clean water is a must. Salt is a must. A vet check once a year is imperative to your donkeys health. Teeth checked at least once a year. Fecal Samples for parasites. Never guess as over worming your donkey will create resistant free parasites worms. The donkey will get really sick and it is very expensive and difficult to cure.

Donkeys digest drugs different from a horse. Never give any drug to your donkey without an experienced donkey vet. Why? Donkeys die from drugs and there is no do over for the donkey. Make sure before you sedate your donkey your vet has the reversal drug and is trained in donkeys drug digestion.

Jacks, a jack is an intact donkey. Most donkeys are not breeding material. These donkeys must be gelded in order to have a forever home. Re-homing a jack is difficult. Jacks are not for the beginner donkey owner.

Jennies a female donkey. This donkey has estrus and will have mood swings. Simply understand this.

Geldings are Usually the easiest to train and care for. If the gelding is recently gelded understand testerone will take up to 6 or 8 months to leave the donkeys body. Next comes behavior modification this is all about you the owner learning how to be a fair leader and train the donkey.

Faith Is Something We Cannot See, Feel Or Touch

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®


I found this blog and had to share it select A facebook find!

This really got me to thinking this morning when things are really tough in life and I just can’t see the light beyond the darkness I rely on faith from GOD to help me.  Faith is all I had to believe I would not die but live after surviving a life threatening car accident. Faith is what I hang onto when the pain is insane and I can’t take another minute of it, Faith is what I cling to when I cannot understand in my mind how things will work out. Faith is peace for me. 

 “Faith for me is believing (knowing with no doubts) I am GODs child and GOD can restore everything, GOD in Jesus Christ precious name will give me the super natural strength to move forward when my body and…

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We sold all of our hay in 24 hours

Hubby working on the irrigation ditch. Farmers work hard.

We sold all of our hay in 24 hours! We will get one more cutting this year as we have irrigation. See you soon.

Thank you Jesus! The weather was most difficult this spring. We are excited to share all of our hard work paid off. Farmers pray!



A Farmer’s Prayer

GOD Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged!


RIO OUR MAMMOTH DONKEY TURNS 12 THIS YEAR – Stands 16’2 hands tall

The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC sells quality soft yacht rope halters made to fit a donkey’s head not a horse. If you would like to purchase a soft yacht rope halter with the matching lead line, brass screw on snap, leather end. Select our store as you can select from 17 colors for your donkey.

Everything about Rio our Mammoth donkey is LARGE. Rio needs a custom fitted halter, saddle, fly mask, you name it. Thank you Rio as you are one of the reasons the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC was created. We needed a perfect fitting halter/lead line for you!

Here is Rio as a baby Mammoth donkey.


Do not be fooled!  Our lead line is part of the training tool. You need the lead line long enough but not too long, the brass snap to teach your donkey to follow you as a leader along with the leather end. The leather end is a way to touch your donkey.

We custom fit the Mammoth donkeys head, horse, mule, ponies or mini mules for you. Relax and let us help you find the perfect training halter for your equine. We provide Free Shipping in the U.S.A. and we proudly ship worldwide. Our template is easy for you to measure. We sell a LIFETIME WARRANTY as our halters are handmade in the U.S.A. with quality materials. The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC rope halter/lead line is a serious training tool. You need to take Donkey 101 E-TRAINING to learn how to train your donkey in combination with the halter. Donkeys naturally push into pressure.

Please never leave any halter on your equine while not in attendance to avoid death or self-mutilation.

Happy Mothers Day

Donkey Whisperer Farm

Welcome to the farm,








GOD Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged!