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Donkey and Horse Vital Signs, Health and Hoof


A donkey’s normal heartbeat or pulse rate is 35-55 per minute, depending on what it is doing, and its normal temperature is very close to a human’s at 35.8 to 37.5 deg C.  The table below, compiled by the Donkey Sanctuary, gives some of the variations.  A donkey seems to regulate temperature in much the same way as a human, too, as a donkey sweats for the same reasons that a human does.  A feverish donkey is therefore quite easy to detect.



°C  adult donkey






°C young donkey






Pulse (beats per minute) adult donkey



young donkey




(Inspiration per minute)

adult donkey



young donkey



Ways of scoring a donkey’s ‘body condition’ for general health have been devised, but as yet there is no general agreement as to the applicability of such a score.  Those who know donkeys can usually judge quite easily one which is in good condition, i.e. with coat shining, ears and eyes alert, movement easy, ribs and hip bones adequately covered with flesh, and no wounds.

There is another score for ‘wound and foot care’, but on the whole it does not offer more than good observation and common sense can provide.

What are the signs of a donkey being unwell ?

Among the signs of health trouble in a donkey are the following:

·           Fever (body sweat; muzzle hot and dry)

·           Loss of appetite

·           Drooping ears and maybe also a drooping head

·           Coat rough and dull looking

·           Dull eyes

·           Lack of energy and response

·           Frequently lying down

·           Liquid droppings (diarrhea, known as ‘scouring’)

·           Passing no droppings (constipation)

·           Wrong colours of droppings (i.e. signs of blood, although colour does vary a lot according to diet).

Donkeys on the whole do not show their feelings of pain in very obvious ways, but behave as a human would who is called ‘stoical’, i.e. tolerating pain without complaint.  They may make an initial violent movement of avoidance, but after that they become silent and as nearly as possible immobile in the face of pain and/or fear.  Therefore it is sometimes difficult to know when they are suffering acutely, and their behavior may look like ‘stubbornness’ rather than stoicism.  One indicator of pain or fear can be diarrhea, just as in humans.  Since this may also dehydrate the donkey, it will be adding to its problems if it persists.

vital signs




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Kisses From The Donkey Whisperer Farm

Kisses From The Donkey Whisperer Farm

Come visit our new website Select Donkey Whisperer Farm or


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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August On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

August On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

wp-1470940694370.jpgMelodylily2016wp-1471038144913.jpgwp-1471036209418.jpgwp-1470940411374.jpgRioage8IMG_7924melodyhorseseastermorning2015IMG_20160530_065616HAY2016boysballoons2015Life on the Donkey Whisperer Farm is never boring.  Another summer is almost over!


We hit a major milestone!

Irrigation is now flowing on the entire twenty acre farm, clean beautiful water is coming from the Dungeness river. Thank you Jesus!

Donkey Whisperer Farm hits a Milestone. Irrigation is working! Http://

A video posted by Donkey Whisperer Farm (@donkeywhispererfarm) on

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Soon fall will come and the farm land will go to sleep again. The snow geese will travel by us again and so much more. We look forward to building our home. Perhaps GOD will bless us soon. We continue to pray for the favor to start building our home.

My husband and I have learned to trust GOD stay in faith and be patient. Our builder is a reputable builder here in Sequim, WA we look forward to watching and enjoying the process.

For now we continue to live in the 5th wheel, feed the wild birds, enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and all the animals on the farm. Living in Sequim, WA is a perfect oasis. We love our life. I pray you love your life too. Never Give Up! Trust GOD in Jesus Christ name as he is the alpha and omega, the beginning and end of all things.IMG_7017IRRIGATIONRUN2014APRIL

IMG_4983img1452399844361IMG_7003wp-1455713910078.jpgPuppy 5 monthsTRUMPETSWANDEC31HEAD2015_edited-1FARM2015DEC31STIMG_6423wp-1448824099803.jpgIMG_6126IMG_5466IMG_5425IMG_5287IMG_5360IMG_5433Farm


IMG_5067wp-1468187767443.jpgwp-image-1054862586jpg.jpgwp-1465932216990.jpgIMG_7791 (2)

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to visit our new website. We sell donkey halters, training and more.

Melody Johnson with Rio Johnson the Mammoth donkey 16’2 hands tall and ten years old.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Donkey Whisperer Farm’s New Website Is Up!

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to see our new website!


We are excited to share our new website!




Paypal is now our store as we sell worldwide.

We have New Donkey Halters for sale and Used Donkey Halters for sale, lead lines 6ft and 12ft.

Coming in 2017

Donkey fly mask to fit mini, standard and Mammoth donkeys. One more hand-made item, donkey socks to stop insects biting the donkeys legs. 

What do you think of our new website?


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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Have You Heard?


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Donkey Rope Halters For Sale – Yacht Rope Will Never Mold

The Donkey Whisperer Farm is proud to share we sell quality “Donkey” Rope halters with a matching lead line made to fit a Mini, Standard or Mammoth donkey’s head. Not a Horse.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm halter is hand-made in the U.S.A. using only the best quality,  yacht rope to never mold. Our halter is adjustable from four months up to full-grown for the mini and standard donkey saving you money. Our halter is made to fit the head of a Mini, Standard and Mammoth donkey perfectly. 

If you are having a problem training your donkey you want a Donkey Whisperer Farm rope halter with matching lead line. Our lead line has a brass snap used for training your donkey. A leather end is used to touch you donkey not hit your donkey. Our lead lines are simply the best.  PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ANY HALTER ON YOUR HORSE, DONKEY OR MULE when not in attendance to avoid self-mutilation or death.

How Can I Order?

Select Our Store we offer eleven colors for you and your donkey.  Watch our video showing you how to put a rope halter on your donkey. 

mammoth rope halter lead line brass snap leather end

Photo of a satisfied customer


Photo of a satisfied customer

cream mini rope halterROPEHALTERoriginal1.minisropehalterstandard rope halter


Photo of a satisfied customer


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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