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Mother’s Day Contest “A Single Mom Raising Five Kids”


Sinlgle mom’s have a dear place in my heart as well at one time I was one. Every one has a story!

Please Vote For Single Mom Jennifer Gonzalez!

Select Vote for Jennifer Gonazalez and watch the video/essay written by her son Noah Gonzalez


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





GOD Uses The Weakest To Help The Strongest Have Empathy


Seems the most difficult times in life are the most life altering as GOD uses

these moments

to carve away everything that is not real and destined for his purpose

 GOD uses the weakest of his people to help the strongest have a bit more empathy for others.  Perhaps GOD uses the weakest to prove to the world he is the great I AM.

 I wonder why GOD would choose me to write to you and share the gospel I am just a regular person like so many in our fallen world.

 I guess it is something he and he alone planed from the day I was conceived in the womb

like an artist paints the last stroke on the magnificent painting


GOD uses trauma to finish his human master piece

 Each of us has something wonderful to offer our most fragile world

each of us has unique gifts and talents

all given to us with one purpose created “Save Souls”

help people find Jesus Christ for this is really the most important of all


Our world spins so fast and we have to learn to make time for GOD

pray, mediate listen to scripture and read scripture

each and every day

as the battle is not ours to win

 GOD is in total control and when we stop fighting, pushing, crying, screaming, everything is exactly how it was planned no more and no less


I do not understand why children must get cancer, or die young?

Why anyone must suffer with cancer, chronic pain and suffering?

or the

most horrific of all the loss of a most beloved child

the most painful of all

things to lose is our beloved child


“Every Tear is placed in a bottle”

One day GOD will make things right and when GOD corrects the bad things happening to his children

the entire world will see it had to be GOD  

No man can do what GOD can do in Jesus Christ name


Prayers are taken from my favorite pocket purple book for help “The Secret Power Of Speaking GOD’S Wordby Joyce Meyer

 Prayer for courage

I am strong and of good courage, I do not fear nor am I afraid,

for the Lord my GOD, he is the one who goes with me.

He will not leave me nor forsake me Deuteronomy 31:6 NKJV

Prayer for discouragement

I do not become discouraged (utterly spiritless, exhausted, and wearied out

through fear).

Though my outer man is progressively decaying and wasting away

yet my inner man is progressively renewed day after day.

For my light, momentary affliction

(this slight distress of passing hour) is even more

and more abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for me 

everlasting weight of Glory (beyond all measure, excessively surpassing

all comparisons and all calculations, 

a vast and transcendent glory and blessedness never to cease) 2 Corinithians 4:16-17



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Hoof Abscess


The Donkey Whisperer Farm is officially six years old in 2013time has literally flown by so much has changed and yet so much remains the same.  Rio is now a full-grown Mammoth donkey as he turns seven years old in 2013.  Rocket Man turns nineteen and my horse Lily is eight years young. Read my post Donkeys and hoof abscess for more information.  Select HOOF ABSCESS

The most frustrating and difficult issues I have had with our Mammoth donkey is hoof abscesses. It appears that Mammoth donkeys should live in the desert with no rain poor boy was born in Western Washington with too much rain.  Each of them get their feet picked out daily and their paddock has very little mud and yet the Mammoth donkey suffers from abscess, networking via the internet I have learned this is sadly the health issues associated with Mammoth donkeys.

I suggest laying pin chips down so they have a place to lay outside and it is soft and dry the only problem I have noted with pin chips is it needs to be replaced at least every other year or it will turn to mud.  


Hoof abscesses in donkeys are not the same as the horse.  Why? 

Donkeys hoof anatomy is of a donkey not a horse. Donkeys are strong and will not show any pain until it is a serious medical matter.  Here is another post I wrote explaining the emergency kit and the hoof abscess.  The horse would be limping much faster than the donkey or mule with an abscess thus the seriousness and need for a vet immediately. Please call the vet for draining a hoof abscess do not leave this to the farrier.

What can you do for your donkey, horse or mule suffering from a hoof abscess?

Soak morning and night for twenty minutes. Create a hoof boot and the abscess should pop. If it does not pop (you will know it popped when full weight is on the hoof) you must call the vet. After it has popped your donkey will be able to walk normal now is the critical time to keep creating the hoof boot and placing bedadine in the guaze pad to dry out the hoof for at least 6 days. Now you can take the hoof boot off and the donkey can go back to life. Diet is very important to prevent abscesses along with the correct trim. Research and learn about this.

