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Our Three Blonde Doggies Love The New Farm

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

“We went up to our twenty acre farm in Sequim, Washington today to check on the progress of our dream, oh my how surprised we were to see almost all the parameter fence posts are in.”

Next big job is staining each post dark green the same stain as my current outdoor arena. After that the red brand horse fence is stretched, finally the gates are added and then we will add the top board to hold the fence tight and add the dark green stain to the top as a final finishing touch.

Our new farm is beginning to look like we live here now, we are so excited to move into our farm next spring.  This is the first of many projects to come, we are so grateful to our new neighbors Fred and Dorthy as they took these photos for us to keep forever. Thank you Fred & Dorthy!


melodybuddyfarmlandsequim Melodydogsoctfarmsequim melodydogssequmfarmoct scottdogssequimfarm

Dorthy was taking a photo of us as we walked into her yard and I took a photo of her. Too much fun today!

fencescottmelodytakingphotodorthywhileshetakesphotoofus fencemelodyscottplanning1

scottdogssequimfarm melodydogssequmfarmoct Melodydogsoctfarmsequim melodybuddyfarmlandsequim


RIOAPRIL2011The parameter fence will look like the fence in the photo below only dark green stain on the posts and top rail.  Same green stain as our outdoor arena, this fence will be beautiful when completed and efficient as Red Brand fence is equine safe and keeps predators out and our dogs in.

Please remember Barb Wire is not safe for equine, select Remove Barb Wire for more information.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Walking On Water


I am a survivor of an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother, looking back in time I had no idea my life was in jeopardy. The worst scenario ever a semi truck smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  Today my full-time job is to pray and believe GOD will heal my body and alleviate the chronic insane nerve pain, joint pain, back pain, numbness, deliberating pain the semi truck left me with. Walking with GOD is the only way I can navigate life as I am not strong enough to do this walk without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, life is just too difficult to navigate without GOD.  

I honestly and transparently share my life experience to help not whine or complain as my husband and I live our life with a grateful attitude to GOD. Everyone has something difficult in their life and we fully understand some people have more trauma and tests than others.  I share my blog to give all the credit to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, provide hope, information and encouragement in the pursuit of health, love, and happiness in this thing called life we all navigate daily.  Never give up, never stop working towards excellence in your life as we get no more and no less than the amount of effort “work” placed into our life.   Trust GOD for all things. 

Living with a humble and grateful attitude:

I am forever grateful to GOD in Jesus Christ name as I know I could have died and almost died after the accident.  I understand I could have lost my legs easily as eight ribs broke, lung collapsed, grade V kidney tear, pelvis shattered 3 large screws surgically installed to give me the ability to walk again.  Nerve pain is painful and causes sleep deprivation we continue to pray for a complete healing.  Honestly my husband and myself could have never endured this pain and suffering and loss without Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior in combination with the bible for faith and healing.

Exercise is the key to getting well but exercise can cause more pain so our mind says no more. Sitting and not moving causes pain it imperative to get into a physical exercise program now while you are healthy.  I was physically fit from riding my horse and mammoth donkey, think of staying healthy as a savings account for your life as exercise is medicine. 

Doctors use a pain scale from 1-10 they ask what is your pain today? I have come to accept my full-time job is to try to alleviate pain, get physically strong again, be able to sleep more than five hours a night, smile and laugh more.  Pain robs the person inside of us who is full of joy and happiness, as pain is very difficult to talk about, difficult for people to understand and can make life frustrating.  No medical device can measure the amount of pain the human or animal is in.  We must be able to have empathy and see when a living being is in pain, we must be bold and do our best to stop pain and abuse of humans and animals.  

Walking on water (place a float around my waist) seems to be helping with less pain in the water still suffer from extreme pain out of the water mostly at night when trying to sleep.  Here is a cute video of a doggie doing physical therapy and playing at the same time.  Wondering if water physical therapy can help you or your loved one? Water therapy benefits

Do you have any stories of water physical therapy you would like to share?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




This is a beautiful maple tree on the Donkey Whisperer Farm, I hope you enjoy this tree as much as we do.

