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Donkey Training For The Owner Of A Donkey – VIDEO ON DEMAND

Are you looking for help to train your donkey?

We are excited to announce our new video on demand training is available for you any day now.  Our media team is working really hard to provide this service to you. Our training is set up for you to take the Donkey Trainer to the Farm with you.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Online Training Courses

Take the Trainer to the Barn with You! Donkey Whisperer Farm is launching “Donkey 101” online training video series in November! Topics will include:

Setting up Your Training Area
Training Tools
Being on Donkey Time
Building Trust
Respecting Your Space
Teaching Your Donkey to Catch You
Walk-On and Whoa
You are the Leader!
How to Ground Tie
Going in and out of Stalls
Introverts and Extroverts
Backing up
Teaching “Over”
Practicing Walk-On, Whoa and Back Up
Taking your Donkey for a Walk
Going in and out of Gates
Donkey are not Stubborn!

We look forward to training you to train your donkey!


Visit our online store for a beautiful collection of donkey rope halters and other training tools and gift items.
Purchase our online training courses. Here you will receive personal training guidance and tools.
Take a tour of Donkey Whisperer Farm in all of its splendor and beauty. Meet all of our precious equines.

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Training Donkeys, Mules and Horses To Ride In The Horse Trailer


Did you know donkeys prefer to ride loose in a horse trailer? Yes indeed donkeys prefer to ride loose in a horse trailer with the added bonus they are safe and much more comfortable I was really surprised to learn this after purchasing my donkeys as my horse is locked in the front for her safety. Why? She is not a donkey she is a horse smile. 

Donkeys freeze when scared so they are safer and more comfortable riding loose in the horse trailer and this helps them find a place to stand and hold their butt against the trailer to balance.  Most important consideration is to have a two door trailer in the back to unload them.  I highly suggest teaching your donkey to back out of the horse trailer in lieu of jumping out fast.  Here is a video of Rio backing out of the horse trailer what a good boy just took a few training sessions to teach him how to do this.   Keep one side of the door closed so to keep them calm and backing out slow.

In an emergency situation I wanted to ensure I could get all of them in the trailer fast and by myself. I highly suggest each of you do the same as you don’t want to be training trailer loading and unloading during an emergency. Donkeys freeze when scared!

Six Steps To Successful Trailer Loading of Your Donkey or Mule: 

1.  Ensure Your Donkey or Mule Trusts You – Taming is number (1)

2.  Always load the honor donkey, horse or mule first as Donkeys Are Visual Learners if you load the naughty one first your trailer loading experience will not go smoothly.

3. Plan ahead, practice trailer loading and letting the equine stand in the trailer and eat go no where. After you load them to eat lunch stand on the outside and talk to them let them know they are safe.

4.  Practice taking the donkeys, mules and horses for rides, just give them 40 minutes or so of time to adjust to the trailer, get  their legs and not have any more stress on them. DO NOT TAKE THEM ANYWHERE AND EXPECT THEM TO GET OUT AND IN until you are sure they understand trailer loading.  Just go for a drive a few times, practice getting in and out at home.

5.  Remember when driving to accelerate slowly and stop slowly as it is very difficult for the equine to keep their legs on the ground.  If you don’t understand have someone drive the trailer and get in the back ride down a bumpy road and see what it feels like for your equine I think you will have a new perspective.

6.  Gradually work up to trail walks, yes walking next to the youngster as they are too young to ride and then riding when of age.  I think it is safer for older equine to have the opportunity to observe what is expected a few times before riding.  We did lot’s of these before Lily and Rio were old enough to ride (preparation) is the key.

7.  Another important consideration in teaching trailer loading and unloading; is do not take them out of the trailer when the truck stops wait for about ten to fifteen minutes.  If you take them out immediately upon the truck stopping they will expect it and get impatient every time the truck stops.  Equine learn from consistent repetition so remember to always be a good leader and have a plan be consistent.  When the emergency comes and they all come in life have a plan and be prepared as preparation makes the process much easier on the human and the equine.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


The Humble Donkey Carries A Cross

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I’m thinking about how humble the donkey is without any effort just the way GOD made them.  What if us humans could learn how to be more humble with each human and animal we encounter? I think our world would be much easier to navigate, what do you think?

Preparation is the key to success with equine it’s the difference between riding and laying on the ground.  We took our young equine not able to be ridden yet as their bones were not fully developed unable to carry our weight for many trail walks to prepare them for trail riding.  Rio carried our lunch and water please don’t ride your equine too young and please don’t put a heavy weighted human on a miniature or pony this is abuse and it’s not funny. What age is my equine fully grown?

