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After An Almost Fatal Car Accident – What Comes Next?


I try really hard to not be a victim, not be a whiner, not be a person who cries on my blog about the pain and suffering I endure daily from surviving an almost fatal car accident while riding as passenger.  I try really hard to keep my blog positive and stay focused to my purpose of creating the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC business. I have no doubt GOD has me here for a reason. Perhaps my story will inspire you to never give up, let Jesus Christ hold you up when you are tired. Seems GOD created us to have free will. For some of us this is harder as we want to trust GOD but we begin recycling the problem, pain, money, suffering and then in exhaustion we cry out to GOD for help. I have learned to ask GOD for everything even a parking spot. 

My purpose; Helping the donkeys, mules and horses have a better life showing people resistance free training (without pain) is not only possible it is the best way to train equine this is indeed my purpose. 

Guess what I have learned while on this journey of teaching the owner or caretaker to train the donkey, mule or horse? 

It’s all about you! The donkey has sized you up in a matter of seconds.

  1. Abuser or bully
  2. Treat Dispenser
  3. Fair Leader Who Can Be Trusted

Remember the journey of life is short. We must not take a single day for granted at any moment everything can change. Change is what makes us grow. Change is terrifying without faith. Faith is something we feel we do not see. God asks us to trust him first. Next we must make a move. Show our faith. Most of the time after we do this we must wait. I think the waiting is a testing time. God is looking to see if we are real and will we trust him. I can tell you if you do not stop trusting GOD and live your life with gratitude, forgiveness to those who have harmed you and mostly yourself. Your life will explode with possibilities even you could never dream of. God is amazing! We humans are simply here to leave our finger print mark, a place for others to see we were here on the planet. Each of us has gifts and talents unique to what GOD has gifted us to do. The key is learning to trust what we love to do and then go do it.  Sometimes volunteering before expecting to work and earn money in a new profession is needed.

Shine your light bright for the entire world to see and never forget the moment you step out in life the critics will appear. Why? Some people simply are not going to like some people. It’s called life. Do not let this stop you from your dreams. These people have their own paths to take. Reminder it’s not about trying to please people. It’s about pleasing GOD. Say I am sorry and mean it when we make a mistake with another living human or animal and try not to repeat the behavior. We must try to work on ourselves it is the only thing we can truly change ourselves.  Forgive quickly. Live in the moment just like the animals.

All work with no relaxation or play is exhausting. Living in our busy world takes balance, planning and time management skills. We must take the time we need to recharge our batteries. Prayer is like talking to your very best friend it’s easy. Lord I know you are there in heaven. I need your protection, guidance and favor without you I am nothing. Sounds simple but many of us forget we must talk to GOD each day, never skip a day.

Our attitude is probably one of the most important things we can change; also one of the most difficult to change when enduring pain and suffering.  If we can learn to control our attitude we can create a massive chain reaction moving us into the life we want to create, share, enjoy and pass down as our legacy after we leave these human bodies.  I cry out for GOD to help me change my attitude as I don’t believe I am strong enough to tackle my attitude without Jesus Christ helping me.  Each of us has one life to live and it is our responsibility as adults to figure out our special gifts and talents and enjoy what we are given no matter how unfair it all seems.

I worked really hard to wait. GOD helped me wait and I could see the equine in the video camera surveillance as we have these in the stalls and pastures.

I could not put any weight on my pelvis for 90 days. The first thing I did after the car accident with the help of the walker was go see my horse and donkeys. Never give up!

Sadly I suffer from chronic pain daily, hourly since the almost fatal car accident in the spring of 2010. I just don’t understand why any person should have to have this kind of pain and suffering day in and day out.  Praying GOD releases me from pain and heals my body to 100% restoration, for now I must keep my head up and live life grateful most days I am pretty good. I am indeed a reminder to never invoke pain and suffering on any human or animal is truly awareness that I am trying to teach with GOD’s help I have indeed touched you in some way.  You will then make an attitude change and stop abuse of humans and animals as each of us is exactly in the right place to help others enjoy life.  Please do not let anyone abuse a human or animal. You can stop abuse!  God has planted you in the exact time and place to help another living animal or person. REMEMBER this could be you and you need a person to pay it forward. We get from life what we put into it, darkness or light. What do you chose? 