GOD is a faithful GOD we are given the strength to lean on GOD and hold tight to GOD but this takes diligence, prayer, reading the bible, being humble, listening to praise music, attending church, tithing, helping others. It seems GOD will use us to help others and the more we help others the more help will come our way.  GOD uses us to help others and this becomes more of a blessing for us than the person we helped, never forget that you and you alone have a special gift to help another living human or animal. 

Pain and trauma is not from GOD as we live in a fallen world we are not in heaven yet, I work at remembering that GOD can make life easier and GOD will restore everything stolen from our life. How do we know GOD is in control and still on the throne because we are children of GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.  GOD is a faithful GOD he restores everything in abundance stolen from us if we trust him.

Here is a beautiful video shared by Petra Christensen at Parelli showing regular people helping a whale this video made me cry as I love all the animals of the world that our father in heaven created with a special place for the whales as they are the most intriguing to me.  I have seen the whales in the Puget Sound while in a boat several times they are truly amazing.  

What if the people in the boat decided to not try to help the whale? What if they just rowed away?  Thank GOD they did the right thing and restored the whale to her life.  Amazing what people can do when they try.

Encouragement and comfort:

In the day of trouble he will  hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will he hide me; He will set me high upon a rock. Psalm 27:5

GOD will cover me with his wings; I will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend me. I need not fear any dangers in the night or sudden attacks in the day.  Psalm 91:4-5

And this small temporary trouble I suffer will bring me tremendous eternal glory, much greater than the trouble.  For I fix my attention not on things that are seen but on things that are unseen.  What can be seen last only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever.  Corinthians 4:17-18

I call out to GOD in Jesus Christ precious name, the GOD who holds me together.  He sends orders from Heaven and save me. GOD delivers generous love.  GOD delivers generous love, he makes good on his word.  Psalm 57:2-3

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Thank You To All The Care Takers (Angels) In The World


Seems like some days, weeks, months and even years can feel like a severe cold winter hard to get moving hard to stay motivated just want a warm blanket. Equine (horse, donkey, mule), cats, dogs really help me out with these seasons.  When I go to their barn and feed them, clean up, care, rub, talk to them they are always grateful to see me I work very hard to stay in their neutral emotional place just enjoying every day the best I can.  My cats and dogs are always in the house with me and they play a very important role in my recovery.

I  feel the need to say Thank You to all the care takers in the world they are in a very difficult job and it is really hard to work and care for a sick person.  Without these angels GOD has placed in the world, life would be impossible for all the sick people and I know first hand how important it is to feel loved and have people take care of me and my farm when I was physically incapacitated after the semi truck hit me. 

Do you know a human angel caring for a sick or hurting person or animal? Please pause a moment and say a little prayer for this person and if you can give them a thank you note or a day off to go to the movies with a friend.  A simple thank you can refill their gas tank in life and recharge their battery with the end result making the world a better place. 

Are you a caretaker?  Please consider allocating time for yourself and love yourself as no human understands you like you do.  I understand how hard this is but just like we must be planning for retirement we should also be planning for a healthy happy life.  If we are constantly pouring our heart and soul out to someone who is incapable of sharing good things with us we start to burn out and our life becomes too much work and not enough fun.  I have learned that having fun is not an option it is a necessity as I feel better when I get to do fun things with people around me who love me and appreciate me.  Sometimes we just have to contract some work out and if we look at it this way “I’m creating jobs and helping feed a family” and I get some time off life is a little more easier.  Perhaps you have a financial difficulty at this time I know as we had a very hard time after the semi truck accident bills came that we had no plan for.  I bartered with my angel and massage therapist and it was a win-win situation perhaps this can help you or your loved one bartering works.


My progress:

I am happy to say that I am moving forward just completed Physical Therapy after going consistently for nine months very difficult, two times a week.  I go to acupuncture once a month for immune system and the doctor visits are quiet again, thank GOD.  Now the hard part comes for me to go on my own to the gym and just do it, no physical therapist pushing me harder to be the best I can be!  I have good days and bad days still but the bad days are getting fewer and the good days are getting longer and for this I am grateful to GOD. 

