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My 3 Miracles with God, and an amazing story I need to share

Expect Miracles!

When Life Is Too Hard – Hold On To GOD’s Promise

We must never forget that most of life is about praying, waiting, dreaming, having faith and then one day GOD answers our prayers and we move to the next level.

Blogging has become a way for GOD to wipe my tears, recharge my mind, plant a dream and finally write down what I see in faith.  Big difference between faith and pushing to get something my way without including GOD in my plans.  I have learned the hard way that GOD wants to be part of every single inch and detail of my life.  GOD does not want me to pray only when I am desperate and nowhere else to go, give GOD a try nothing else to do.  GOD wants me to pray each morning after I open my eyes, during the day, before I get in the car, before I go to sleep.  GOD wants to be the most important part of my life and GOD does not like to be second or the last plan he wants to be driving our life.

GOD wants us to share how GOD helped us, How he did what no other human could ever do

GOD loves all his children and GOD is a GOD of Justice and Mercy.  GOD can make the mountains crumble, GOD can restore what has been betrayed, broken, destroyed and make new again.  GOD can not make us love GOD as he gave us free will, if we choose not to believe in GOD how can we expect GOD to release the angels from heaven to go to work for us.

When life is just too hard, everything has went wrong our mind, bodies and soul seems to be physically defeated this is when we must dig in, Hold on to GOD’s Promise and never give up  as GOD is in control of his children.   We are not in control over much other than the ability to pray and have faith Jesus will hold our right hand and make a miracle, crooked roads straight.  We must never forget GOD’s children are to lend not borrow we have been given favor to help others.

When we are weak and shattered this is the time GOD can use us to help others, it’s really hard to use us humans if we think we never need GOD.  This is the time when GOD can show up and show off to share with the world he is the great I AM.  GOD can show the world what GOD accomplished not what we accomplished.  No human can do what GOD can do.

Prayers For Hard Times

The Lord causes my enemies who rise up against me to be defeated before my face; they shall come out against me one way and flee before me seven ways.  DEUTERONOMY 28:7

And my people shall never be put to shame.  Joel 2-26

I am just a person I shall live by faith.  HABAKKUK 2:4 (NKJV)

He Spoke to them, saying, Take Courage!  I AM Stop being afraid!  Matthew 14:27

It is GOD’s desire that I be free from all anxiety and distressing care.  1 Corinthians 7:32

Consider the lilies, how they grow.  They neither (wearily) toil nor spin nor weave; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory (his splendor and magnificence) was not arrayed like one of these.  Luke 12:27

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Why Is My Donkey Chasing My Cows?


Donkeys NEED a strong playmate to grab ahold of the neck, play tug with a food bowl and chase after.  Donkeys are not horses they are donkeys and they play different from the horse.  If you have a herd of cows and a donkey chasing after them I would say your donkey is bored and more than likely young and has no donkey to play with he/she is bored to death. 

Never leave a donkey with baby sheep, goats or baby cows as the donkey can get bored and pick up the youngster by the neck “donkeys play really rough and can kill the animal not big enough to defend itself.”  Donkeys are not being crazy or mean they are just doing what donkeys do playing, they need a play mate that can play the way Donkeys play.  Check out my youtbue video Size Does Not Matter to see how donkeys play.

Ideas To Stop This Behavior – Remember Donkeys Are Thinkers and They Get Bored Easy

1.  Make sure your donkey has toys, black feed bowl or orange traffic cone – Donkeys like to play with their mouths all the time

2.  If your donkey is a Jack turn him into a John

3.  Please remember Donkeys go in two’s, get your donkey another donkey to play with and chase.  Never ever leave your donkey with an animal too small as donkeys are just being donkeys they play really rough with their mouths and grab the neck of the playmate.  This is why donkeys have such thick necks compared to the horse as donkeys grab the neck of another donkey.  My donkeys would never attempt to grab my horses neck. Why? She is a strong big horse not a donkey!  Smile.

Please share information and enjoy your donkeys as donkeys are most happiest with another donkey and remember Donkeys are indeed precious gifts from GOD.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


GOD is amazing – look at the colors


If you ever get bored and tired in our world take a spin on the internet and look a the magnificent colors GOD has created for us.  GOD is amazing and the bible says the one thing he made that he is the most proud of is you and me.  Never forget how important and special you are to GOD and how much he loves you.  Never give up as it is written in the bible GOD will never, never give up on his children.

