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Warning Leaving A Halter On Your Horse, Donkey or Mule


WARNING Leaving  A halter On a Horse, Mule or Donkey Can Cause Death or self-mutilation 

My horse and donkeys are very athletic they can take their back hooves and itch their face.  The halter could get stuck on their hooves, fence or other objects.

* Strangulation can occur when they get the halter stuck on something and fight to get it off

* The halter can grow into the head of the equine (horse, donkey, mule) I have personally seen this and it is abuse

* Dirty itchy halter causes the equine to scratch and work to get it off it’s not natural (think  how you would want to be treated)

Learn How To Teach your Equine (horse, donkey or mule) To Catch You!

When interacting with your equine try to make this a time to connect bring a couple of pieces of green apple with you or a carrott  to build a relationship of fair and safe leadership.  Equine work best in training programs that do not require the equine to stay in the prisoner role.  Yes, I said prisoner role, old school training techniques use fear to train equine and this is not a partnership.  Donkeys cannot be trained this way they require natural training with fair, balanced and a honest trainer!  Horses dream of being trained the way donkeys demand to be trained.

The joy you will receive when changing your training methodology is enormous and your frustration will vanish.  People say “treats make my equine nip” I say “Nope, use this as an opportunity to train” watch your timing let the equine turn their head away and then give them a reward takes just a few training sessions for them to learn how to politely accept a treat.  Creativity is the answer you can do it!

Study  Donkey Whisperer Farm online video series 101.

All of my equine come up to us every time we call them just like my dogs.  The key is setting the animal up for success if each time you have time to be with your equine you are doing things to them that are not enjoyable why would they want to come up?  Treat your equine the way you would want to be treated if you were living your life as an equine and watch the blessings start flowing freely.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




Blowing In The Wind


When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t understand why me.  I don’t understand why I  have to suffer with pain day in and day out, why I can’t go back to the way life was before the car accident.  Everything I do is more difficult now, grocery shopping, standing, bending, walking it’s just more work now with the large screws in my pelvis. 

GOD whisperers in my ear “Why Not You?”, I guess I thought I was the apple of GOD’s eye and he would not allow me to suffer this much.  Guess what I am the apple of GOD’s eye he not only shows up to help me he gives me the strength to encourage others.  GOD is amazing. The bible is clear that we are not to stay angry, we should be quick to forgive let GOD take care of our enemies. 

The bible is clear we will all suffer, we will all endure persecution for following Jesus but GOD will give us the supernatural strength to endure whatever is blowing in the wind. 

Psalm 3:3 says GOD is my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my  head! When life starts tossing us humans around we need to speak the word of GOD out-loud.  Remember Jesus is still on the throne and he is still in control.

I am the property of Jesus Christ, I am GOD’s witness that he and he alone is the king of all kings.  Jesus is my father in heaven and for this I am grateful. I am grateful that when I pray in Jesus Christ name GOD releases the angels to go to work on all my problems.  Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do his commandments, hearkening to the voice of his word. PSALM 103:20

When pain and suffering comes the bible is the only answer to help me.  Pslam provides the words and strength I need to endure for each day and believe tomorrow will be better.  I highly suggest the teaching of Joyce Meyers as she explains everything and her pocket-book named The Secret Power of Speaking GOD’s Word is an excellent way to combat life and stop my mind from blowing in the wind.  Each chapter has the verses added per the emotional and mental trauma we all endure navigating life today, i.e. depression, stress, death,anxiety and worry.

Want a free bible for your smart phone or computer? Select free bible.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Pressing Forward When Life Is Difficult


I always pray, I don’t faint, quit or give up.  LUKE 18:1

When life is difficult and trauma hits we each have a decision to make dig in and stay positive or get angry and go negative leading to depression and poor choices.  I visualize this as a four-way stop sign, which way do we go?  Will I stay in the word of GOD and have a victor attitude and NOT a victim attitude. 

Perhaps you don’t know GOD, how do I move towards the light and blessings of Jesus Christ?   Will I do my best to learn from this event and help others or will I curl up in a corner and die?  Perhaps the body is not dead buried in the ground but the mind is dead as negative energy has the power to destroy the humans potential and they no longer look forward to the new day.  If you are suffering from trauma please believe me when I say the game of life is not over until we stop breathing and we leave this human body. 

Do you know the meaning of trauma? 

Do you know the five stages of grief? 

Do you know what to do after trauma hits?

Stages of Grief

Never give up, never stop believing that today may be your miracle; the love of your life may come walking in today, new creative ideas for a job or event that GOD wants you to pursue.  Pain may leave today, healing, restoration, peace and change may be coming today as every day is a new day. 

The bible states GOD gives us the strength for today we are not to think of what is needed for tomorrow as GOD has given us the strength and wisdom of today.  I think this is very difficult for personalities like mine a big learning curve as I enjoy having a plan, enjoy dreaming about tomorrow but GOD wants us to enjoy each moment one day at a time.