I just keep on pushing forward and believing that GOD can heal everything and take the pain, I am happy to report the pain is much better now, suffer towards the end of the day and at night but most mornings are good.  I am very grateful for all of my blessings and for each and every one of the people GOD has placed in my life to help me heal most importantly my husband Scott.  I am grateful to GOD for all the people who pray for a complete healing and remove the pain so I can get well to help others navigate life.   I make my husband Scott take off on his Harley and get away as much as possible he comes home very relaxed and recharged.  We have to find that one thing that recharges our batteries in life otherwise we just sit in neutral in life and time keeps on moving on.

Do you have some great ideas for caretakers?

Please leave a comment and I will post so everyone can benefit!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!

Expect Miracles

Sampson we found him on pet finders three years ago after our special fateful black lab “Steelee”died.  We literally drove 308 miles each way to pick him up in Pullman, Washington believe me Sampson believes in miracles as this shelter was a very sad shelter.  All the dogs were outside in their dog igloos including this pup and it was 6 degrees during the day.  Sampson is Great Pyrenees/Akita and he is truly a big boy weighing in at 114 lbs, he runs the property to keep the coyotes out and protect his home.

Sampson age 2 last summer

 Expecting Miracles” – Keeping My Mind Locked In On Jesus Christ

Right after I wake in the morning I take a minute to thank GOD for the ability to walk, brush my teeth, keep my farm, have my husband, my husband’s job and healing my body.  If I need to repent of any sin I do this quickly in Jesus precious name Amen.  Next I take at least two minutes to visualize GOD providing miracles for every need we have in our life as GOD can do it! I ask GOD to give me the creativity and innovation needed to be a miracle to another living being, human or animal today sow a seed.  Our part is to beleive in GOD, have faith and ask GOD to help us and forgive our sins.  Sowing seeds is what were created to do –  helping others and doing the best job we can every day while we are living and breathing, sharing and loving on the people GOD has placed in our lives.  Expecting Miracles is a mind-set and you want to program your mind as a child of GOD in Jesus Christ name to be given favor, opportunity and miracles.  In the middle of the storm GOD has promised to give us peace if we will let all go to him give it a try.

 How To Program Your Mind To Be Positive Expect Miracles:

1.  When you open your eyes in the morning thank GOD in Jesus Christ name for this new day and anything you can think of to be grateful for

2.  Write down five things you are grateful for and place them on the fridge or a mirror you see every day

3. Write down your goals for 2011 and a five-year plan and place these goals where you can see them  – Every day counts as we do not know when our time is up

4.  Donate your time to help another living person, animal or business get connected with others – If you are physically limited use the internet to connect

5.  Be flexible if your goals change pray about the change and walk the direction GOD sends you in peace and harmony

6.  Expect miracles, goodness, mercy, favor, blessings, increase, love, peace and health from GOD

7.  Live in the moment – Let go of the past and do not run too far ahead of GOD as each day is precious and a gift from GOD

8.  Forgive people immediately after being offended and be honest 100% of the time

9.  When you look in the mirror each day love yourself say good things to yourself

10.  Never give up, keep pushing forward everything changes this is just a season

11. Treat everyone how you want to be treated

12.  Forgive yourself when you make mistakes in life and do not repeat that mistake and ask GOD to forgive you only need to ask once and it is written in the bible we are washed whiter than snow when becoming a christian

13.  Enjoy the gifts GOD has placed in your life

14. Take at least twenty minutes a day to pray and marinate with GOD

15.  Lighten up life is short and we are not in control GOD is – Smile and laugh more!

16.  If you are in chronic pain keep pushing forward to find the medication to give you some relief.  Suffering from pain robs each of us from joy, love, and life keep pushing to find a way to not have pain and still have a quality life.