Call the Vet hopefully you have a vet that has experience with donkeys.   Donkeys are not horses and thus their hooves do not behave the same as a horse.  Please only authorize your vet to find the abscess and drain it,never let the farrier do the vet’s job!  Your vet will cut out a very small hole for drainage releasing the pain and pressure almost instantly.  Never authorize the farrier to do this as this is a medical need not a farrier need.

Follow up maintenance is necessary the hole needs to be kept clean, pick the stuff out of feet every day, I suggest getting a spray bottle and using Beda dine solution with some water in a water bottle to spray the hole clean every day.  We use the solo spray bottle as it gets all the gunk out and keeps it clean, Soaking a cotton ball in beda dine solution and sticking it in the hole is necessary until the hole has grown out.   The hoof will not grow completely out for at least ten months to a year so keeping the hole clean from mud and gunk is a full-time job to say the least.

One of the best things we can do as an owner of donkeys, horses and mules is keep the hooves trimmed and make sure they are being trimmed correctly.  Select Pete Ramey to learn how to trim a donkey, trimming needs to be done at least every 6-7 weeks.  I highly recommend you the owner viewing this dvd and asking your farrier to review it.  Trimming equine is not a back yard hobby and it needs to be left to professionals in my opinion as incorrect trimming will cause abscesses and sand and grit to travel into the white line.  As the owner we must be picking the hoof out each and every day and making sure no thrush is growing in the hoof.  Diet of the equine is imperative to optimum health so test your hay, do not give grain and treats to the donkey just clean water and low sugar hay.  Orchard hay around the Pacific northwest is what we use and a slow feeder is also a good idea as long as it is covered to keep the rain out.

I am trying a new slow feeder out will follow-up with the results in my upcoming blogs.

Video of a Donkey Suffering With A Hoof Abscess


Diet, exercise, professional trimmer of hooves every 6-7 weeks, clean out hooves each and every day, clean dry padock, morton loose salt, white salt block, clean water, low sugar hay and no grazing in green grass for the easy keeper. Donkeys are always easy keepers. 🙂

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





43 Things – The World’s Largest Goal Setting Community

Changing your life is hard.

Doing it by yourself is harder.

Join over 3 million people who list their goals, share their progress, and cheer each other on.

Select 43 things to try – Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Staying Focused On What Matters – Trust GOD for everything


Seems our world spins too fast and well it is easy to lose sight of what is the most important, specifically what’s the most important to each of us humans.   GOD made each of us unique with gifts and talents custom-made to fit into the part of the world we are living in. GOD does not make any mistakes.

I have learned to stay focused on what matters and trust GOD for everything as GOD is the great I am, the beginning and end, GOD knows the end of the story.  GOD knows what we will do under pressure, how we will act, what we need, what we don’t need.  The bible says GOD will never, never, never leave or forsake his children never.  GOD loves each of his children so very much enough to do whatsoever we choose to (free will) but what we do with free will has consequences.

When you get your picture taken do you smile a real smile or a camera smile?

Hmm, perhaps you are wondering what in the world I am talking about?   When my husband rides his motorcycle he has a real smile on it’s a deep smile one that I enjoy watching and this feeling of joy stays with him for a good couple of days.  Before the accident when I would ride my horse and our Mammoth donkey my face would hurt from smiling as well this was a real smile a smile that released wonderful endorphins into my brain, body and soul.

Perhaps you have not done the special thing that makes you smile a real smile in a really long time.  I challenge you to work on this as only you can make yourself smile the real smile as guess what you are the person living inside the body, soul and mind.  Step out and do your best to enjoy your life as each day is indeed a gift from GOD.

The photo above is me riding my horse Miss Lily in our newly created arena a dream I had since I was a young girl.  The photo was taken shortly before the semi truck accident almost three years now since I have been able to ride my horse.  I continue to pray GOD will heal my body and I will ride again and one day that GOD will put that smile back on my face.  In the meantime I live my life grateful for every blessing GOD has given me and my family.  I live my life in deep gratitude to GOD as GOD is the one who created the miracle to let me live, let me keep my legs and brain.  GOD is amazing!