Yesterday was a hard day had another back spasm so bad again and I really don’t know why.  The metal in my pelvis messes everything up when I walk, bend, sit and stand and yet without the metal in my pelvis I would surely not be able to walk so it is a double edge sword one I work on mentally every single hour I am awake.

Writing is very therapeutic as it helps me help you.  Sadly, many of us live in isolation in this great big world, we think we are the only person suffering. Most people suffer it is the world we live in. Trying to live in the moment and help others is always a way to help us heal.

I share these very personal feelings in hopes my pain and suffering helps another human or animal not suffer so much.  GOD uses everything negative to help others and I pray my transparency helps you and gives you the courage to enjoy your life and push past the fears that are holding you back to enjoy this precious life.

Each of us has the same amount of time in each day and yet some people complete so very much more than others.  These are the interesting and perplexing thoughts that come into my mind all the time.  If you have survived trauma GOD has a reason to keep you here on earth.  GOD uses each of us to be a light in the dark for others. Never forget that GOD is good and he wants all his children to surrender to him with a simple prayer.

Please never ever abuse your donkey, horse or mule.  Please never abuse any human or animal and if you see abuse open your mouth and help the victim animal or human. You are a human angel. No other person can do what you can do as GOD has planted you in the perfect location. The key is to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others even when we are exhausted.

Please understand pain is not the answer to training horses, mules and donkeys.  Take the time it takes to train your equine after all you are the smart human they are just domesticated animals forced to live in the environment you created for them. Pain and suffering makes certain personalities of humans and animals fight back harder and one day the result can be deadly. Working with equine is a dangerous sport. Please be sure you have a great coach or trainer to teach you how to be a fair leader without abuse. Your family, work, and relationships all around you will flourish when you learn how to control your emotions. Animals are always looking for a leader not an abuser. People cannot learn anything from a bully. Please learn natural resistance free training techniques.

Here I am standing  in the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC office. Dreams do come true! Never give up!!!!

Be grateful for your life and what GOD has given you!  Do not treat your animals like prisoners in lieu of a partner.  If your horse, donkey or mule won’t come to you when you step into their world perhaps it’s time for you to figure out why? Sounds like a relationship problem and guess what outstanding relationships take time, prayer and patience.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Ride Your Horse, Mule or Donkey With Gentle Hands



MELODYRIORIDING2014SEQUIMAGE8melodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1 melodykissingrioMelodydogsmay2014

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson

Help My Donkey Is Jumping On My Back!


All of the information I share via the Donkey Whisperer Farm is free as I have a hobby farm not a business.  The Donkey Whisperer Farm team created the website, blog, twitter, you tube and WordPress with you in mind.  We want to be able to share information to help your donkey, horse and mule live in peace and harmony without physical pain and suffering. 

Most importantly you must have a plan each and every time you are with your equine a plan to stay safe while enjoying one of GOD’s most natural prey animals.  Pat Parelli teaches us students that equine are nature in it’s finests form. Donkeys are not horses they are indeed a breed all their own unique and deserve to be cared for with dignity, respect and pain free. I have been a home study Parelli student since 2007. 

Why can I not teach Parelli?  I was in a life threatening car accident in 2010 and have not been physically able to attend Parelli school. I can share information and direct you to Parelli’s online free 30 day trial.   Parelli works for horses, mules and yes indeed our beloved Donkeys 🙂


From:Victoria L Savory

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:55 AM
Subject: Website Inquiry

Hi Melody,

We chatted via email last fall and I’m writing to you now because I am concerned about Jack.  I have been training him using positive reinforcement methods where when he does something correct, I click him and give him a treat (similar to dog and dolphin training methods).  Last night during our training time together, I turned my back away from him because I noticed that our goats had gotten out.  When I turned my back, he stood up on his back legs and put his front legs over my shoulders and came down on me with his weight.  I gave him a stern no, but he continued to try to stand up on me four or five more times both facing him and walking away from him.  Do you have any ideas what this type of behavior represents; is it dominance?  Do you have any ideas how to stop it in its tracks in a kind way?

