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Want To Be A Hero?


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Consider becoming a satellite adoption center for sweet donkeys needing help as Peaceful Valley Donkey Adoption center will teach you how to do everything.  Sadly during this difficult time in our economy more and more animals are being starved, abused and neglected. 

Perhaps you wonder why my heart aches for the donkeys.  Donkeys are the underdog, donkeys don’t usually fight back when being abused they just check out mentally, stand still and take the abuse it’s horrific.

I can look in the eyes of donkeys and see their pain or pleasure depending on their human partner current and past lifestyle.  Think of it like an abused human who has lived through extreme trauma with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. 

Donkeys that have endured horrid abuse will take a special human who can be patient with them but most importantly prove to the donkey you are a good human who would never hurt them in any way, action is best i.e., providing, food, water, safety from predators (animals or  human), talking to them, kisses on the nose, brushing and a few carrots every once in a while.  

Donkeys are excellent listeners thus those big beautiful ears and a deep desire to be with their beloved human partner.

Please network and share these links with everyone you know via your social network.  Donkeys are worth the few seconds of time to hit a few keystrokes on your keyboard.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!




Check out this beautiful photo of a gorgeous Donkey many more beautiful photos to enjoy at this blog.  Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!


Let’s Use Social Media To Stop Equine (horse, donkey and mule) Slaughter In America


A friend just forwarded me this plea for help to stop horse Slaughter in America just takes a few seconds to help Select STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER IN America.  Please forward this link to everyone you know to stop horse slaughter in America.

Here’s what you can say:

Taxpayers should not pay millions of dollars in subsidies for this cruel industry.  Thank you.

Please leave a comment sharing what you did to help!  Each of us can make a difference just takes a few seconds of our time via the wonderful social media of the internet.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Here Comes The Rain Again


Fall has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest and with fall comes rain.  Excellent drainage is a must for equine living in the rain and please don’t forget the much-needed necessity shelter.  For heavy traffic areas we lay 3/4 clean gravel to prevent mud as mud causes serious health issues for equine.  Fighting thrush is a constant battle for our mammoth donkey Rio I just started using No Thursh  seems to be working the best. My horse and mini donkey have no problem with thrush and they all live in the same environment, interesting how each equine is unique. Picking up the poop at least once a day will help in more ways than one.  Smile. 

Are you wondering how to prevent mud? Here is an interesting site from WSU explaining how to prevent mud and keep your pastures growing.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!


Planning To Bring Home Your Horse, Donkey Or Mule


Your excited all of your hard work and preparation; removing brush, trees, drain, hay barn, safe fence, and creating a shelter whew!  Now you are finally prepared to bring your equine (horse, donkey or mule) home.  Did you know the equine needs a buddy to stay in optimum health?  Did you know they will be better mannered for you when you provide a buddy?  Equine are herd animals, safety, social and grooming are all part of their basic needs for survival.  Placing your equine in a pasture all alone will make them have some serious psychological issues so do the right thing and make sure you have a buddy for your equine. 

Donkeys do best with at least two donkeys as well “donkeys are unique they are not horses they are donkeys”.  Equine need to lay down and sleep it is very difficult to do this when there is no buddy watching over them, thus comes training problems and all kinds of health problems.  Please never leave your equine all alone it is not natural for them.

Please consider how many equine need homes Pet finder are free or very low money to save an equine life and provide a buddy for your equine. All equine are herd members, all equine require another pasture mate in order to stay calm, relaxed, sleep and groom one another.  This is a fact not just an opinion. I am a student of the Parelli home study program for more information take a look at their website for natural equine training and care.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Horses, Donkeys and Mules Never Forget Human Friends

Here is a really good article Equine Never Forget Human Friends, Enjoy!

GOD bless you and  your family two and four-legged!



Think Outside Of The Box


When training equine (Donkey, horse and mule) try to think out of the box. Make sure nothing is new and stressful to your equine i.e., trailer loading, walking up to mounting block, preparation is the key to a succesful and enjoyable time with your equine.  Remember equine can only do what you have trained them to do. It’s not their fault if you’re not communicating clearly they cannot speak our language they rely on us humans to train with clear and concise tools.  Have a plan before you get your equine out.  Plan what you are going to do so you are clear and not confused as the equine is always looking for a leader and if we don’t lead guess what they will. Smile.