I am rooted, established, strong, immovable and determined. 1 PETER 5:9 NIV

When life is the most difficult and it is not easy in fact it seems impossible this is when GOD will step in and show off for his children.  We must remember the bible speaks of GOD looking at each of us as his children as he created us.  One of my most favorite songs is GOD Loves A Lullaby Better than a Halellujah!   Have you ever listened to this song? 

Remember each day is a new day and a day each of us has the opportunity to be a human angel to another human or animal living in our most precious and fragile world.

I will pray to him and he will hear me and I will fulfill my vows. JOB 22:27 NIV

The Lord goes before me; He will march with me; He will not fail me or let me go or forsake me; I will fear not, neither become broken in spirit, Depressed, dismayed, unnerved with alarm.  DEUTERONOMY 31:8 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Nothing Is Impossible With GOD – It’s A Matter Of Prayer


After receiving a message from a reader of  the Donkey Whisperer Farm I realized I need to update my health and talk a little more about my relationship with Jesus Christ but most importantly the gift and power of prayer in Jesus Christ name.  After reading his testimony for Jesus Christ I asked for permission to share with all of you. – Enjoy!

I do not talk much about my pain and suffering as well I try not to dwell on the negative and stay focused on the positive in my life, I wish I could say GOD healed me 100% but this has not been the case.   I suffer from chronic pain every minute, hour and day and I have been told when I am older it will be more difficult I will  need to live in a dryer place in my late years.  Dampness and cold is horrific for me and I do not look forward to the fall and winter of the Pacific Northwest, Washington.

Please remember nothing is impossible with GOD, prayer is very important as the bible states the angels wait for us to pray they cannot go to work until we pray in Jesus Christ name.

Update on my health:

Washington State has had no rain for over 40 days now and I  have learned the warm weather with no rain helps me walk better and less deep hip pain.  I was in a wheel chair for one week short of 90 days praise GOD after the three screws were surgically inserted in my broken pelvis from the semi truck accident.   From the wheel chair I went to Physical Therapy for almost two years, sadly I live with chronic pain every minute, hour and day since April 13, 2010.    I suffer from chronic pain every day, neuropathy in my feet ankles and a deep ache in my right hip where the three screws (large) were surgically inserted into my pelvis.  I suffer from insane amounts of knee pain, back pain all connected to the nerves from the pelvis along with the right ribs needing to be popped back in by the chiropractor on a regular basis a horrific amount of pain seems to be one of the side effects.  I cannot stand for long periods of time or walk for long periods of time without serious back pain and neuropathy in my feet and ankles.

I continue to pray GOD will remove all this pain from my body one day and I will be able to walk again without insane amounts of pain in my feet and back.  I am forever grateful to GOD for his miracle of life and healing as I should have died in the car accident, guess what GOD has the last word and GOD said it is not my time to go to heaven.  I am needed here on earth to share the miracle of mercy, life and health GOD can give each one of us if we believe as much as a mustard seed.  Jesus is alive and he loves all his children.

Pain is horrific as it keeps on minute, hour and day after day relentless to not give the body, mind and soul a break. It has been my full-time job to heal and get well since April 13, 2010 after surviving a semi-truck smashing into the passenger door of my GOD mothers little truck after she ran a stop sign. I recently read 90 minutes in heaven a book about a man who survived a semi truck accident and suffers from chronic pain he went to heaven for 90 minutes.  I did not die or experience any form of heaven when I almost died.  What I do remember is feeling like GOD was holding my right hand and GOD was giving me the strength to trust him to take care of me. 

Enclosed E-mail:

Melody, I’m curious.  In one picture you’re seated in a wheel chair.  Are you still?

I’m old enough to have experienced and seen how the Holy Spirit uses the things in our lives to help us grow spiritually.  There are always times of disappointment and wondering but that makes it challenging and interesting.

I would like to share one thing in our lives.  My wife was still working as a public health nurse when she discovered that she had a brain tumor. She had an MRI three years prior but the radiologists failed to mark it down.  With in a week she had an MRI and we sat before a surgeon at the UW medical center.  He said he had surgeries scheduled for the follow 3 weeks.  The day was Friday afternoon.  He called his wife and found out that she and her daughter would be visiting colleges so he said he would come in special the next (Saturday) morning.

