Plowing The Hay Field

We purchased our farm (raw land) in 2013 for our small business the Donkey Whisperer Farm ®.  Yesterday we hit a milestone “Plowing The Hay Field” the first step to growing premium low sugar/protein hay for our donkeys and horses. We will never have weeds or alfalfa in this hay ever again.  In the spring of 2020 we will plant orchard seeds.  God willing we will have some beautiful healthy hay for our donkeys and horses. 

The next time you buy a bale or more of hay I hope you take a moment to thank the farmer that worked really hard to provide you with your hay. Growing and harvesting hay is really hard work and expensive. No wonder hay cost so much in the Pacific Northwest. Premium hay will always cost more as it takes so much more time and effort to produce.

Hay or straw cannot be looked at and guessed to determine sugar or protein we must test it. The color means nothing, the fact it is straw means nothing.  Send hay samples to Equine Analytical. 

Donkeys evolved from the desert making them seriously easy keepers. Donkeys cannot eat high sugar/protein hay or straw without getting obese, sick and finally dying. Our hay will test in at 10% or lower in sugar/protein, thank you Jesus.

A few photos of my husband Scott working really hard for three days to get this field plowed. Seems the field has not been plowed in at least thirty years or longer. 

We look forward to sharing our beautiful hay in the spring and summer of 2020. 

God bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody & Scott Johnson


Trophy Is In Training For The Saddle

We have hired Steffan Sherman to start Miss Trophy in the saddle from Sherman Farms, Sequim, WA. Steffan and his wife Gabrielle are amazing with the horses and humans. I am physically disabled. I am not able to take the risk of starting this rescue mare under saddle. 

Steffan and Gabrielle are like minded as they have a herd of horses living on their ranch in Sequim, WA. The lead horse, mule or donkey can help a horse who is learning to have social skills with humans. My horse Miss Lily is a lead mare, my lead mare lives full-time with Miss Trophy. Trophy is emotionally, physically and mentally ready to learn how to carry her rider. 

Working with a rescue or traumatized horse, donkey or mule
What is the most important factor? You! The owner or human who cares for the equine. Rehabilitation takes time. All humans and animals can come back to life if given the time and the opportunity to learn to trust again. Most importantly we must make sure no one ever betrays the equine again ever. Animals like people can have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a trigger will regress the animal or human quickly. The great news is we can help return the mind to normal faster and faster if we learn how to release the pressure quickly. Never drill. Stay On Donkey Time ®. 

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson. 

Trophy came to me biting, kicking, striking, weaving her head around all of the time, head high and urinating. Today she is confident and calm 99% of the time. Thank you Jesus. We have been testing her, and re-testing her, every time she is ready and eager to learn the next new thing. 

Walking Our Horses On The Trail Prepares For Trail Riding

We expect to start saddling and riding Miss Trophy soon. Steffan Sherman will ride her on the trail with just a halter and saddle. No buck, no fight, no stress.  Soon I will ride Miss Trophy on the trail. Weather is a huge factor as we move into the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest. Stay On Donkey Time ®.

Donkeys, Horses and Mules Love Clean Water


Donkeys are stoic meaning they will not show pain until it too late.

onkeys, Mules and Horses will drink more water in the winter if it is clean and warm. Clean fresh water is truly one of the most important things we can do to keep our equine healthy while living in domestication.


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Preventing Sunburns In Donkeys, Horses and Mules

Donkeys, horses and mules with pink skin are at risk for sunburns and skin cancer.


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One Day The Wild Horses and Burros Will Be Extinct

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Death With Dignity For Our Donkey, Horse or Mule

Living the farm life is a blessing as farms are expensive to maintain, our world has become very expensive. The life of a farmer is amazingly difficult as each day something new is left at our feet. A farmer must pray, plan and let go. Nothing is more difficult than working for a year and having the weather destroy crops or livestock.


I teach the owner or caretaker worldwide how to care for the donkey and train and maintain the donkey. Everything we do or do not do will affect the health of our livestock emotionally, physically and mentally. Here on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® we work closely with our veterinarian and farrier to ensure our donkeys and horses are living in optimum health.

Our Life is in God’s hands, each day is fragile and precious for humans and animals. 

Resources: Options To Bury The Body Of Our Beloved Horse, Donkey or Mule

Resources: Sending The Equine To Heaven

Have A Plan:

When a donkey, horse or mule dies it is very important to let the rest of the herd smell and see the equine has passed. If we do not provide closure the animals will live in emotional distress crying and looking for their pasture buddy. Even when one of our dogs pass we let the other dogs say goodbye. Its only fair.


God Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged

Donkey Whisperer Farm

Melody & Scott Johnson