When training plan ahead and make sure your equine is prepared for anything you are asking them to do before you swing your leg over their back.  Safety is a good thing.

Humble meaning in the dictionary let’s make a plan to try to be more humble. What do you think about being humble? Consider leaving a comment. 

What is the meaning of the cross on the donkey? Here is a look at the legend of the cross and the bible verse. 

Donkeys are blessings from GOD no doubt and we are forever grateful for our donkeys.  Please remember if you are working with a donkey to honor and respect them have a plan before working with them.  Most not all donkeys are very introverted and it is very important to not force new things on them too quickly, walk away from them holding the new blanket, saddle or anything new let them come to you and explore don’t force it on them.  

Donkeys are visual learners so try to be creative when setting up training for your donkeys let them see an honor donkey getting his feet picked out and a brush before forcing this on him/her.  I have seen donkeys lay down from fear and the owner pushing to hard and too fast as timing in equine training is essential to success.  My horse is an extrovert and when she gets scared she moves her feet as her personality is to run away under fear with the training from the Parelli program she is much better today.

Did you know that horses, mules and donkeys that are introverted will lay down when they see no way out of what is scaring them from the human predator I mean trainer.  This is a very heart breaking thing for me to see or hear about there is no need for this training and it ruins the equine as now they have lost the desire to learn and be curious and they are terrified.  Try to think of it this way how easy is it for you to learn something new when you are terrified and think you will die? The donkey, horse and mule will lay down from fear of dying they simply give up!  The equine is overwhelmed and afraid of the human predator doing the training. This is why I love Parelli program as they teach the human trainer how to train for each introvert, extrovert and not be a predator for our beloved equine.

Please be a humble equine trainer, have empathy when training horses, donkeys and mules. Extroverted horses can become so afraid they flip over backwards and break their backs or land on the rider but introverts will not move their feet or lay down.  Parelli teaches how to read the horseanalities this is a very powerful tool that can be used for donkeys and mules too. Be a natural trainer without abuse and high standards at performing and I promise you your donkeys, mules and horses will step up far and beyond your expectations. The bonus they will run up to see you every time you come to the gate.  Why? They look forward to the relationship with you not fear it.  All of my equine come to see me every time I go to the gate they know I will treat them with respect and I will never abuse them.  Important consideration; you must be safe and have tools to keep you in the leadership role without abuse so learning the natural training becomes easy for you and your beloved equine.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Need Help Training A Mammoth Donkey To Ride?


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I received an e-mail this morning wanting to know how to go about this task? I highly suggest studying under the home study program of Parelli 30 days free.  Parelli has the best home study program available to teach you how to teach your donkey to ride.  Parelli also offer a wonderful social network program to meet Parelli trainers working in your area and students all across the world. 

Preparation is the key to training in natural equine training and lot’s of patience with donkeys.  Donkeys are intelligent and require a plan of action every time you are working with them, please remember less is more for all equine.  When you ask your beloved equine to do a new task ensure you understand how to ask them and release the pressure immediately after they do it right.  Always end short training sessions with the equine doing something right.  Kinda like when you were a kid and you were in school and a teacher would end the class with making you feel stupid?  Did you ever want to go back to that teacher again? Nope.  One of the reasons I love Parelli home study is they truly care about the equine.  They teach the human partner to be a partner, end each session with a good feeling for the equine and they are clear that love is not enough to train and stay safe, Parelli has tools to help you stay safe, rope halter, carrot stick, seven games and much, much more.  Working with equine is very serious business and safety should always be your number one concern for you and your beloved equine. 

Please remember that all equine (donkey,  horses and mules) must be given the basic training and physical strength exercises before riding them.  It is not fair to the equine to just hop on and expect them to carry the humans weight without prior physical strength training.  It is not fair to hop on and expect them to understand how to turn, whoa and back up without training.  Think how you would feel if a person hopped on your back, stuck a bit in your mouth, kicked you in the ribs to go while speaking in a foreign language?  All of the preparation in riding can be taught on the ground before swinging the leg over the equine give Parelli home study a try it works.  Check out the live forum on the donkey whisperer to ask questions and look at all the new free information for training ideas and health and well-being of our beloved equine.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


How Can I Help My Horse, Donkey or, Mule Trailer Load


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First and most important make sure you have tamed your equine dictionary states the word tamed is; (of animals) not fearful of human contact.  All animals need to trust their human partner and know they are safe, I mean safe like we want to feel safe.