Thank in advance for you help!

Kind Regards,
Vicki Savory
On 2/23/12 2:56 PM, “Melody Johnson” <> wrote:

Hi Victoria,
I am sharing vital information with you in hopes you are not offended but learn from what I am attempting to teach you for free as it is my desire to help as much as I can but ultimately the burden lay on your shoulders to provide the best environment for your donkey.  Remember you are the smart human the Donkey is in 100% need of you to learn and provide a quality life and  home and be flexible to provide him with what he/she needs.
All domesticated equine need a human leader with strong boundaries for safety.  I am a home study student of Parelli natural horsemanship, Parelli works for donkeys and mules not just horses.  I cannot teach Parelli until I am well enough to attend Parelli  school and become a Parelli certified horse, donkey and mule trainer.   

Please remember an essential tool in learning Parelli “is learning how to use the rope halter and carrot stick carrot stick  to create clear boundaries, learning timing, along with the friendly game to reinforce positive attributes from you to your equine.”  Parelli teaches us to give the amount of pressure necessary, this means we are always analyzing the equine, learning their donkey, horse, or mule personality; we are working to keep our energy matched to the individual personality of the equine in a natural and fair way.  I do not study clicker training and cannot help you with clicker training.  
If your donkey is living with goats remember all donkeys are visual learners your donkey will copy what the goats are doing.  If the goats are rearing up on one another guess what your donkey will too.  Donkeys need to be with donkeys I would be concerned that a donkey would play too rough with a goat and could kill the goat as donkeys like to grab the neck and pull on it they do this all the time with another donkey.  A goat cannot defend himself with a donkey.  

This I do know donkeys and mules are very playful and this kind of playing is normal for donkeys to play with another donkey.  Never ever should the donkey be authorized to play this way with the human partner as you could get seriously injured or even killed.  It is your responsibility each and every time you are with your equine to stay safe, keep good safe boundaries and natural reminders as to what is acceptable and what is not.  Working with equine can be a very dangerous sport.
I highly suggest you learn parelli 7 games they have 30 days free, get a carrot stick and rope halter and remember to watch your timing.  No animals can jump on us humans if we are paying attention to every Nano second and using our tools created  for safety.  I’m sorry to tell you this is not the animals fault he is doing what donkeys do playing and he has not been taught  basic social manners.  
I remember your name but can’t remember your donkeys info so please get me up to speed again.
Donkey name
John 0r Jack (stallion) – If he is not gelded please get an experienced vet to geld him asap.
Living environment, toys and other donkeys or horse something to play with?
Please consider looking into the 30 day free trial to learn the 7 games and get your rope halter and parelli carrot stick to protect your human space.  I am worried for your safety, please remember working with equine is a dangerous sport you must be plugged in each and every time you are with your equine and remain in the leadership role in a natural manner.  The carrot stick is an extension of my arm and a long tale it really helps create manners and communication skills between our beloved equine and the human partner.
GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

From: Victoria L Savory

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:55 AM
Subject: Website Inquiry

Hi Melody,

Thank you so much for your help and advise!  I agree with everything that you say and will sign up for the Parelli 30 day trial and then go from there.  

Jack’s life:
10 months old
Only donkey-his sibling won’t be born until May and we won’t get him/her until the fall
Has jolly balls to play with, but doesn’t show an interest in them.  I’ve tried to entice him to play with them, but no luck
Has 6 acres he does share with the goats
Has a stable
Eats 1 cup honey grain mixed with 1/2 crimped oats and minerals
Halter trained
Lead trained
Trailer trained
Trained to do some “tricks”

I know that he isn’t doing anything wrong, and that it’s not his fault, that was why I wrote to you, so that I can correct what I am doing wrong.  Your email is invaluable, and I appreciate your help and advise.  If after reading his vitals, you can think of anything else that would be of help, I am a sponge and will absorb what you tell me.

Thank you, Melody!
Kind Regards,

We Must Never Forget GOD Created Our World


Happy Valentines Day!  Can you see the heart GOD placed on Rio’s face?  GOD is amazing!!!