My wife was still on the phone working.  I checked her in to the hospital that night and then went home.  She called me about 11:30 and asked if I would cancel our airline tickets to San Diego.  She had made the arrangements so I looked through her notes and discovered she had taken out cancellation insurance.  I called the 800 number for Travelocity.  I talked briefly with the man who told me that I needed to call the insurance company to get a reference number.  Before I hung up he asked why I was canceling.  I told him about my wife.  He told me he would pray for her.  About twenty minutes later I called the 800 number back.  The exact same man at Travelocity answered.  I asked if he was a Christian.  He said yes.  He was located in Bombay, India.  She was in the hospital 22 days.  When we left, we sat before about 8 staff.  The painted a grim picture.  They told me I had a Pollyanna  outlook on life because of Christian faith.  I told them they had no idea who my God is.  Today she is 99% back to normal.  The pieces fit together like a giant puzzle.

I know there may be times of frustration.  Be patient and let your life unfold as he takes charge of the details.

Ken & Maggie – “It’s a Matter of Prayer”

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Elephant Advocacy – Seeing The Elephants

Select Elephant Advocacy – seeing the elephants to read about human angels helping elephants. Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Pacific Northwest Ocean and Sunshine


The weather in  Wester Washington State has been in the 70’s and 60’s for two weeks now and I am here to say “Cold and Wet Does Not Play Well With Screws In My Pelvis”, I am walking better without rain and cold.  Still I work hard to keep moving and not over do it. Living with three large screws in my pelvis is a challenge to say the least. 

I graduated from Physical Therapy for the 2nd time a few weeks ago and by no means am I finished with being a gym rat, I will have to continue the grueling exercises the rest of my life.  Why?  The core muscles must stay strong or I will regress quickly and go backward into back spasms and lose muscle causing great pain and suffering.  I continue to suffer from chronic pain, numbness feet, hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain, rib pop out-of-place needing chiropractor adjustments. 

After two years of not being able to do any 5th wheeling, or much of anything I was able to go back to my most favorite place in the entire world the ocean.  The ocean is a place of great healing for me, I just can’t take the cold and dampness so after the day is over I retreated to the 5th wheel with my legs propped up getting the pressure off my pelvis. 

GOD is amazing and I am forever grateful to GOD for giving me and my husband the strength to endure and push past the worst pain imaginable and the long distance perseverance it has taken us to get to this point.  Never give up!

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Blowing In The Wind


When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t understand why me.  I don’t understand why I  have to suffer with pain day in and day out, why I can’t go back to the way life was before the car accident.  Everything I do is more difficult now, grocery shopping, standing, bending, walking it’s just more work now with the large screws in my pelvis. 

GOD whisperers in my ear “Why Not You?”, I guess I thought I was the apple of GOD’s eye and he would not allow me to suffer this much.  Guess what I am the apple of GOD’s eye he not only shows up to help me he gives me the strength to encourage others.  GOD is amazing. The bible is clear that we are not to stay angry, we should be quick to forgive let GOD take care of our enemies. 

The bible is clear we will all suffer, we will all endure persecution for following Jesus but GOD will give us the supernatural strength to endure whatever is blowing in the wind. 

Psalm 3:3 says GOD is my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my  head! When life starts tossing us humans around we need to speak the word of GOD out-loud.  Remember Jesus is still on the throne and he is still in control.

I am the property of Jesus Christ, I am GOD’s witness that he and he alone is the king of all kings.  Jesus is my father in heaven and for this I am grateful. I am grateful that when I pray in Jesus Christ name GOD releases the angels to go to work on all my problems.  Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do his commandments, hearkening to the voice of his word. PSALM 103:20

When pain and suffering comes the bible is the only answer to help me.  Pslam provides the words and strength I need to endure for each day and believe tomorrow will be better.  I highly suggest the teaching of Joyce Meyers as she explains everything and her pocket-book named The Secret Power of Speaking GOD’s Word is an excellent way to combat life and stop my mind from blowing in the wind.  Each chapter has the verses added per the emotional and mental trauma we all endure navigating life today, i.e. depression, stress, death,anxiety and worry.

Want a free bible for your smart phone or computer? Select free bible.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Here Is Your Chance To Be A Human Angel


The carriage horses petition is building Momentum again and they need your support all  it takes is a few seconds to sign the petition to stop abuse of horses. 

northeast update stationery

IDA Home  |   Action Center Home  |   Donate  |   Sign Up!