17. Thank GOD for all of the good things in your life and the blessings GOD is sending your way

18.  Be humble

19. Walk in love, don’t judge people, be jealous of them as each of us has special gifts designated by GOD for all of his children

20. Live in peace within yourself and say NO to people when you feel it is best for you; time, values, religious belief, money etc. or try this way; let me pray on this and I will get back to you

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!





Remember you are a child of the most high GOD.  You walk in his favor each and every day because you choose to kneel to Jesus Christ and make him your Lord and savior.  Rejoice in our confident hope.  Be patient when trouble comes and keep on praying.  Romans 12:12

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


Ten Months After The Semi Truck Hit Me


It’s snowing as I type and sticking on the foot print of our little farm in the Pacific Northwest we have been blessed as the rest of the country has so much snow.  The snow  is beautiful but the snow is deadly for me as the cold makes it so I can not walk without extreme pain and now I understand why the elderly move to Arizona in the winter for sure.   Ms. Lily and the donkey boys are snug in their barns eating and seem not to notice the snow at the moment.  For those of you who have been following my blog I am now going to let you into my heart, mind and soul a little deeper as blogging is truly therapeutic for myself and others as I believe people need people to connect with.  If you have not read my blog before select months and start in June 2010 as the semi truck changed my life last April while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother in Eastern Washington.  I am grateful to be alive, have my legs and my brain intact, be able to keep my farm, which includes three dogs, two cats, 1 amazing horse and 2 amazing donkeys.  I continue to suffer from tremendous amounts of pain, my husband Scott works full-time and he helps me out with my house choirs and my farm choirs as I am not physically the same person I was.  GOD gave me the best man he could make just for me and for him I am grateful and he is my best friend.

Before the semi truck accident I was on target to start my own business as a Donkey, mule and horse trainer and I planned on getting certified in Parelli natural horsemanship I was afraid to write it out for some reason.  I guess I was afraid of failing funny thing now is I wish I had taken my opportunity to go to school before the semi truck accident and not been so insecure of myself.  I was worried I am too old as I am almost 51 and competing against young kids not sure I could keep up physically. My point of sharing this very emotional thought is if you have something you want to do, go do it now as life is fragile and precious, we never know when our time is up!  Waiting too long is not a good plan as we never know what is going to happen and our health is truly a gift from Jesus Christ.

Some people say “Well you say you believe in GOD why did he not stop the semi truck from crashing into your GOD mother’s little truck”?  Perhaps GOD is pruning you or punishing you for something.  Unreal people could think such a thing as I believe GOD allowed this accident to happen as he knew I would share my testimony with GOD with others and I would share my ability to “Expect Miracles” every day for myself and everyone around me.  Think about it GOD knows what he is doing and the bible states every tear is captured in a bottle.

What has changed in my life?

Everything and nothing between me and GOD!  Everything as I physically cannot do all the things I did before the accident and nothing has changed between me and GOD I am the same follower of Jesus I was before the accident.  I have a  hard time admitting to myself that I cannot physically ride my horse or Mammoth donkey right now and I push hard to keep my farm and care for my equine, too hard and end up in extreme pain towards the middle of the day into the night. I have not been able to ride since the end of March 2010.  Simple things I never thought about are difficult now such as walking up and down the hill to get the boys (donks) out  into the wooded hill paddock, put a blanket on my horse and donkeys when needed.  Today I was so excited as I felt pretty good thought I would go try that new Parelli country snaffle out as  it came in the mail the other day and I have to pay a proffesional to ride my horse Lily for me this year as I cannot physically ride, tears.  Sadly after getting my horse out and warming her up with the games the cold started causing some horrific pain and I pushed thru as I wanted to see what her new Parelli bridle looks like on her absolutely outstanding workmanship just gorgeous. Now I’m in a pickle as the pain in my  lower back is out  of control and both of my feet are going numb something I have learned the hard way; I can’t take the cold the gigantic screws (rods) they put in my pelvis two of them from pelvis bone to pelvis bone and one in my right pelvis down my leg get cold and I am hurting terrible. Tears as I am frustrated I look out my window and see my equine, my arena dreams I had since a kid and I cannot physically go do any of it especially in the cold.  I have to learn to balance and be grateful as I could still be in the wheel chair or worse no legs as that semi could have killed me or worse left me with just numbs for legs or no brain as I had a horrific head injury.

