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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Merry Christmas To You and Your Family Two and Four-Legged!


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Jesus, Life, Animals, marriage and Unconditional Love


Friends Of The Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Life Is Precious and Fragile


Perhaps this is your first time reading my blog, I want to say thank you for reading my blog as I pray that my pain and suffering will in some way help you find peace, joy and come to your knees for Jesus Christ as us humans can do nothing without Jesus.  Select GOD created a miracle for me to read more.

Before the accident I was healthy, happy, riding my horse three times a week for three and four-hour trail rides with other ladies I met that liked to ride horses with me I felt like we were friends as we had much in common (it is safer to trail ride with a buddy).  All of these friends never ever checked in on me or called me again after the accident.  Our church and close friends brought food, cards and more in to help but after six months the phone stopped ringing and then they went away too.  Still GOD provided blessings with my husband standing by me and all of my angel animals.

Trauma will either break a marriage or make it stronger

Thank you Jesus trauma made our marriage of almost twenty-one years living together and fourteen years being married stronger.

Why Do People Go Away During Trauma?

We had one set of friends who did not go away and they are still our close friends but that’s it. Trauma seems to burn all the non-essential things away from our life and I experienced a period of time of spending many, many hours and years alone while my husband went to work, in my most deepest times of pain and suffering I used my Ipod with Max McLean reading the bible to me Psalms was very helpful. As I was not able to lift my bible up the pain was to great with all the broken ribs and collapsed lung.  Job was the most helpful for at the end of Job GOD gives JOB double for his trouble!  If you read JOB you will see Job did nothing wrong to get the pain and suffering he endured as I did nothing wrong to deserve the pain and suffering I endured and still endure each and every day from the rods in my pelvis. This is what GOD is doing for me and my husband he is giving us double for our trouble and it feels like he is rewarding us for staying in faith with Jesus as I am slowly getting stronger and stronger and the new medicine helps tremendously with the pain.


My life was it seemed to me to be perfect as I would wake up each morning like a child at christmas I could not wait to get down to the barn to see my horse and donkeys a dream come true.  I had waited thirty-four years to get a horse again and I was so happy to finally have my children full-grown and get this last chance before I was too old.  In a matter of seconds everything changed forever as I got into a car with a person who made a mistake ran a stop sign and a semi-truck full of cow manure smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  I am forever disabled but I am not dead in fact in many ways I am a better person for what I have survived as I now have the ability to read an authentic human from the rest in a matter of seconds.  Many long-term friends of over thirty years went away.  Why?  Well I guess they were weak and could not stay with me while I suffered year after year with pain and agony so they just stopped being my friend and even betrayed me at my most darkest hour.  Looking back these people were not bad people they were simply weak people who could not do the right thing under trauma. “GOD burnt away all non-essential relationships with the trauma and he is bringing some amazing new people to be my friends into my life, people who are stronger than me and people who truly have depth perception of this little thing called life.”

After I almost died nothing else really mattered to me except keeping my marriage and my farm.  The little distractions in life that used to bother me no longer bother me as they are non-essential.

I truly believe that my animals helped me get well as they gave me the inspiration to push hard to continue with physical therapy for three years.  They pushed me to never give up and get my life back and I am forever grateful to my husband for letting me keep my farm in the midst of trauma.

What Did Grandpa Say About Friends?

My grandfather is long gone to heaven now and I miss him every single day as I do my father, I lost my father at the age of nine years old. “Grandpa would say to me, Melody if you walk with ducks you will become a duck. Be careful who you choose to be your friend.”  

Earlier today I was discussing this issue with a fellow blogger and well it gave me the desire to write a post about how animals can heal our human broken heart. Animals will love us humans unconditionally 100% and never ever hurt us or let us down unlike most humans.

A nest of baby wild rabbits in my flower garden – truly a gift from GOD!

I can’t wait to see them hopping around the farm


One of the reasons I have been drawn to animals since I was a young child was I picked up on this at a very young age.  “Animals can determine in a matter of seconds the character of a human being as they have a natural sixth sense that helps them determine who is a great and safe human and who is angry and dangerous.”

The bible is clear that we must put all of our trust in Jesus and not in mankind as humans will betray or disappoint us.  Why is this?  I think very weak humans cannot help themselves they only do what they have grown up doing or they were betrayed and hurt so deeply that they cannot love themselves.


Back to animals

Animals love unconditionally, they truly do!  Animals do not ask much from us humans, shelter, food, water, love, petting and they know when we are sad, afraid, mad or tired.  They know when we are happy, excited and they pick up on our energy.

Animals live in the moment they truly do.  Animals enjoy each day as it comes and do not worry about what tomorrow will bring.





Sampson cannon beach sand


009 - Copy




dogscatpurcilla\Melody Kissing Rio





GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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We Love Our Three Blonde Dogs, Kitties and Equine

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

We think of our animals like family, how do you think of your animals?

They have given us so much more than we have given them as they age we cherish every day a bit more.  Life is fragile and precious and we must never forget how blessed we are.  I hope you will leave a comment and share some of your favorite animal photo’s it’s really fun to share.



