Horses, Donkeys and Mules Are Helping People With Disabilities

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,


Did you know that people with disabilities are being helped each and every day by getting to spend time with an equine?

Yes, some can only help groom them, feed and pet them, talk about their problems while others can actually ride even when they can not walk due to being paralyzed.  Equine are healers, sent by Jesus Christ to help us humans navigate this thing called life.

Resources for Riding With A Disability:


“My number one inspiration is Lauren Barwick Canadian Paralympian, 4 Star Parelli Professional”

Select Riding For Gold

Select Parelli offers 30 days free on-line training

People suffering from PTSD after serving in the war, sexual abuse, assault, and trauma

Select EAGALA  – Select What is equine assisted therapy?

Select Helping Troubled Teens


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Horses at Liberty

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Check out this amazing liberty video from David Lichman!

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Warning Leaving A Halter On A Horse, Donkey or Mule Can Cause Death Or Self-Mutilation


The photo above is of me & Lily taken in the summer of 2009, truly one of my favorite photos a wonderful memory.

Did you know leaving the halter on is dangerous and can be deadly? My horse and donkeys are very athletic they can take their back hooves and itch their face.

Important considerations

*  The halter could get stuck on their hooves, fence or other objects.

* Strangulation can occur when they get the halter stuck on something and fight to get it off

* The halter can grow into the head of the equine (horse, donkey, mule) I have personally seen this and it is abuse

* Dirty itchy halter causes the equine to scratch and work to get it off it’s not natural (think  how you would want to be treated)

* Leaving a halter on your horse, donkey or mule will make it easier for people to steal your equine. I highly suggest using video surveillance on your farm and posting signs to avoid this. Our Video surveillance is backed off site a text is sent to our cell phone the minute anyone steps into our property, the perfect tool to be used in prosecution.

Please learn how to teach your equine (horse, donkey or mule) To Catch You!

When interacting with your equine try to make this a time to connect bring a couple of pieces of a carrot  to build a relationship of fair and safe leadership.  Equine work best in training programs that do not require the equine to stay in the prisoner role.  Yes, I said prisoner role, old school training techniques use fear to train equine and this is not a partnership.  Donkeys cannot be trained this way they require natural training with fair, balanced and an honest trainer.  Horses dream of being trained the way donkeys demand to be trained with dignity and respect.

The joy you will receive when changing your training methodology is enormous and your frustration will vanish.  People say “treats make my equine nip. I say No, use this as an opportunity to train” watch your timing let the equine turn their head away and then give them a reward takes just a few training sessions for them to learn how to politely accept a treat.  Creativity is the answer you can do it!

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding


All of my equine come up to us every time we call them just like my dogs.  The key is setting the animal up for success if each time you have time to be with your equine you are doing things to them that are not enjoyable why would they want to come up?  Treat your equine the way you would want to be treated if you were living your life as an equine and watch the blessings start flowing freely.

The first step in training any animal is taming!  The animal must trust that you will NOT abuse them or hurt them so try to think of it from their point of view and remember awareness is the first step in change.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



What A Farrier Needs


Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Thank you for reading my blog, sharing information, photos, posts and most importantly helping our worlds most beloved equine (Donkey, Mule and Horse).

You are the human angel our world needs, Thank You!

Perhaps you are wondering what in the world a farrier is?  A farrier is the human who will be certified in balancing, trimming and possibly shoeing  equine (horse, donkey or mule) every seven weeks.

What is a natural trimmer for Donkeys?  Pete Ramey site explains more

No shoes, balance, trimming and helping keep the equine in optimum balance without shoes

Select Pete Ramey Hoof Rehab for more detailed information on the hoof.


Why should I care how happy my farrier is?

A great farrier is essential to optimum health of your beloved equine.  I highly suggest you do your homework before hiring a farrier to work on the hooves of your equine. Balance, no blood, no soreness is what your equine needs to stay happy.  Remember equine pick up on the emotional mood swings us humans have so keep your farrier happy and calm.


What A Farrier Needs?

A safe equine to work on!  Please do not ask your farrier to train your equine as this is not their job.  A  farrier needs to feed himself and his family and a farrier that gets hurt working on your equine will not be able to work and provide himself and family with an income.  Additionally, a farrier that can’t concentrate on the hoof and is worried for his life will more than likely not be able to do as good a job.