Funny thing is lot’s of people have equine and do not ride but for me it was euphoric, wonderful, energizing, a special treat and a goal I had placed on myself, really a fantasy dream since I was thirteen years old.  “My dream was to have my own horse again a young foal and be able to trail ride, escape life and run away with the smell of the trees, rain drops falling on me and my horse and the sound of my mares hooves.”  

Reality is we can not run away from life we must face it head on and squeeze the most joy possible every day by paying it forward and helping others with our gift of time.  When was the last time you encouraged someone suffering, brought them food after a surgery or just came over and sat down with them hugging them, saying nothing just hugging them?  Give it a try it feels really good on both ends.  People suffering from a loss, death, car accident, divorce, loss of job and more need people to  help them get back up in life and keep trying as life is hard but with Jesus it is much easier as GOD loves to use his human angels to heal his children.

Last Time I was able to ride Lily March 2010

I don’t think I could have had the strength to endure this horrific pain and suffering without GODS promises in the bible, my husband, my friends and my special equine as equine heal the soul. All my animals know something is wrong with me and all of them are much more careful around me now, how interesting.  Animals are much cheaper than a licensed health mental counselor for sure.  Additionally, my dogs and cats give me great peace and comfort as they live in the house with me.

Things have changed and I over do it as I was born with a AAA personality I have had this personality since a young child. Example would be today I had received my new gorgeous light snaffle bit country bridle from Parelli walked by it for at least 4 days on my australian black saddle built for my  horses back.  I wanted to see this light bit on her and how she reacted to it seems simple ha?  I started Lily out in the Dr. Cook bittless bridle and I rode her out on the trails with this bridle for a good year and 1/2 and then moved to full cheek snaffle I was interested to see how this little bit looked and how she reacted to it in her mouth.  This took so much of my energy and caused me a tremendous amount of pain as I must play some Parelli games with her and let her move her feet, roll and buck before introducing new things to her get her head connected to me for safety.   I am grateful I have a passion and a reason to push hard to get well and keep my equine and farm.  Some days it seems impossible as I hurt so bad the pelvis with the three screws makes my legs feel like they weigh 50 lbs and there is not cure for this pain other than doing nothing other than resting my pelvis in my chair.

Back to pain medication and the lazy boy chair that I love to remove the pain and pressure off my lower back and hate as I can not ride or care for my equine or do anything other than lift and place heat on my screws in my pelvis.  This has been a test of faith and endurance and I will keep praying and keep believing that GOD can take this pain away.  Thank you for everyone that prays for the pain to be removed and my health to be restored GOD bless you!

I’m learning to adjust to short hair as my hair and eyelashes fell out from all of the trauma from the semi truck, I am grateful to have lost 24 1bs but I would not recommend this way to lose weight.  Additionally I forever carry the scars on my back and hip where they cut my chest and back open to save my life I tell all the young people in my life “Who needs tattoos life will give you your own marks” I have some serious scars, all are a testimony to the mercy and miracle of life GOD gave me and my family.








GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!



Life On The Farm photos

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How Can I Stay Positive When Everything Appears Negative?


SCOTT & RIO (Mammoth donkey age 4) 2011                                













First and most important pray to GOD in Jesus Christ name to program your mind to stay positive no matter what is happening around you and your family.  Second repent of all of your sins and ask GOD for forgiveness. Third ask GOD for protection, favor, blessings, health, wealth, and a positive mind.   Fourth please remember that your imagination is a gift from GOD think of it like this; a big white blank piece of paper!

What do you want to put on this big white piece of paper utilizing your imagination (gifts from GOD)?

