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What Are You Waiting For?

Why Waiting On God Is Important

There is actually something happening while we see nothing change. God uses waiting to grow his children as faith is something we can not see or touch. Faith requires trust in GOD to make the right circumstances line up with one another at the exact right time.

Waiting is not comfortable

Thinking back to moving to our forever farm and one day home. We waited, waited and waited as our home of twelve years took one and half years to sell, in 2014 the economy was poor for the housing market. One day the waiting was over and we were able to start working with the builder to build our home. This specific waiting period was most difficult as we were living in our 5th wheel, recreational vehicle. This was not comfortable. Tiny living is not easy ever. Still we waited and leaned harder on God and one another. Our marriage is stronger and we live in our forever home now. Most important step while waiting is to be kind to people. Do not be bitter. Wait with confidence that all will be wonderful in the end.

Need prayer call the 700 club they are anointed to help you!

Call our Prayer Center

If you or someone you love needs prayer, please call (800) 759-0700. The 700 Club Prayer Center Team

What if we gave up and pushed ahead?

We would have never experienced the life God had planned for us. We would have most likely made poor choices that could have altered our life forever. Never give up. Trust God in Jesus Christ name. God is always on time. This time is Gods time, God is working in the background to take care of our life.

Living In Our Forever Home

Is wonderful. Everything is exactly as we need it to be. We designed our home and we built our home, while living in a 5th wheel on a hay-field.

God Bless You And Your Family Two and Four-Legged!


GOD Brings People Into Our Life For A Purpose – Pray For People In Your Life

God knows what he is doing. Did you ever stop and think how some people are just placed in our life instantly? How some people are burned out of our life instantly? Its true. God knows what we need before we know what we need. God has a plan and this plan is much bigger than we could ever understand. GOD is the alpha omega the beginning and end. God has counted every hair on our head. God is in control of everything. Nothing happens by mistake. When we understand how GOD works with the universe and his children everything becomes peaceful. God in Jesus Christ name is amazing.


RESOURCE: GOD Brings people into our life for a purpose

Home Is Where The Animals Live

Our farm is more than a business, our farm is our family.

Creating a farm takes lots of planning, savings and patience. The farm is a full-time investment of time, energy and funds. Each animal is unique, as time passes so does their health care requirements similar to people.

Why do people love owning a farm?

The farm is a wonderful place to work and relax at the same time. The human body was made to stay in motion. Not to sit around in front of the computer or other electronic devices. Fresh air and a purpose helps us sleep really hard at night.

The animals each have unique personalities and they are truly part of our life. We love each animal for life.

Farm visit do’s and don’ts or “Farm Etiquette”

  1. You are visiting a working farm and a business. You are a guest on the farm. Please respect any rules and signs displayed at the farm.
  2. Driving past a farm. Please slow down, do not honk your horn or throw food or garbage at the farm.
  3. When you drive into a farm shut the gate behind you.
  4. Leave your pets at home unless the farm specifies that pets are welcome. Most farms have their own animals.
  5. Park your vehicle in designated areas only.
  6. For your own safety, visit only identified areas.
  7. Please keep an eye on your children to ensure a fun, safe visit.
  8. Keep closed gates closed and opened gates open.
  9. Dispose of garbage in receptacles.
  10. Wash your hands after touching the farm animals.

Have Fun In Your Adventure

American Soldier – Thank You For Your Service

Toby Keith – American Soldier


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