I love to play with photography; love to savor each special moment GOD creates in this thing called life.  Life is truly precious and fragile each day is a gift and should never be taken for granted. 

The bible states as children of Jesus Christ we are to soar as high as the eagle and never ever settle in life.  Each day is another opportunity to be a human angel for a person or animal, treat others how we want to be treated and take care of our world.  

We must never forget; the world we live in is not a product of blind chance and probability; GOD created it! 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


A Human Angel


I spend much of my time trying to encourage others to step up and be a human angel for another human or animal.  Here is a human angel who stepped up and saved a horse from slaughter get your tissues ready if you love horses you will cry.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Got Snow?


Here are a few photos of our farm after GOD blanketed everything with the bright beautiful snow.  Beautiful from the warmth of my snuggly living room with the fire going and a warm cup of hot coco in hand. 

I have learned to be very cautious in the cold and damp as my body is very sensitive to the cold and damp creating pain and suffering.

I find my self frustrated as before the metal was installed in my pelvis I loved the snow, loved to play in it, snow ski, snow shoe and just slide down the hill with the kids not any more my body acts like I am 100 years old in the cold and damp.  I simply can not stay out in it very long no matter how many layers of clothes I put on as the nerves are all connected in the body.  For those of you reading my blog living in weather below zero I hope you don’t have hardware in your body. 

We blanketed Lily and Rocket Man this winter during our snow storm so happy it is over.  Blankets must be checked for dampness I know they say waterproof but I have yet to find anything that can withstand the rain we get in Washington.  Our living room had blankets drying all week by the stove and the smell of air fresheners ahh winter.  Blanketing is a controversal subject in the equine world as some people think never and some think always.  I happen to think it takes common sense each equine is unique and if the rain/cold is making them shiver you must blanket and change the blanket daily in the wet and cold.  Most importantly make sure the equine has clean hay and fresh water.

We are very grateful to GOD for the favor we received as we moved through the snow and ice storm. We are praying for an early spring and a nice warm summer.

Today is a beautiful day in the mid 50’s the farm is glistening with the sun touching the trees with thick moss, Washington State is truly a beautiful place to live.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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Memory Of My Last Ride


In a few weeks it will be two years since I was able to slip my leg up and wrap my legs around my horse and mammoth donkey’s warm belly, feels like forever.  Oh how I miss riding my horse the fun trail rides we had, trail riding is serious business!  When I was a kid trail riding in this area was no big deal, I rode my horse every day after school in this same area.  Moving forward thirty-four years it is not the same sport.

The area I would ride by our home is beautiful thousands of acres of trails and in these trails were others wanting to enjoy the same trails.  While Lily and I were trail riding we encountered; lots of wildlife, coyotes, deer, and birds and even a cougar (the cougar ride my trail buddy was dumped from her horse) and I stayed on.   Lily and I took off and retrieved her older well-trained gelding (a safe trail riding horse ha, ha) this was another day I was really grateful to GOD.   We encountered the highway (traffic noise) people shooting in a distance, joggers some with big dogs, some loose not on a leash, bicycle riders and one motorcycle rider. 

Trail riding was euphoric for me it was truly a special time to escape life!  Safety is number one when stepping up to trail riding it is best to ride with a buddy.  Have a cell phone I like it turned off, map and I was about to start carrying a spot as safety is the most important consideration for me and my equine. I quickly made friends with anyone who could ride when I could ride for safety.  Working around schedules of work, families it was challenging and I was looking forward to Rio growing up so my husband could go ride with me.   I call these people trail buddy as they have been long gone since the car accident, I guess I really knew this was all the friendship was but I did not see it until the semi-truck accident.

I was so proud of myself after all I had trained my young filly all by myself.  A very big accomplishment for women in her late forties out of shape and a little lost in life after leaving my long time career in the big business world of twenty-three years.

Wow the last trail ride memory was a big one!  Lily is an extroverted horse she loves to explore new things so each time we went for a trail ride Lily would lead the way with my trail buddy riding her/his horse following behind us.  It was a beautiful day warm for winter not too cold and not raining just right. Soon Lily and I were in our groove I could feel her every move, her body was relaxing, ears forward and she was super calm.  We found a part of the trail where I would let her trot a little trot (western riders call this a jog).  I was posting, holding my stomach in her ears were forward such a wonderful memory.  The next thing I remember is picking me up off the ground a woman with her gigantic Rottweiler was jogging but she did not have her dog on a leash.