Do you remember the last time you were afraid of a person, dentist, surgery?

Our beloved equine are looking for the feeling of safety they felt when they were little with their moma.  After surviving a semi truck accident while riding as a passenger with serious life threatening injuries I understand what fear is and how hard it is to trust the nurses and doctors.  I believe it is vital that the human partner has empathy for their equine and continuously looks for ways to keep the equine safe and comfortable.  Try looking in your own life and think how you would want to be treated if you were the equine.  So many people today are in a hurry, work, family kids, shopping and I just want to go ride my equine or take them to an event or medical appointment.  I promise if you take your time to tame your equine first learn the Parelli seven games, timing, pressure release all of your equine will walk right into their horse trailer.

This is the state equine can go into with different reactions;  donkeys stand and don’t move when scared usually, but some can fight and move.  My left brain extrovert horse when terrified will do everything she can to avoid death, try to look at the psychology of your equine first.  Consider having empathy, taking the time it takes to help your equine learn that the horse trailer is safe and most important prove to your equine that you will always keep them safe never ever abuse them or authorize anyone to abuse them as the equine never forgets abuse. Parelli utilizes the carrot stick in training creating an extension of the human arm, a long tale and a way to stay safe but not abuse.  Some people think love the equine and all will be well these people can end up dead as a thousand pound equine is no match physically for a human.  Working with equine is dangerous always have a plan before stepping into the same space with the equine.

If you don’t think the horse trailer is safe in the back of your mind, body and soul you will convey this feeling to your horse! If you think your horse trailer is safe the equine will feel safe as they have the ability to sense every feeling their human partner has.  Expectancy, visualization, believing and seeing the positive end result of whatever we want to do starts with our mind, trust GOD in all things and life is easier.

Staying safe with a thousand pound equine is the most important training lesson for you and your beloved horse, donkey or mule, accidents happen usually due to poor leadership as ignorance is not bliss, clearly  poor planning.  Horses who think they are going to die will do everything they can to avoid death such as jumping up, hitting their head in fear, spinning in the horse trailer to get out and more.  Please take the time it takes to tame your equine and then create a plan where your beloved equine is wanting to get into the safest horse trailer you can afford to purchase utilizing resistance free training.

Every time we are with our equine we are teaching them something and feeding time is a really great opportunity to train on respect such as; OUT (of the barn), taking the grain or treat with manners, always having two eyes pointed at us.  Safety is number one in working with equine. 

Why is it important to feed our equine ourselves?  

Trust, leadership, responsibility, and building a solid relationship as we must be the person who does the great stuff for the equine not just the riding and training.  If all you do with your equine is ride pretty soon they will not be wanting to come to you and be your partner and most likely when you fall off they will not come back to you as prisoners are always looking for a way to escape.  I highly suggest you take advantage of Parelli, get the rope halter, lead line and carrot stick and learn the seven games. I highly suggest looking into the free 30 days of training being offered from Parelli to become a partner with your equine.

Equine (horse, donkey or mule) are prey animals they look at the horse trailer and the human as predators and the trailer is going to trap them and possibly kill them.  It is your job to help them learn the trailer is safe and comfortable before taking them for a trip in the horse trailer spend at least a week feeding lunch and letting them out of their trailer. 

Thirty four years is a long time to have a dream and I should have bought an eighteen year old gelding but I was determined to have my own horse trained by me and so my journey in Parelli began as I needed tools to manage this young horse.  Next we purchased our Mammoth donkey Left brain introvert afraid of everything and more WHOA than GO, now I was in a real pickle and having no experience with donkeys other than a ride down the grand canyon at nine years old I needed help yesterday.  Donkeys push away from pressure so they are a challenge to train and when they are done they lay down.  The best thing a human can do for their donkey is less training and never push them to the point they lay down, always go back to something they enjoy doing and have mastered when ending short training sessions of no more than 15 minutes.

The right way to trailer load our equine (horse, donkey, mule) is taking the time it takes for the equine to enjoy getting into the trailer and have no plan on going anywhere as every time we are in a hurry the equine picks up on this energy and they cannot tell if it is danger or what just high energy and the equine gets nervous.    Next I send them into the trailer with hay in it no pressure just eat lunch!  This is where they would eat their lunch a few days  a week and then in the evening my  husband Scott and I would take them for a ride in their trailer and have nowhere to go just a ride to get use to the noise of other cars, footing to stand in the trailer around  forty minutes each time.  I use the Parelli yo-yo game with just my finger to back them out of the trailer and this is much safer than bursting out of the trailer in a hurry.

