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A Few Beautiful Photos Of The Donkey Whisperer Farm Winter 2011


On a cool 26 degree morning my husband took these photos of our farm and my garden, GOD is amazing.  One of my favorite artists is Thomas Kinkaide as he captures all the brilliant colors GOD uses in his photos.  The first photo of my garden reminds me of his paintings, GOD is shining light through the trees, GOD is amazing.  Enjoy!

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Want To Be A Hero?


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Consider becoming a satellite adoption center for sweet donkeys needing help as Peaceful Valley Donkey Adoption center will teach you how to do everything.  Sadly during this difficult time in our economy more and more animals are being starved, abused and neglected. 

Perhaps you wonder why my heart aches for the donkeys.  Donkeys are the underdog, donkeys don’t usually fight back when being abused they just check out mentally, stand still and take the abuse it’s horrific.

I can look in the eyes of donkeys and see their pain or pleasure depending on their human partner current and past lifestyle.  Think of it like an abused human who has lived through extreme trauma with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. 

Donkeys that have endured horrid abuse will take a special human who can be patient with them but most importantly prove to the donkey you are a good human who would never hurt them in any way, action is best i.e., providing, food, water, safety from predators (animals or  human), talking to them, kisses on the nose, brushing and a few carrots every once in a while.  

Donkeys are excellent listeners thus those big beautiful ears and a deep desire to be with their beloved human partner.

Please network and share these links with everyone you know via your social network.  Donkeys are worth the few seconds of time to hit a few keystrokes on your keyboard.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!


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Warning Leaving A Halter On A Horse, Donkey or Mule


WARNING Leaving  A halter On a Horse, Mule or Donkey Can Cause Death or self-mutilation 

My horse and donkeys are very athletic they can take their back hooves and itch their face.  The halter could get stuck on their hooves, fence or other objects.

* Strangulation can occur when they get the halter stuck on something and fight to get it off

* The halter can grow into the head of the equine (horse, donkey, mule) I have personally seen this and it is abuse

* Dirty itchy halter causes the equine to scratch and work to get it off it’s not natural (think  how you would want to be treated)

Learn How To Teach your Equine (horse, donkey or mule) To Catch You!

When interacting with your equine try to make this a time to connect bring a couple of pieces of green apple with you or a carrott  to build a relationship of fair and safe leadership.  Equine work best in training programs that do not require the equine to stay in the prisoner role.  Yes, I said prisoner role, old school training techniques use fear to train equine and this is not a partnership.  Donkeys cannot be trained this way they require natural training with fair, balanced and an honest trainer!  Horses dream of being trained the way donkeys demand to be trained with dignity and respect.

The joy you will receive when changing your training methodology is enormous and your frustration will vanish.  People say “treats make my equine nip” I say “Nope, use this as an opportunity to train” watch your timing let the equine turn their head away and then give them a reward takes just a few training sessions for them to learn how to politely accept a treat.  Creativity is the answer you can do it!

Study Parelli if you don’t know how to play the friendly game and the catching game as they can teach you and membership is free for one month.  On line videos, magazine and Parelli connect, everyone is studying under the Parelli’s very positive equine support and training.  Working with equine is a dangerous sport you must be careful, have a plan, stay safe and not abuse the equine.  

All of my equine come up to us every time we call them just like my dogs.  The key is setting the animal up for success if each time you have time to be with your equine you are doing things to them that are not enjoyable why would they want to come up?  Treat your equine the way you would want to be treated if you were living your life as an equine and watch the blessings start flowing freely.

The first step in training any animal is taming!  The animal must trust that you will NOT abuse them or hurt them so try to think of it from their point of view and remember awareness is the first step in change.  We subscribe to The Brayer a journal of the American Donkey and Mule Society magazine.  Take a look this is a lovely way to learn more about donkeys and mules!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs


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What To Do When Your Donkey, Horse or Mule Is Sick

Rio (9 months old) playing with Rockt Man (13 years old)


Lily quarter horse (21 months old)

Red Flags – Call the VET

Several things could be the cause of the red flags listed below.  Please remember preventive care is a must in optimum health of our beloved equine.

1.  Colic or founder.  Symptoms may not show up the same as in the horse so it is imperative you pay attention to your donkey or mule’s daily habits, anything out of the ordinary should be checked out by your vet.  Be sure you can take the temperate of your equine in the rectum without any problems and learn how to take their digital pulse.

2. All equine should have a temperature of 99.9 anything above 100 is a fever, call the vet.  Here is video clip of a vet taking a horses temperature.  Donkeys should be treated the same way and I highly suggest training before sickness occurs to alleviate stress for the equine and you.  One more tip “keep your thermometer in your emergency medical kit ready to go as it is really hard to remove the horse poop taste if you need to use it due to personal sickness”.  Smile.

3.  Your equine (horse, donkey or mule) is lame can’t stand on one leg.  If a nail or any other object is stuck in the hoof your vet needs to remove it do not remove without the vet.  Sometimes x-rays are needed and a plan for the best care to get your beloved equine back to health.

4.  Eye is oozing stuff or has an injury on any place of the body requiring stitches.

5.  Gums bright red, extreme pale, blue – Article by Dr. Dechant, DVM

Do you have some articles to share?  Please leave a comment with the link to the article to help keep our domesticated equine in optimum health.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Donkeys Showing Off


Last winter we snapped this photo of Mr. Rio our Mammoth donkey, look at all his cuddly donkey fur adorable, please remember  donkeys need shelter from the wind, rain and snow.  Rio is thinking about jumping that barrel again what a smart boy he is.  Due to the car accident I have not been able to train and play with him much here is one training secret “donkeys never forget anything make sure your training is what you want before training”. 

This is just one the many creative games I learned from Parelli natural horsemanship home school.  Did you know donkeys love to show off?  Yes indeed donkeys have lots of specialties to share with the world here are a few donkeys showing off  from Blue Wind donkey farm website. Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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Check out this beautiful photo of a gorgeous Donkey many more beautiful photos to enjoy at this blog.  Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!


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Let’s Use Social Media To Stop Equine (horse, donkey and mule) Slaughter In America


A friend just forwarded me this plea for help to stop horse Slaughter in America just takes a few seconds to help Select STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER IN America.  Please forward this link to everyone you know to stop horse slaughter in America.

Here’s what you can say:

Taxpayers should not pay millions of dollars in subsidies for this cruel industry.  Thank you.

Please leave a comment sharing what you did to help!  Each of us can make a difference just takes a few seconds of our time via the wonderful social media of the internet.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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