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Kidney Failure In Cats

One of our two rescue kitties (black Purcilla) manx mix died two weeks ago of kidney failure she was only eight years old. We adopted two feral kitties from PAWS in 2008.

Our Anatolian puppy sat down next to her barked once to alert me something was wrong. She went into shock and then the vet had to put her to sleep. This all happened so fast. Rest in peace sweet Purcilla you had the best life we could give you.

This kitty could not go to the vet ever. She was a feral rescue and refused to be touched or held. 

Lessons learned from rescuing feral kitties?

  1. These cats will not adapt to humans in a way to enjoy being held and loved.
  2. They will show you they appreciate your home and love.
  3. Feral kitties will learn house rules and are smart.
  4. Not all feral kitties should live outside. Our kitties lived indoors 100% of the time and were happy.


  • A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with humans or her contact with humans has diminished over time. She is fearful of people and survives on her own outdoors. A feral cat is not likely to ever become a lap cat or enjoy living indoors.
  • Kittens born to feral cats can be socialized at an early age and adopted into homes. Maybe!

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Rest in Peace Sweet Purcilla! Purcilla died three weeks ago it has taken me this long to talk about it on my blog. She was a feral rescue meaning she never really liked people. She loved us we know for sure, she loved our dogs too. Our kitties were indoor only kitties.

Select Foods We Should Never Feed Our Cat no ham products either.

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Here is her sister Jasmine. She is doing good but misses her sister. She sleeps with our dogs. Did you know cats can have different dads?

I have learned cats act like donkeys. Cat’s are stoic just like the donkey and will not show sickness or pain until it is too late. Purcilla was playing the night before with her toys. Rest in peace sweet Purcilla.



GOD Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged!




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Around The Donkey Whisperer Farm



The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC sells donkey (mini, standard and Mammoth) donkey rope halter with a matching lead line custom made to fit your donkey. Our donkey halter is made in the U.S.A. with yacht rope to never mold, a brass screw on snap and a leather end. Training is simple now.

Select OUR STORE to order. Yacht rope will never mold. Lifetime warranty with all new halters and FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A.

Mini donkey halter with matching lead line comes with a 6ft lead line.

Standard donkey halter with matching lead line 9ft lead line.

Mammoth donkey halter comes with a 12ft lead line.

All of our Donkey rope halters are custom made to fit the head of a donkey not a horse. If you want a longer or shorter line simply unscrew the brass snap. The brass snap is used for training the donkey too. Additionally each lead line has a leather popper on the end for touching not beating your donkey.

All of our donkey halter/lead lines come with a lifetime warranty and have free shipping in the U.S.A. You will not find quality like this anywhere else. Select Our Store to order your donkeys halter lead line. Secure store via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use our store.

Shipping out of the U.S.A.?

Send us an e-mail for a quote INFO@DONKEYWHISPERER.COM 

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Please never leave any halter on a donkey, horse or mule while not in attendance to avoid self-mutilation or death. We train you the owner to train the donkey to come to you. Never chase your donkey!

haltersamplecustomorder haltersamplecustomassdtdcolors ropehalterimg_7990rocketmaneyefarm2015nov1snow

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson, Trainer.


Melody teaching via skype and Dropbox worldwide. Melody teaches the owner how to train virtually worldwide! Why? Donkeys are smart not stubborn. Training the owner to train the donkey saves donkeys lives from auction, sales and slaughter. We purchased our twenty acre farm in Sequim, WA with nothing on the land. Finally after everything is competed for the donkeys and horses we are going to build a home. Living in a 5th for two years now. Our home begins in 2017, thank you Jesus.

Looking for training?


Picture 1IMG_6904Featured Image -- 36873wp-1473389357460.jpg

Hubby Scott with one of our rescue donkeys wearing the Red halter/lead line.

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC




Apples and Pears Are Ripe In Sequim, WA

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Apples and Pears Are Ripe In Sequim, WA

Please do not feed farm animals without permission. Our donkeys and horses are on a serious diet.

Sadly most people just do not understand throwing apples, pears, garbage, bread, grass clippings can make the equine sick and yes even kill the equine. Founder, cushings, insulin resistance, abscesses, rotting hooves are all part of over eating and or eating the wrong diet in domestication. 

Education creates awareness and awareness will save a life!


Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Apple Season has arrived! As great as they may be for humans this is not great for the domesticated Donkey, Mule or Horse. In fact this may cause DEATH from Colic and/or a huge amount of stress, tears, vet cost or even burying the beloved equine (Donkey, horse or mule).