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New York City’s Carriage Horses:
A Dangerous And Inhumane Industry That Must End

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages, of which IDA is a member, reports that there have been nine adverse incidents involving carriage horses that have resulted in vehicular accidents, injury to horses or passengers, or in one case, the death of a carriage horse. All of these have occurred since July 2011, spanning a period of just nine months, averaging out to about one incident per month.

horse_carriage_accident_jpgMost incidents occur when a horse “spooks,” a situation in which a horse suddenly becomes frightened and takes flight, dragging the carriage behind him. In a noisy, chaotic environment like New York City, things that can spook a horse are a constant reality.

There are also horses who collapse or become entangled in carriages and harnesses. Sometimes they collapse for no apparent reason, like Charlie, who collapsed and died on the street in October. His death is still unexplained.

A noisy, congested city is no place for horse-drawn carriages. These horses suffer day-in and day-out, from pulling carriages in all manner of weather extremes, to their dark and lonely nights spent in the barren warehouses where they return at the end of their nine hour days. By law, they can work seven days a week.

You can help by speaking out against the cruel carriage horse industry in NYC.

what you can do graphic1) Use the form at the bottom of this page to send a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It is important for him to understand how people feel about this inhumane industry.

2) Snail mail: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Hall, New York, NY 10007.

3) Sign up to participate in Lobby Day on May 1. If you live in the New York metropolitan area, sign up to participate in Lobby Day on Tuesday May 1, 2012. Concerned animal advocates will travel to Albany to urge support for pending bills (A07748 and S5013) that would ban the carriage horses in NYC. League of Humane Voters has arranged for a bus to transport individuals from NYC to Albany and back. You can sign up at this link:

Scroll to the bottom of this page to take action now!

Here is a brief summary of carriage horse incidents occurring in the past nine months:

  • July 16, 2011– a carriage horse spooks and bolts, galloping from Fifth Avenue, up Central Park South to 7th Avenue, hitting a taxi and car on the way
  • End of July, 1011– a carriage horse spooks and falls while pulling tourists in Central Park
  • July 25, 2011– a taxi crashes into flimsy horse-drawn carriage, causing serious injuries to driver and passengers
  • October 23, 2011– Charlie, a NYC carriage horse, collapses and dies on West 54th St. on his way to work. The cause of his death is still unexplained.
  • October 28, 2011– a carriage horse spooks on Central Park South and runs into the traffic, eventually crashing and falling in the park. He is no longer in the industry.
  • November 4, 2011– Luke, a NYC carriage horse, collapses on West 60th St. He is down for 15 minutes.
  • December 4, 2011– a carriage horse named Charlie (another Charlie) collapses on West 59th St. He was painfully pulled up by his bit. He is no longer in the industry.
  • February 14, 2012– a carriage horse suddenly falls in Central Park and breaks his leg. He is no longer in the industry.
  • March 3, 2012 – an unnamed horse spooks on 11th Avenue and 52nd St., dragging his empty, overturned carriage into the street.

Personalize and submit the form below to send your comments to:

  • Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Note: the term “Decision Maker” in the salutation below will automatically be replaced with the title and name of the recipient.



*Required fields

Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss Dr.
* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Your Email:

  Address 1:

  Address 2:

* City:

  State / Province:

  ZIP / Postal Code:


Choose a Country United States Canada Mexico Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile China Christmas Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Colombia Comoros Congo Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Fiji Finland Former Czechoslovakia Former USSR France French Guyana French Southern Territories Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Great Britain Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe (French) Guam (USA) Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Heard and McDonald Islands Holy See (Vatican City State) Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kuwait Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macau Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique (French) Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Micronesia Moldavia Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Caledonia (French) New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Niue Norfolk Island Northern Mariana Islands North Korea Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Pitcairn Island Poland Polynesia (French) Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Reunion (French) Romania Russian Federation Rwanda Saint Helena Saint Kitts & Nevis Anguilla Saint Lucia Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Tome and Principe Saint Vincent & Grenadines Samoa San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Isls. Sierra Leone Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Tadjikistan Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay USA Minor Outlying Islands Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (USA) Wallis and Futuna Islands Western Sahara Yemen Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe
  Phone Number:

  Remember me. What’s this?

If you take action and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from In Defense of Animals.