If you are having a problem with trailer loading remember it has nothing to do with the trailer and everything to do with preparation, leadership and trust.  As the equine leader and owner it is our job to be the best leader we can to provide the equine with preparation and relaxation techniques.  Remember to treat the equine with respect and dignity the way we would want to be treated if we were placed in a situation we were afraid of the little things make the biggest difference in everything we do.  Sadly most people do not have the time it takes to lead and train the equine to trailer load they wait until the day it is time to take them somewhere and this is a big mistake.

Thank GOD I had trained all of my equine utilizing the Parelli training techniques before this almost fatal motor vehicle accident in spring of 2010.  All of my equine enjoy having their lunch in their trailer give it a try.  Please remember that every time you are working with equine you are in a dangerous situation but with tools as Parelli states “savvy” you have a better chance of not getting hurt. Safety should be your number one concern for you and your equine.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Parelli!!!!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!



What Gifts Do Natural Animal Trainers Have?


Did you ever think about this subject in detail before?  “Animals can not speak our language yet we see how they can learn our language and we can quickly see how they can not thus the dog whisperer for red zone dogs and humans trying to learn what to do for their beloved pet.”  For example a dog can learn to sit, stay, wait, down etc., but first the owner has to be taught how to teach the dog and be consistent, fair, honest each time, most of the behavior training is taught to the human first and then to the dog.  Now let’s look at the other side of the coin for this subject.  Animals have a strong sixth sense and their sense of people, places, danger is dead on accurate in most cases before we their human leader even start to notice a problem our dogs or equine has alerted us to a problem.   Animals have strong emotional intelligence (sixth sense) working for them and some people have this gift too, I believe the ones that do not have it can work on exercising this brain muscle.  Yes I said brain muscle as this is all connected to the most important organ we humans have our brains!  I believe our sixth sense that feeling something is not right is extremely important things we can work on to change our life and be more productive in the world helping ourselves and others.


My Mammoth donkey can hear someone walking in the woods at least one minute before I do as he has mammoth donkey ears built to help him hear from GOD as donkeys started out living in the desert and they needed to hear to stay alive from predators.  My dog Jewel is the pack leader of all dogs, not me and my husband as we stay in the leadership role with her.  She has the ability to read people and other dogs in just seconds as to good, bad or dangerous people.  I have learned that she is always right and I should listen to her as her emotional intelligence is strong and accurate.  Clear boundaries, consistent training, fair, respectful, having a plan, loving, clear leadership and safety is what animals want from their human owners as they want to stay in the neutral part of their brains just like we do.  Being honest and fair with animals speeds up the training process and it is my opinion these tools help us navigate life and can be used with our human interactions too.  Just think about this for a moment would it not be simply wonderful if every time we interacted with people around us; family, boss, co-workers, medical world, government employees, and businesses they were honest and consistent every time and provided us with clear and concise transparent communication?

Gifts Natural Animal Trainers Utilize For Success:

1.  Emotional Intelligence

2. Honesty

3. Consistency

4. Clear and concise boundaries

5. Love

6. Language

7. Leadership

8.  Transparency

9. Forgiveness

10.  Grateful attitude

11.  Perseverance and outstanding work ethics – We get out of life exactly what we put into it, no more and no less!

The power of transparency is obvious to most of us but sadly we hardly ever see it today and when we do see transparency the person behind honesty, transparency usually has upset a few folks.  Why is this?   Honesty must be one of the main ingredients of natural animal training and provides a bonus for each of us in successful human interaction.  Most people just don’t want to be totally honest as well this will offend some people.  Those people who understand the importance of looking in the mirror and being proud of the person looking back will follow their beliefs and GOD to navigate life.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


Serenity Prayer

GOD grant us SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change, COURAGE to change the things we can, and WISDOM to know the difference.

The extended version:

God, grant us the…

Serenity to accept things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference
Patience for the things that take time
Appreciation for all that we have, and
Tolerance for those with different struggles
Freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways, the
Ability to feel your love for us and our love for each other and the
Strength to get up and try again even when we feel it is hopeless.

My Garden:



GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog Is On Fire – Thank You

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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The busiest day of the year was July 30th with 205 views. The most popular post that day was Information to help your donkey, horse or mule – July 2010.

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We are living art, created to hang on, stand up, encourage others. Maya Angelou July 2010

 GOD Bless you and your family two and four legs!


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