1. Connecting to GOD in Jesus Christ name – be clear lot’s of other stuff out their saying GOD

2.  Family

3. Job of your dreams and passion – Not a job that drains your energy and does not allow you to use your gifts and talents

4. Hobbies that make you learn, grow, share and experience new things – Keep your brain in optimum performance by challenging your brain

5. Security

6. Balance as too much of anything is not healthy

7. Exercise your body, mind and soul

8. Diet choose to feed your body the best you can

9. Write down on a piece of paper what your short-term goals are and long-term goals and put it where you can see it every day

10.  Share everything you can with others with no strings attached

The bible is still the best book to read it never goes out of style, every time I pick it up GOD points me to the verse I need.  I suggest getting  Joyce Meyer bible or the NIV bible as each important verse is written so we can understand the meaning.  Remember GOD has no money problems and GOD can soften hearts of people who have money to help the children of Jesus Christ enjoy their current life, GOD loves to use people to help other people.  Nothing feels better than making someone’s dream come true and or a prayer to be answered such as food on the table, rent paid after loosing a job, new clothes arriving at just the right time, flowers, and the most important gift we can share as humans is our time.  Seems in the world we live in today very few people have enough time to volunteer and help with humans or animals.  Time is free and it is the most important gift any of us can give for another human or an animal needing help.  You do not have to go to church to have a relationship with Jesus Christ you can pray anywhere, anytime, anyplace and believe me GOD is waiting for you to pray try to have quiet when you pray as it is much easier to feel what GOD is prompting you to do or not to do depending on each individual situation.

Here are a few charities needing help all non-profit tax-deductible:

 I have learned whatsoever state I am currently in I should be grateful and try to learn the life lesson, I must admit for me this is very difficult as I am a person who works very  hard at everything I do and having to be stuck in neutral is not a comfortable place for me.  I have learned that fear keeps people stuck in a job they hate and fear stops people from trying new things.  Fear means ‘FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL” and we should not be afraid when we are children of GOD in Jesus Christ name.  GOD has created us to be strong, resilient and creative no matter what is happening around us we must persevere and like the punching bag that goes down and comes right back up this must be how we handle adversity in order to become succesful in life.  When hard times hit remember you are a child of GOD who placed every star in the sky and holds them their until he decides to let them fall, remember as a child of GOD you are created as an individual and no other human is just like you and no other human has the gifts and talents you have share your gifts with humans and animals and treat people as you want to be treated.

In the natural world not living under Jesus Christ and having the holy spirit inside of our bodies it is easy to think things are impossible but I feel compelled to share a few things that changed me forever things that GOD has done for me and my family.  I was in a horrible car accident in 1981 riding as a passenger when the driver lost control and hit a telephone poll head on in the passenger side, this impact left me paralyzed from t he neck down and killed my x husbands little sister.  GOD created a miracle for me and with hard work at physical therapy and prayer I was completely healed.  Around 2002 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my spinal cord and was already in the beginning stages of paralysis and with the prayers and faith GOD could create another miracle for me I was healed one hundred percent as the tumor was not cancer.  Most recently I was riding as a passenger in my GOD mothers little 1980 truck when she ran a stop sign and a semi truck carrying cow manure hit the passenger door where I was sitting.  All the doctors at Harborview Medical center, Seattle, Washington and nurses said “You are a miracle” GOD saved your life you should have died.   In fact I almost died a couple of times on he helicopter ride to Harborview.  Today I am so grateful that I can walk without a wheel chair, I can breathe without assistance as my lung collapsed and my pelvis was shattered in at least five separate bones.  I have three large screws holding my pelvis together woven in between my spinal cord and I am grateful to all the medical doctors and nurses that took care of me at Harborview and all the medical teams that are continuing to help me get my life back today. 

Every morning when I open my eyes before I roll on my side from my injuries to get out of bed I thank GOD for this day I am alive I am married to the best man my best friend Scott the man GOD created just for me.  I am grateful that GOD has given me the ability to walk and care for my Mammoth donkey, mini donkey and special horse along with my three dogs and two cats.  GOD is great and he will never put negative thoughts into our minds these thoughts are from satin as he wants us to give up have no hope and settle in life.  Try to remember that when negative thoughts come into your mind you must be proactive and ask Jesus to remove the negative thoughts and install positive, creative and innovative thoughts into your mind.  I believe that GOD will not help us until we submit and ask GOD for help so give it a try for just one week and be prepared to see GOD show up and show off! 