1.  A tame and gentle equine – Teach Your Donkey To Pick Up the Foot

2.  No dogs or children running around causing a distraction for the equine, farrier and you the handler

3.  Put the cell phone down and pay attention to your equine to keep the farrier and equine safe

4.  A place that is close to his truck as he needs to get to his tools without taking a hike

5.  The equine to be held by a competent human that can control the equine and help the farrier stay safe. – Remember this is a really dangerous job

6.  The equine to be standing calmly and as ready as possible

7.  Make sure your equine has had his hooves picked up at least twenty-five times before the farrier arrives – do not make the first trimming appointment be the first time the equine get’s the foot picked up.

8.  A dry place to work, flat, swept clean

9.  No dark places as your farrier needs to see what he/she is doing

10.  A shady place to work and don’t forget Insect repellant sprayed on your equine

11,  Pay him/her the same day he trims the hoof

12,  Make your appointment for seven weeks and keep up with the farrier work

Bonus:  A cool beverage on a hot day


Remember no one knows your equine like you do!  Keeping up with a regular trimming schedule is best for the equine and your farrier.  Partnerships via human and animal form take time and a bit of watering.  You can do this!

Caring for equine takes a team effort; a vet, dentist, and farrier let’s not forget acupuncture, chiropractor and massage therapy as needed.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Why Do Donkeys Hate Dogs?

Donkeys naturally have deep-rooted self-preservation skills.  What are predators for the donkey? Coyotes, wolves, cougars, bear and yes our precious pet dogs.  If we think about it the dog resembles the wolves and coyote the donkey does not know the difference until they are trained and understand their life is not in jeopardy. Our farm dogs are never able to get into the same space the donkey is living in. Our fences prevent accidents. When the donkeys come out our dogs are trained to stay in one place until called.  Next we show the donkey we are the leader over the dog and the donkey without abuse. A leader is a leader 100% of the time. 

Need help training your donkey?

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm.

Donkeys can learn to tolerate a dog.  The dog must never be authorized to chase, bite, nip the donkey. One kick is all it takes to kill the dog. Make sure your dog and donkey understand you are the leader with no abuse ever.

Safety tip:

Place hot wire beneath the paddock fence to ensure no dog or predator can get in by crawling under the fence.


Safety is the most important concern when working with equine (donkeys, horses and mules) and our beloved dogs.  

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Behaviorist

Donkeys Are Special


Here is a blog I wrote explaining select why donkeys are special, enjoy.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Horses and Donkeys Heal The Human Soul


Horses and Donkeys heal the human soul, just writing these words sends happy thoughts in my mind directly followed by a smile.  Horses and donkeys have a presence and energy about them that helps us humans along our journey in life.  I call them “Four legged angels sent by GOD” no doubt to help us humans navigate the good and bad times of our journey in this thing called life.   

Horses, donkeys and mules are prey animals meaning they eat grass, have emotional intelligence to survive around predators.  The human is a predator and thus learning natural horsemanship/Natural Donkeyship should be a priority. Without these training tools the human will never experience the connection the horse and donkey can offer, the relationship is more of a prisoner role.  How sad for the equine and the human to never have experienced the majestic connection these equine can offer.

Many organizations have captured their healing abilities to help people with stress, depression, anxiety as these magnificent equine have a presence about them that demands your full attention.  When were connected to these magnificent animals there is no time to stress about life, bills, family, job, money the brain is free to swirl in their world releasing more creativity in the lucky human. This is how the experience is for me and my husband each and every time is special and we never forget how precious and fragile each day is as we never know when our time is up or theirs.

In the cool weather the donkeys fur is long, thick, bushy and sticks straight out to keep them warm absolutely the most beautiful coats the donkeys have. Lily is white now her summer kissed golden Palomino fur has been replaced with a thick white fur coat along with her very long whiskers. I never shave their whiskers as equine use these for feeling when navigating their surfaces in short they need these long whiskers.  When the equine breaths into the cold powerful breaths of warm air come out into the air creating a beautiful swirl around their muzzle, oh how I miss riding in the trails and our arena.  Lily is truly a magnificent horse, she is the lead mare taking care of her herd of donkeys, she is waiting patiently for me to get well and no doubt looking forward to going back to work. 

If you get a chance to volunteer, work, or the best opportunity “Have an equine as your partner” you will be thanking GOD for the creation of these magnificent four-legged angels sent to earth to help us humans navigate this thing called life.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!