Never feed grass clippings or bread to your horse, donkey or mule. PLEASE NEVER FEED ANOTHER ANY ANIMAL THAT IS NOT YOUR ANIMAL. Some animals have a form of insulin resistance, most must have a slow change of diet or they can founder, hoof rots out abscess or colic or worse die. 

Select grass clipping

Donkeys, Horses and Mules get Sick, belly aches and gas from eating too many apples! Eating too much human food can increase their risk for colic.boysballoons2015

This is one of the most important posts I can write. I…

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Oboe in the wind

Oboe in the wind





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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC





Wild Donkeys Weight and Hoof Shape

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

The internet is such a wonderful tool, a way for us to learn and share information all over the world.  I would like to introduce my new friend Allison Freyer she lives in California close to the Arizona border.  Alison has several herds of wild standard size donkeys coming to greet her in her yard each and every night.

Please burn these photos into your memory as the hoof heel should be low and short toes to prevent seedy toe and white line a balanced hoof.

 “Domesticated donkeys should not be standing up with high heels like they have high heels on. Yes the heel will be standing taller than a horse but take a look at the photos below and learn from the wild donkey hooves. The weight of the domesticated donkey is imperative to a healthy donkey, NO ribs showing and no fat on the neck.”  Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm


The fat on the domesticated donkeys neck can sometimes never be removed but the diet and weight can be!  We must do our best to never let our beloved domesticated donkeys become obese as obesity in our domesticated donkeys causes laminitis, founder, and hoof problems such as abscesses, white line, and more.

We must learn what the donkey hoof looks like in the wild and be sure our trimmer/farrier is doing the correct job.

Did you know most farrier schools do not teach how to trim a donkey and most trimmers refuse to work on a donkey?   We the owners need to get educated to ensure our trimmer is doing the correct balanced trim, low heel and short toes.  “We are paying them good money to care for our beloved equine it is time we make sure they are doing the job correctly.”

I am so grateful to Allison for sharing these photos as I know that these photos are going to help so many of us donkey owners be better at the diet and hooves being trimmed.  Remember domesticated donkeys should have their hooves trimmed at least every seven weeks in most cases. Only other case would be if they are used on a regular basis as a pack animal moving their hooves over ten to fifteen miles a day.


Safer Grass – Test your hay and ensure it is below 10% sugar, Never Feed ALFALFA hay to a donkey or easy keeper horse or mule

Pete Ramey  Donkey DVD, diet, hoof care and more

Paradise paddock 

Wild donkey photos courtesy of Allison Freyer

wild donkey hoovesweight1 wilddonkeybabyeatinghooveslowheels wilddonkeymommababy3 wildonkeyshooves2 wildonkeyweightfromfront

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Does My Donkey, Horse or Mule Need A Grazing Muzzle?

RIOLILYPONYUPBefore the semi-truck accident in 2010 I was riding and preparing Rio for riding as he was a bit too young to ride.  We took all three in the horse trailer and went for trail walks (my husband walking the two donkeys with the surcingle attaching them together for safety) preparing them for trail riding and keeping  them physically active.  After the semi-truck accident they just stood around eating and putting on weight. Just like people can put on weight fast when not staying active so can animals.  

Video showing my husband practicing around the farm before we went to the trail – Remember to always practice at home before going out into the woods for safety. 


Wild horses, donkeys and mules walk at least fifteen to twenty miles a day along with a bit of running when a predator comes.  Domesticated equine today stand around eating and are prone to laminits, founder, colic, hoof abscesses, and eventually death.  “All of these things can be avoided if we understand that the equine is built to eat a little bit of grass and walk, eat a little and walk, run, sweat and move their feet.  Donkeys are always easy keepers and cannot stand out in lush brush, green grass, oats and grain while being a couch potato standing around the farm.”


“If you get educated about the diet, learn how to keep your equine healthy you will save vet bills, money, tears, stress and most of all the life of your beloved equine.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm

Did you know laminitis is a man made problem? 


*  How To Fit A Grazing Muzzle 

*  How to Make Sure Your Grazing Muzzle fits

*  Safer Grass

*  Slow Feeder, Testing Hay and more

*  Using the grazing muzzle for the first time – Blog

*  Reviews Grazing Muzzle

*  How to make a paradise paddock


Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm I limit the amount of time our equine get to go out to eat green brush, green grass to half an hour.  I know this sounds harsh but it keeps them healthy and happy they have orchard hay tested at 7% sugar in their slow feeders, clean water and loose salt and salt blocks.  If we ever move to a farm with pasture they will be wearing grazing muzzles. 🙂

Each of us need to make our own decisions as what is best for our beloved Donkey, horse or mule and we must never forget the animal did not choose us we chose them. We are the smart human and it is our job to get educated and provide them with the best life possible.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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