Every time my life seems to be in a place of no hope GOD gives me an idea or GOD sends an inspirational person into my life that helps me get recharged!  We are created to be lights for others stuck in the dark so please shine your light for another human and please don’t forget the animals that need support.  Spending our time helping others makes all of us feel better as sitting on a nest like a chicken hoarding our money and time is not a gratifying way to live; sharing money, time and information with no strings attached and helping those less fortunate than ourselves is exhilarating and gives us a purpose.

Remember today may be your day to get your break through from GOD!  Keep believing in GOD and trusting Jesus Christ will send the right answer to you and create miracles for you as GOD still wants only the best for his children.  Life is a journey and seasons come and go, soon very soon if you follow Jesus and believe in GOD your spring will come with summer stepping right up behind spring.  Our ability to visualize what we want our life to be is in our brain the most important organ GOD gave us other than our spinal cord.  Our brain can tell us we can do something or can tell us we can not – this is the key “We can control what goes in and out of our brain”, we can keep good data coming into our brains we do not have to live in fear or negative recycling of thoughts as GOD is in control not us.

Be grateful every day that you get to live in the United States of America and be proud of America!  Be very grateful you can walk, talk, bend, brush your teeth, go to your job, and if you are looking for a job ask GOD to give you the right job that utilizes all of your gifts and most importantly your passion in life.  Share your gifts and creative innovation ideas with others and continue paying everything good in your life forward to others.  Please continue to love your family two and four legs as it is not over until GOD says life is over.  Life is exactly whatever you put into it no more and no less you get what you think so start thinking big and then move forward it is impossible to make a difference or a major change if you are stuck in fear!  Try giving fear the cowboy boot!  Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling Up Anyway – John Wayne 

Faith can only happen when we can believe that the situation we are in is temporary and GOD is in control and this experience will go away and be replaced with goodness, mercy, health, love, wealth, peace and the ability to pay it forward to help others.  Helping others feels really good and this is why I share my journey in life to help you!

May the GOD of peace, who through the blood of Jesus the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.  HEBREWS 13:20-21

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


How Can I Help My Horse, Donkey or, Mule Trailer Load


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First and most important make sure you have tamed your equine dictionary states the word tamed is; (of animals) not fearful of human contact.  All animals need to trust their human partner and know they are safe, I mean safe like we want to feel safe.

Do you remember the last time you were afraid of a person, dentist, surgery?

Our beloved equine are looking for the feeling of safety they felt when they were little with their moma.  After surviving a semi truck accident while riding as a passenger with serious life threatening injuries I understand what fear is and how hard it is to trust the nurses and doctors.  I believe it is vital that the human partner has empathy for their equine and continuously looks for ways to keep the equine safe and comfortable.  Try looking in your own life and think how you would want to be treated if you were the equine.  So many people today are in a hurry, work, family kids, shopping and I just want to go ride my equine or take them to an event or medical appointment.  I promise if you take your time to tame your equine first learn the Parelli seven games, timing, pressure release all of your equine will walk right into their horse trailer.

This is the state equine can go into with different reactions;  donkeys stand and don’t move when scared usually, but some can fight and move.  My left brain extrovert horse when terrified will do everything she can to avoid death, try to look at the psychology of your equine first.  Consider having empathy, taking the time it takes to help your equine learn that the horse trailer is safe and most important prove to your equine that you will always keep them safe never ever abuse them or authorize anyone to abuse them as the equine never forgets abuse. Parelli utilizes the carrot stick in training creating an extension of the human arm, a long tale and a way to stay safe but not abuse.  Some people think love the equine and all will be well these people can end up dead as a thousand pound equine is no match physically for a human.  Working with equine is dangerous always have a plan before stepping into the same space with the equine.