As soon as my mind starts to become negative I reach for my IPOD with the bible in it or my bible.  Every thought placed in our minds that is not positive is not from GOD, every thought placed in our minds that is positive is light and GOD Rebuke all negative thinking stay in the word of GOD and hold GODs right hand tight like a child holds his/her parents hand as this is our father in heaven.

Tips to kicking the worry habit

1.  Trust GOD in Jesus Christ precious name

2.  Delight – Enjoy the gifts GOD has given you each of us have so many

3.  Give GOD everything (let go it’s like bungee cord jumping scary but exhilarating)

4.  Be still (pray for everything never react before praying)

A card I received during one of my darkest times of pain and suffering:

With GOD every day is a day to hope for the very best – to believe our prayers are being heard, to have faith good news is on its way and to know that anything can happen between yesterday and tomorrow.

If you are having a hard time in life give GOD in Jesus Christ precious name a try.  Reach out to GOD he is waiting for you to pray and the best part is he is available 24×7 day a week.  Dont know where to begin? Pray to GOD in Jesus Christ precious name. 

Dear GOD in Jesus Christ precious name Come into my heart I make you my LORD and Savior, I repent of my Sins, please help me to live the best life I can and honor you.  Remember – Nothing is too difficult for GOD and we were not created to settle in life.

I pray my transparency has helped you or a loved one navigate this thing called life. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Donkey Whisperer Farm Is On FaceBook


If your a friend of the Donkey Whisperer Farm blog you are probably aware we are on the internet with our own website http://www.donkeywhisperer.com  we are on Twitter at Donkwhisperer we are on Youtube with our own Channel Donkey Whisperer Farm and now we have a page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Donkeywhisperer

 Why did we join facebook?  We want to help the donkeys, horses and mules of the world and free information is always a good way to help.  People are struggling to purchase food, housing, electricity, and hay is not cheap these days!  

We want to become a free National knowledge database of information for FREE training tips, health and care of these magnificent equine and we need your help to do this. The Donkey Whisperer Farm helps provide is free information as sharing information is the best way to awareness, personal growth and change. 

Facebook Business accounts require 25 likes to be able to add a profile photo and be able to advertise.  Can you take a moment go to the https://www.facebook.com/Donkeywhisperer select Like? 

Thank you~~~~~



Horses and Donkeys Heal The Human Soul


Horses and Donkeys heal the human soul, just writing these words sends happy thoughts in my mind directly followed by a smile.  Horses and donkeys have a presence and energy about them that helps us humans along our journey in life.  I call them “Four legged angels sent by GOD” no doubt to help us humans navigate the good and bad times of our journey in this thing called life.   

Horses, donkeys and mules are prey animals meaning they eat grass, have emotional intelligence to survive around predators.  The human is a predator and thus learning natural horsemanship/Natural Donkeyship should be a priority. Without these training tools the human will never experience the connection the horse and donkey can offer, the relationship is more of a prisoner role.  How sad for the equine and the human to never have experienced the majestic connection these equine can offer.

Many organizations have captured their healing abilities to help people with stress, depression, anxiety as these magnificent equine have a presence about them that demands your full attention.  When were connected to these magnificent animals there is no time to stress about life, bills, family, job, money the brain is free to swirl in their world releasing more creativity in the lucky human. This is how the experience is for me and my husband each and every time is special and we never forget how precious and fragile each day is as we never know when our time is up or theirs.

In the cool weather the donkeys fur is long, thick, bushy and sticks straight out to keep them warm absolutely the most beautiful coats the donkeys have. Lily is white now her summer kissed golden Palomino fur has been replaced with a thick white fur coat along with her very long whiskers. I never shave their whiskers as equine use these for feeling when navigating their surfaces in short they need these long whiskers.  When the equine breaths into the cold powerful breaths of warm air come out into the air creating a beautiful swirl around their muzzle, oh how I miss riding in the trails and our arena.  Lily is truly a magnificent horse, she is the lead mare taking care of her herd of donkeys, she is waiting patiently for me to get well and no doubt looking forward to going back to work. 

If you get a chance to volunteer, work, or the best opportunity “Have an equine as your partner” you will be thanking GOD for the creation of these magnificent four-legged angels sent to earth to help us humans navigate this thing called life.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Laughter Is The Best Medicine


What are the benefits of smiling?  Smiling takes a moment of our time and is certainly a huge ice breaker for meeting new people and re-connecting with our friends and family.  Smiling releases endorphins in our brain the animals can tell when we are happy or sad. Just think about it would you like to connect with a frown on a person or a smile?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Enjoy Your Life


Here is a link to National Geographic one of the beautiful photos that touched my mind, body and soul this morning. GOD is great and amazing it really helps to keep looking for the good stuff in life. 

If you’r finding the trial and trauma of life to be difficult try to remember more than likely someone else in the world has it more difficult.  Try to remember all of your blessings, gifts, talents and most important remember your passion and go execute a plan to live your passion in life. I live my life with a grateful attitude, work hard to expect miracles to come in any moment and I never stop beleiving that this time shall pass. 

