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Why do we take pictures?

Pictures are important to most of us. Memories, past and present. With digital photography the photo looks perfect forever and yet the person, place or thing has changed with age. I have always been the memory keeper of my family. I am the one who says get the camera as we will never be here again. I love taking photos. Do you?

I took both of these photos. 

Check out this brand new blog Philosophy journey I think you will find it very interesting.

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God bless you and your family two and four-legged

Melody Johnson


Live Each Day On Donkey Time ®

On Donkey Time ­® is a state of mind, kind a like beach time. Life is slow and relaxed as donkeys live in the moment and they teach us humans how to live in the moment too. Thank you for sharing our blog Donkey Whisperer Farm.  Each time you share you are changing a donkey and humans life world-wide.

God Bless You And Your Family Two and Four-Legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Behaviorist





Is It Real Or Fake?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life. When my husband saw this tree he said “This is the one”, no watering, no mess. Well we moved over to the other side and I am here to say this is it! I love this fake tree. Easy to setup and no tree died.

Aging is a process for sure, one I was not ready to embrace as we have always cut our own beautiful fresh tree. We are excited to share the fake tree is amazing. Looks real and takes minutes to setup.

Do you have a fake tree or a fresh tree?

Merry Christmas