If you don’t think the horse trailer is safe in the back of your mind, body and soul you will convey this feeling to your horse! If you think your horse trailer is safe the equine will feel safe as they have the ability to sense every feeling their human partner has.  Expectancy, visualization, believing and seeing the positive end result of whatever we want to do starts with our mind, trust GOD in all things and life is easier.

Staying safe with a thousand pound equine is the most important training lesson for you and your beloved horse, donkey or mule, accidents happen usually due to poor leadership as ignorance is not bliss, clearly  poor planning.  Horses who think they are going to die will do everything they can to avoid death such as jumping up, hitting their head in fear, spinning in the horse trailer to get out and more.  Please take the time it takes to tame your equine and then create a plan where your beloved equine is wanting to get into the safest horse trailer you can afford to purchase utilizing resistance free training.

Every time we are with our equine we are teaching them something and feeding time is a really great opportunity to train on respect such as; OUT (of the barn), taking the grain or treat with manners, always having two eyes pointed at us.  Safety is number one in working with equine. 

Why is it important to feed our equine ourselves?  

Trust, leadership, responsibility, and building a solid relationship as we must be the person who does the great stuff for the equine not just the riding and training.  If all you do with your equine is ride pretty soon they will not be wanting to come to you and be your partner and most likely when you fall off they will not come back to you as prisoners are always looking for a way to escape.  I highly suggest you take advantage of Parelli, get the rope halter, lead line and carrot stick and learn the seven games. I highly suggest looking into the free 30 days of training being offered from Parelli to become a partner with your equine.

Equine (horse, donkey or mule) are prey animals they look at the horse trailer and the human as predators and the trailer is going to trap them and possibly kill them.  It is your job to help them learn the trailer is safe and comfortable before taking them for a trip in the horse trailer spend at least a week feeding lunch and letting them out of their trailer. 

Thirty four years is a long time to have a dream and I should have bought an eighteen year old gelding but I was determined to have my own horse trained by me and so my journey in Parelli began as I needed tools to manage this young horse.  Next we purchased our Mammoth donkey Left brain introvert afraid of everything and more WHOA than GO, now I was in a real pickle and having no experience with donkeys other than a ride down the grand canyon at nine years old I needed help yesterday.  Donkeys push away from pressure so they are a challenge to train and when they are done they lay down.  The best thing a human can do for their donkey is less training and never push them to the point they lay down, always go back to something they enjoy doing and have mastered when ending short training sessions of no more than 15 minutes.

The right way to trailer load our equine (horse, donkey, mule) is taking the time it takes for the equine to enjoy getting into the trailer and have no plan on going anywhere as every time we are in a hurry the equine picks up on this energy and they cannot tell if it is danger or what just high energy and the equine gets nervous.    Next I send them into the trailer with hay in it no pressure just eat lunch!  This is where they would eat their lunch a few days  a week and then in the evening my  husband Scott and I would take them for a ride in their trailer and have nowhere to go just a ride to get use to the noise of other cars, footing to stand in the trailer around  forty minutes each time.  I use the Parelli yo-yo game with just my finger to back them out of the trailer and this is much safer than bursting out of the trailer in a hurry.

If you are having a problem with trailer loading remember it has nothing to do with the trailer and everything to do with preparation, leadership and trust.  As the equine leader and owner it is our job to be the best leader we can to provide the equine with preparation and relaxation techniques.  Remember to treat the equine with respect and dignity the way we would want to be treated if we were placed in a situation we were afraid of the little things make the biggest difference in everything we do.  Sadly most people do not have the time it takes to lead and train the equine to trailer load they wait until the day it is time to take them somewhere and this is a big mistake.

Thank GOD I had trained all of my equine utilizing the Parelli training techniques before this almost fatal motor vehicle accident in spring of 2010.  All of my equine enjoy having their lunch in their trailer give it a try.  Please remember that every time you are working with equine you are in a dangerous situation but with tools as Parelli states “savvy” you have a better chance of not getting hurt. Safety should be your number one concern for you and your equine.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Parelli!!!!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!



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