* Subject:


Dear [Decision Maker],

* Personalize your message

I am a member of In Defense of Animals, and I implore you, as Mayor of New York City, to bring an end to the cruel industry that forces horses to pull cumbersome carriages in heavy midtown traffic.Over the past nine months, there have been no less than nine adverse incidents involving carriage horses that have resulted in vehicular accidents, injury to horses or passengers or, in one case, the death of a carriage horse. This terrible track record reveals an industry that must be shut down.NYC is one of the most congested cities in the world. Slow moving horse-drawn carriages pose a safety issue to the public and carriage riders and often get in the way of emergency vehicles.The horses are denied the freedom to roam and stretch their limbs on a daily basis, something essential to their health. By law, horses are allowed to work nine hours a day, seven days a week. Although they are supposed to get a 15 minute break every two hours, there is no way to enforce this provision.The romantic image of the horse-drawn carriage is a myth. I would never take a carriage horse ride and I would discourage anyone from ever doing so. All recent polls of public opinion show that more than eighty percent believe the practice should be ended. Both Frommer’s and Fodor’s guides to NYC warn tourists and visitors against supporting this inhumane and dangerous industry. New Yorkers and tourists feel its time to end this cruel industry. Please act to remove this blight from your wonderful city.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]

In Defense of Animals, located in San Rafael, Calif., is an international animal protection organization with more than 100,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. IDA’s efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue through our sanctuaries in Mississippi, India, and Africa.In Defense of Animals is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today! All donations to IDA are tax-deductible.In Defense of Animals
3010 Kerner, San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel. (415) 448-0048 Fax (415) 454-1031

Thank you!


Just One Blog For Me

I seem to be enduring more pain than normal this last few weeks as the wet and cold is very hard on my body with the screws surgically installed in my pelvis, the back, neck, knee and nerve pain is indeed on fire the last few weeks.  I refuse to complain and be a victim just keep praying and asking GOD for complete healing.  One day, one step at a time as life is indeed precious. 

I met a woman yesterday at Physical Therapy suffering with cancer on her brain I was busy doing my physical therapy exercises and noticed she could barely talk.  I of course said “hello” and she immediately began telling me her story, my face was drenched with tears as she hurried to tell me her trauma from brain Cancer.  As she was telling me her story she slowly arched her head to show me her fresh scars on the back of her head.  I could feel my face get red as I was embarrassed I could not make the tears stop, I seem to cry much more now than ever before, GOD has made me very sensitive to others pain as I understand pain, I live with pain every day.  I kept wiping my face as I did not have a kleenex handy,  I told her I would pray for her and I have now continuously for the last 24 hours. Please say a prayer for this woman she needs your prayer.

I truly understand the need to share information after trauma as this is what keeps me moving forward. GOD will heal me, I am a child of Jesus Christ, What GOD has done for others he will do for me, I am held in the palm of Gods hand, nothing is a surprise to GOD, nothing.  GOD will take all the bad and make good, I will not fear anything as fear is “false evidence appearing real”, GOD knows what to do before I do.  I will pray and believe GOD has a better plan than I ever could for my life.  GOD uses all the broken things in this world to make all things new.  GOD wants his children to be bold, strong and brave we are created to be warriors for Jesus Christ, we are created to be strong. Here is a bible app for your phone or computer.

Writing somehow helps me heal it is a double-edged sword as I am a very private person. Wondering what I just said? You are all over the internet.  Yes for Jesus and the advocacy of the equine (donkeys, horses and mules) and basically all animals and humans suffering from abuse.  I think this accident has made me be stronger to stand up for Jesus, share what Jesus has done for me to help others believe in miracles and believe GOD can help them.  Such a personal things to share I know but life is indeed personal and blogging is therapy it is a way for me to heal and I pray my transparency helps you heal, GOD works though his children to heal his children after all this is GOD I am talking about in Jesus Christ precious name.

What is the point of sharing this with you?  Each of us needs to be grateful for our life others have it so much harder if you are depressed and worried give it to Jesus and remember helping others will help you.  Do not stay stuck in your life and not contribute or get involved with others as we were created to share and help one another. 

Just one blog for me so if I get scattered with a bunch of issues just know “I am sharing this thing called life from my eyes to your eyes.”  After all that is what we are created to do in the navigation of this thing called life share and inspire one another.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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