What happened to my trail buddy?  She got dumped off her horse too!  The dog came out of the woods into the trail we were on in seconds to Lily no doubt the dog looked like a big bear.  Lily spun on her big quarter horse cow butt and went the opposite direction.  I fell off.  All of my training was important now unlike any other time as she was running away when I yelled “WHOAA Lily”.  Lily stopped turned around looked at me on the ground like hey I did not realize you were not on my back.  She came back to me.  The lady with the Rottweiler was sorry for sure and I made no big deal out of it.  Just got back on Lily and my trail buddy got back on her mare, we parted at the trail head where my horse trailer was parked and I went home alone.  

My trail buddy had a bad accident the summer before while riding with other trail buddy’s I was not on this ride.  She had such a bad trail riding accident that she was airlifted to Harborview and had surgeries and pins installed in her foot. Thinking back now as we rode our mares out of the trail her face looked white and pale, this was the last time I saw her. I loaded my horse, drove home, cleaned her, brushed her, carried my saddle into the house and sat down.  The pain started in my left side.  The next day I went to the doctor after x-rays I learned I had fractured one rib on the left side. As a kid I don’t recall breaking any ribs and I fell off a lot.  At age 49 I guess I don’t bounce.

Before the car accident I was healing from the one fractured left rib, I was getting close to being able to ride again and I had a new plan to stay safe.  Funny thing is I thought one broken rib was insane pain; my point is any kind of pain is pain and we need to address what it causing it.  Never say it is no big deal our body does not give out pain signals for no reason.

While waiting for the left rib to heal I was making plans to ride in my arena, finish my horse Lily after all the arena is soft and riding is well “riding” it is the art of keeping our legs wrapped around our equine. Fewer obstacles in the arena than trail riding.  I was planning on getting Rio started as he was getting older not such a little baby donkey anymore.  I am happy to report both Lily and Rio are patiently and happily enjoying their life while I work on rehabilitation from the semi-truck accident.   Happy trails to you!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


It’s Snowing On The Donkey Whisperer Farm



Happy New Year 2012!!!!  We are all on a diet this year; Lily, Rio,Rocket Man, our doggies, kitties and yes me and my husband.  The weight has crept up on all of us since the car accident in 2010. 

Excessive For optimum health it is imperative to keep their weight at a healthy place. At least 3 small meals a day is the best choice for keeping the easy keeper at a healthy weight. Equine need exercise so do what you can to keep them moving.

This year I am blanketing Lily (my horse) as she is losing too much weight and the donkeys hold on to their weight.  Ideally horses should be in separate living space than donkeys as donkeys are Easy Keepers. We continue to thank GOD all three get along and we are making things work out. 

If you blanket your equine make sure the blanket fits, check the blanket every day, I change the blanket to a dry blanket every day and let the other blanket dry.  All of my horse blankets are water proof at least that is what they say.  Living in the Pacific Northwest I have yet to see a waterproof blanket or coat that can withstand the rain storms we have so it’s best to have one drying and one on the equine in need.

I usually do not blanket unless it is extreme weather or I have a sick equine.  The equine has the perfect coat created by GOD to get wet, dry fast, and cool fast. 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Just A Quick Note To Say Thank You


Just a quick note to say thank you!  WordPress provides each of us the opportunity to enjoy, share and feel inspired by others. Really helps the day go by as my full-time job is to heal from the motor vehicle accident, GOD is amazing.

Gardening, landscaping, colors, art, creating beauty out of dirt is another one of my hobbies truly a gift from GOD.  Oh how I miss working in my garden, planting baby plants and waiting patiently for them to grow up and shine in my garden.  Praying GOD will heal my body enough to allow me to spend some much-needed time in my garden in 2012.   I believe GOD plants people in just the right place to shine and help others!

 I found Mamaenesgarden blog today, some beautiful photos, Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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