Buddy aka Bud Man was given to us from a friend


We found Sampson on Petfinder


Jewel was found in a local paper for free









We found our big dog Sampson on petfinder






009 - Copy


005 (7)Sampsonapril2012






Cannon Beach 077


dec 17 07 031

Dec 01 07 042








GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Fireworks and Pets

Originally posted on Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog:


Fireworks and Pets Not A Good Combination:

Plan ahead to keep pets safe; owning pets is a huge responsibility and for those of us who have equine (donkeys, horses and mules) living in rural areas we must be extra careful.  The equine is a prey animal meaning  they get scared when the fireworks start, and the smell is in the air.  Some horses have been known to run into fences.  Locking them in their stalls is the safest when neighbors are shooting off fireworks I turn the radio up and give lot’s of hay and fresh water.

Want to read more tips on pet safety and fireworks?  Select Blue Cross Pets Fireworks for more details.

Dogs and cats can get so scared of fireworks they can run off and not be able to find their way home best to keep them locked in the house too. Our doggies get very stressed, turning…

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It’s only a little treat…right?

Originally posted on Vet Tech Check:

Before you give your adorable pooch or cuddly kitty another bit of human food, take a look at this graphic that explains the significance of that ‘harmless’ little treat. This is one of the ways our pets gain weight so quickly without us knowing why. To us it’s just one chip, but to them, it’s a LOT more.


Hill's Treat Translator

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Update On My Health, Farm Life, Marriage and Car Insurance Dirty Little Tricks


Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm

Thank you for reading my blog, taking a moment to comment and share posts you are a huge part of the change our world needs.  You can be a human angel to a human, animal or our most precious environment this thing we humans call earth.  Our world needs more human angels!

Update on my health:

Spring has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest we hit 60 degrees yesterday and oh my how this makes me feel better. The surgically inserted (3 long stainless steel screws) in my pelvis do not like cold!  I’m officially back to Physical therapy two days a week working with our third physical therapist.  I am very grateful to my physiatrist as she is the team leader of my rehabilitation.  This new physical therapist has advanced certification in neurological rehabilitation, a gait physical therapist.   “I see lot’s of stroke victims.”  Tears...  The screws in my pelvis along with the eight deformed ribs have left me with a physical disability one I would not wish on my worst enemy.  I continue to pray for GOD to take all this pain away.  Physical Therapy is never easy but I can say if your doctor recommends physical therapy do your home work and find the most educated therapist for the area you need rehabilitation.  Never give up!


2013 is the year my husband and me celebrated our twentieth year living together and our thirteenth year being legally married.  Nothing tests a marriage or any relationship like trauma and I am happy to report our marriage is stronger due to this trauma.  I love my husband so very much he is my best friend! My body turns fifty-three and reacts like I am 90, I still have a way to go on rehabilitation.  We live our life grateful always thanking GOD in Jesus Christ precious name for all of our blessings as things could have been way worse for us.



2013 milestones

My horse Miss Lily turns eight, Rio our Mammoth Donkey turns seven and Rocket Man our mini donkey is a stout nineteen years old.  We continue to pray one day I can trail ride again but for now we are grateful to have been able to keep our little hobby farm. All the animals are a bit to fat again so it’s diet time for all of them including the doggies and one kitty the other kitty has a high metabolism. The photo above is our rescue kitty Jasmine she just has the fat gene going on and her most favorite thing to do is eat and lay around.




Photo of Purcilla (black with her sister Jasmine)


Photo of me riding my horse Miss Lily,  Feb 2010 weeks before the semi truck accident working with Rio our mammoth donkey. Oh how I miss having my health! I have not been able to ride since 2010 nor has anyone rode my horse but that’s ok.

People ask me all the time, Does Your Horse Need To Be Ridden?

No she does not, she is just fine being a horse.  As you know I study Parelli and she is consistently being schooled on the ground with manners and rules for balance and boundaries.



I suffer from numbness in my ankles, feet and horrific rib pain and back pain with spasms, I can tell you the hips are directly connected to the knees and feet lot’s of nerves running down the leg.  The damp/cold causes the stainless steel screws in my pelvis to make my hips ache and back ache and yet I know GOD has me here for a reason. GOD has me in the palm of his hand.


Sadly motor vehicle accidents are extremely difficult to navigate here are some tips on what to do after a car accident.  Surviving a motor vehicle accident involving a semi truck can be deadly, injuries are more intense.  Take a look at Accidents involving semi trucks. 


If you are riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle and you survive serious injuries you will need to find an experienced insurance attorney, who works in the town your accident was in do not pause.  If you have no health insurance it will be very difficult to get the medical attention you need as most car insurance corporations will not pay the bills until the legal matter is settled this can take three to six years. Insurance agencies are in the business to make money, NOT TO DO THE MORALE RIGHT thing for their client or the passenger never forget this.  

If you think going to trial will be easy think again….  Insurance agencies have created laws that will not authorize you the victim to tell the jury how much insurance the driver of the vehicle who hurt you has. This is all the game insurance corporations play to ensure the victim of the car accident does not receive a fair settlement and the insurance corporation will not have to pay full policy limits.  The cost of hiring an attorney is huge, the cost of not hiring an attorney is even more. Insurance corporations have an open check book for legal lawyers from Washington DC to the State and town you were injured in.

Please share your thoughts, questions and spread the news I have shared with your family and friends.  Knowledge is power and knowledge is light move out of the dark into the light and I pray you will ask Jesus Christ to hold your hand as you begin your journey into the light.  GOD in Jesus Christ name is the only way to navigate this thing called life!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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