Take a look at this horse side stepping up to the mounting block, every time you are working with your equine you are training them to do something.  Try to have a plan and be consistent each time you work with them.

Teaching our equine to do the things we need and want them to do each time we ride is an invaluable training tool and it’s cool.  So Think ahead before riding and make sure your equine understand exactly what you want them to do. 

I am a home study student of Parelli as they have the best online training available. A virtual training office at the finger tips of your computer lot’s of video’s showing you how to do things.   

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Be Alert For Dry Equine Poop


Fall is in the air in the Pacific Northwest I have noticed my donkeys and horse are slowing down in drinking water, clean water is essential to optimum health for all living beings espeically equine.  It is imperative that the equine (donkey, horse or mule) owner watches the poop and intake of water consumption for prevention of colic.  Adding a little salt to their vitamins will  help I always have free loose salt and some white salt blocks available.

Prevention of Colic

What is Colic?

Things I do to prevent colic; some fresh green grass, excellent vitamins, clean water, exercise and if needed I put them in the horse trailer.  Horse trailer always creates a fresh poop for my three equine. 

Colic can kill your equine so we should always be aware and paying attention but in the fall when the weather changes from warm and cold at night seems horses, donkeys and mules can be at a higher risk factor for colic.  Pick up your equine poop to keep their feet from getting thrush, parasite control and make sure you are looking at the moisture content to avoid colic.

Do you have any suggestions to avoid colic?  Please leave a comment to help others.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Walking On Water


I am a survivor of an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother, looking back in time I had no idea my life was in jeopardy. The worst scenario ever a semi truck smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  Today my full-time job is to pray and believe GOD will heal my body and alleviate the chronic insane nerve pain, joint pain, back pain, numbness, deliberating pain the semi truck left me with. Walking with GOD is the only way I can navigate life as I am not strong enough to do this walk without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, life is just too difficult to navigate without GOD.  

I honestly and transparently share my life experience to help not whine or complain as my husband and I live our life with a grateful attitude to GOD. Everyone has something difficult in their life and we fully understand some people have more trauma and tests than others.  I share my blog to give all the credit to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, provide hope, information and encouragement in the pursuit of health, love, and happiness in this thing called life we all navigate daily.  Never give up, never stop working towards excellence in your life as we get no more and no less than the amount of effort “work” placed into our life.   Trust GOD for all things. 

Living with a humble and grateful attitude:

I am forever grateful to GOD in Jesus Christ name as I know I could have died and almost died after the accident.  I understand I could have lost my legs easily as eight ribs broke, lung collapsed, grade V kidney tear, pelvis shattered 3 large screws surgically installed to give me the ability to walk again.  Nerve pain is painful and causes sleep deprivation we continue to pray for a complete healing.  Honestly my husband and myself could have never endured this pain and suffering and loss without Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior in combination with the bible for faith and healing.

Exercise is the key to getting well but exercise can cause more pain so our mind says no more. Sitting and not moving causes pain it imperative to get into a physical exercise program now while you are healthy.  I was physically fit from riding my horse and mammoth donkey, think of staying healthy as a savings account for your life as exercise is medicine. 

Doctors use a pain scale from 1-10 they ask what is your pain today? I have come to accept my full-time job is to try to alleviate pain, get physically strong again, be able to sleep more than five hours a night, smile and laugh more.  Pain robs the person inside of us who is full of joy and happiness, as pain is very difficult to talk about, difficult for people to understand and can make life frustrating.  No medical device can measure the amount of pain the human or animal is in.  We must be able to have empathy and see when a living being is in pain, we must be bold and do our best to stop pain and abuse of humans and animals.  

Walking on water (place a float around my waist) seems to be helping with less pain in the water still suffer from extreme pain out of the water mostly at night when trying to sleep.  Here is a cute video of a doggie doing physical therapy and playing at the same time.  Wondering if water physical therapy can help you or your loved one? Water therapy benefits

Do you have any stories of water physical therapy you would like to share?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Laughter is great medicine!  If you see something funny that’s clean and healthy please share if it’s really great I will add to the Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog.  Enjoy!

Cows Playing With Remote Control Car 

Tommie Turvey Playing With His Horse “Poker Joe” 

Web Cam 101 For Seniors

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!


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