Donkeys and Goats Running And Playing In France

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Remembering my friends (former student husband and wife) living in France with  Galopin  the standard donkey sadly he died after being gelded. The vet did not have experience with donkeys. Galopin did not wake up after the drugs were administered.

GOD is great and they now own two more donkeys a girl named Bichette and a boy named Bijou’s here is a little insight into life on the farm in France.

Thinking about adding a donkey to your goats pasture?

Please get two donkeys. Females with females or geldings with geldings is always best. Estrus can trigger even geldings to penetrate and hurt a female causing her to stop eating.

Why do some donkeys live in peace and harmony with goats and others do not?

*Depends on how the donkey was raised

*The sex of the donkey

*Donkey Lives Alone or With Another Donkey – A donkey forced to…

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Setting the Record Straight on Winter Laminitis

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Since I started writing about winter laminitis several years ago the topic has appeared with increasing frequency in other places.  Spreading the word is always good but several things have been transformed in translation.

Cortisol as a cause.  While it’s true cortisol levels may be somewhat higher with cold stress, they are with heat stress too and we don’t recognize a parallel situation of summer induced hoof pain. If cortisol was a key mechanism it would also put all horses at the same risk, not just those with EMS. While cortisol can sensitize vessels to constrictors, it doesn’t cause constriction itself. Endothelin-1 is the most likely culprit here.

Thyroid hormone as a cause.  It’s not true that thyroid hormone reduces blood flow to the hooves.

Arteriovenous shunts function.  Several discussions of the role of arteriovenous shunts got the mechanism backwards. These shunts bypass the local tissues and send blood back…

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Salt For Donkeys, Horses and Mules – Loose is better

Salt For Donkeys Lose Is Better

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Most donkey, horse and mule owners may not think about salt. Did you know that salt blockswere actually designed for cattle? Cows have rough tongues that can easilylick the block. A block of salt is better than nothing at all. The best is loose (granular) salt.

Donkeys, mules and horses have smoother tongues than a cow and may not actually get their needed amount of salt from a block.They may end up biting the blockin an attempt to get more,which canlead toteeth and jaw or tooth problems. The equine suffering from salt- deficient may lick or chew on objectsor may actually lick or eat dirt.

Test your hay to find out how much selenium is in your hay?

Hay for donkeys should have no alfalfa. Test 10% or lower in sugar and protein.

If you have no selenium in your hay purchase equine salt with selenium.

If your hay…

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