Prayer For Depression:

I WAITED patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.  He drew me up out of a horrible pit (a pit of tumult and destruction), out of the miry clay froth and slime, and set my feet upon a rock, steadying my steps and establishing my goings. And He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our GOD. PSLAM 40:1-3  The Secret Power Of Speaking GOD’s Word book by Joyce Meyer.

Renewing our mind, select We must forgive our enemies (those who betray us, hurt us) we must let GOD work in all areas of our lives to be free to create and enjoy this fragile thing called life.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Death Sentence For Entire Pack Of Wolves In Washington State – Care2 Help?

Death Sentence Issued for Entire Pack of Endangered Wolves

Please select Death Sentence for Entire Pack Of Wolves In Washington to read and make an informative decision.

Please select Defenders of Wildlife Blog explaining in more detail how complicated this has become for the endangered species the wolf, truly sad.

What You Can Do

Today October 5th & 6th the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is hosting a public meeting in Olympia.  Part of this meeting will be used to address the department’s handling of the Wedge pack situation.  If you are able to attend this meeting, please plan to be there.  Those arriving in time to register will have three minutes to express their concerns to the commission.  Click here to see meeting details. Contact the Fish and Wildlife Commission Office for further information: Phone (360) 902-2267  Email: commission@dfw.wa.gov

Looking for a TVW live webcasting of the meeting?

You can watch the staff update starting at 1 p.m., and public comments beginning at 3:15 p.mwith these links.  Select http://capitolrecord.tvw.org/2012/10/wedge-pack-wolf-meeting-set-for-this-afternoon-watch-live-webcast-on-tvw/#.UG8k903hpnQ

What do you think?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Back To Physical Therapy – a gait physical therapist


Update on my  health:

The bible says “The Lord Gives Us Strength For Today”, I try to remember I just need to enjoy the day as best as I can as things could have been way worse than they are, heck I could have died very easily.   I will forever be grateful to Jesus for letting me live and keep my most precious legs and brain, GOD is indeed amazing as my body survived what can only be called a miracle.  I am indeed grateful for the medical team of doctors that worked on my body and continues to support me as I learn to live with the physical disabilities and life long pain the motor vehicle accident created.

The weather is a huge factor for me as the screws in my pelvis do not like cold and damp weather, perhaps one day GOD will provide a place for us to live with less rain and not so darn cold.  The last two months have been record breakers for lack of rain in Western Washington, fall is here as the mornings and nights are getting colder again causing the deep hip pain to return oh how I did not miss this pain.

I continue to endure rib pain, hip pain, neuropathy in my feet, back pain, middle, lower and upper as well my pelvis does not move with the screws in it as it should.   I wear shoes called Joya to help walk on cement but still stairs and cement are my biggest challenge. Walking is indeed one of my most difficult challenges along with sitting I really need the pelvis elevated for the best relief.

Remember to stay grateful for everything in your life as someone in the world has it worse off than us.  Our life is fragile and precious and we should never ever take any of it for granted as we never know when our time is up, our health is the most important thing we can own. If you have your health you are indeed blessed.

I thank you for continuing to pray for me and my family,  I pray my story has helped you stay motivated and inspired to trust GOD in Jesus Christ precious name for all things.  GOD is amazing!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





GOD is amazing – look at the colors


If you ever get bored and tired in our world take a spin on the internet and look a the magnificent colors GOD has created for us.  GOD is amazing and the bible says the one thing he made that he is the most proud of is you and me.  Never forget how important and special you are to GOD and how much he loves you.  Never give up as it is written in the bible GOD will never, never give up on his children.

I am rooted, established, strong, immovable and determined. 1 PETER 5:9 NIV

When life is the most difficult and it is not easy in fact it seems impossible this is when GOD will step in and show off for his children.  We must remember the bible speaks of GOD looking at each of us as his children as he created us.  One of my most favorite songs is GOD Loves A Lullaby Better than a Halellujah!   Have you ever listened to this song? 

Remember each day is a new day and a day each of us has the opportunity to be a human angel to another human or animal living in our most precious and fragile world.

I will pray to him and he will hear me and I will fulfill my vows. JOB 22:27 NIV

The Lord goes before me; He will march with me; He will not fail me or let me go or forsake me; I will fear not, neither become broken in spirit, Depressed, dismayed, unnerved with alarm.  DEUTERONOMY 31:8 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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