Never give up, keep trusting GOD.  Stay positive in this thing called life as each minute, hour and day is truly a gift from GOD. If you’re trying to stay positive in a negative world remember you choose your thoughts, you choose what you watch and listen to select these things carefully.  Enjoy your life as you will  never be here in this exact moment in time again.  Life is truly a precious gift.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




Walking On Water


I am a survivor of an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger with my GOD mother, looking back in time I had no idea my life was in jeopardy. The worst scenario ever a semi truck smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  Today my full-time job is to pray and believe GOD will heal my body and alleviate the chronic insane nerve pain, joint pain, back pain, numbness, deliberating pain the semi truck left me with. Walking with GOD is the only way I can navigate life as I am not strong enough to do this walk without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, life is just too difficult to navigate without GOD.  

I honestly and transparently share my life experience to help not whine or complain as my husband and I live our life with a grateful attitude to GOD. Everyone has something difficult in their life and we fully understand some people have more trauma and tests than others.  I share my blog to give all the credit to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, provide hope, information and encouragement in the pursuit of health, love, and happiness in this thing called life we all navigate daily.  Never give up, never stop working towards excellence in your life as we get no more and no less than the amount of effort “work” placed into our life.   Trust GOD for all things. 

Living with a humble and grateful attitude:

I am forever grateful to GOD in Jesus Christ name as I know I could have died and almost died after the accident.  I understand I could have lost my legs easily as eight ribs broke, lung collapsed, grade V kidney tear, pelvis shattered 3 large screws surgically installed to give me the ability to walk again.  Nerve pain is painful and causes sleep deprivation we continue to pray for a complete healing.  Honestly my husband and myself could have never endured this pain and suffering and loss without Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior in combination with the bible for faith and healing.

Exercise is the key to getting well but exercise can cause more pain so our mind says no more. Sitting and not moving causes pain it imperative to get into a physical exercise program now while you are healthy.  I was physically fit from riding my horse and mammoth donkey, think of staying healthy as a savings account for your life as exercise is medicine. 

Doctors use a pain scale from 1-10 they ask what is your pain today? I have come to accept my full-time job is to try to alleviate pain, get physically strong again, be able to sleep more than five hours a night, smile and laugh more.  Pain robs the person inside of us who is full of joy and happiness, as pain is very difficult to talk about, difficult for people to understand and can make life frustrating.  No medical device can measure the amount of pain the human or animal is in.  We must be able to have empathy and see when a living being is in pain, we must be bold and do our best to stop pain and abuse of humans and animals.  

Walking on water (place a float around my waist) seems to be helping with less pain in the water still suffer from extreme pain out of the water mostly at night when trying to sleep.  Here is a cute video of a doggie doing physical therapy and playing at the same time.  Wondering if water physical therapy can help you or your loved one? Water therapy benefits

Do you have any stories of water physical therapy you would like to share?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



When Pigs Fly


GOD puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us – in the dreariest and most dreaded momentscan see a possibility of hope. Maya Angelou

The bible explains over and over how very important it is for us to forgive immediately upon being hurt or mistreated in any way! Before I became a christian and a follower of Jesus Christ this was my motto “when pigs fly I will forgive”, I can honestly say “this is not a powerful way to live our life” ends up hurting me more than the person who hurt me. 

What happens after we forgive? Peace flows in our body and relaxation no more strife and anger.  Our human body is filled with the holy spirit of Jesus Christ truly peace “a gift from GOD” in Jesus Christ precious name. Every person who is breathing in this thing called life will experience some form of pain and suffering, seems some folks have more than others, some have less.  Since we are breathing air and living we are not in heaven yet trials, tears, pain and suffering is all a call to give everything to Jesus Christ let go.  I have learned to keep a smile on my face and enjoy my life but the first step is to forgive anyone who has hurt me quickly.

Several good books out regarding peace and forgiveness never forget that when we forgive we are providing the healing we need in our bodies to enjoy our life. Forgiveness is for us more than the person or event that hurt us.

Be strong and of good courage; do not fear nor be dismayed.  1 chronicles 22:13

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



People and Animals Never Forget How We Make Them Feel


GOD is great, GOD is helping me to stay strong and never give up.  I am now attending physical therapy once again and adding water physical therapy in along with gym work.  The key for me is to try to not over do it.  This is very hard when I want to get well and be able to attend Parelli to become a horse, donkey and mule trainer.  The photo below was taken before the semi truck accident this photo puts a fire in my belly and reminds me that nothing, nothing is impossible with our GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.

If you are having a hard time in life I suggest giving GOD a try in Jesus Christ precious name as he loves all of his children.  We must never forget we live in a fallen world and GOD does not bring tears, sickness, pain and suffering to us.  Jesus Christ is the prince of peace he is my Lord and Savior and I am very grateful for this relationship as the amount of pain and suffering I have had is difficult for the mind to understand.

GOD will never leave us or forsake us never.  I share my life with you to give you hope, inspiration and to know that you can do anything you are determined enough to do.  Never settle, never ever as we were all created with special talents and gifts enjoy your life and you will never work.  Life is whatever we want it to be it is no more and no less.

I liked this blog so much I pressed it enjoy. Maya Angelou.

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