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Surviving Trauma


I hope you enjoy this photo of my weeping honeysuckle I planted in my garden!  Gardening is another passion I so enjoy I like to buy the plants as little baby’s, pray and watch GOD grow them as I am just the care taker.

Surviving Trauma changes everything for humans and animals.  Before I jumped into the passenger seat of my GOD mothers little 1980 pick up truck I was an entirely different person, physically strong, healthy, fit, and a person with a zest for life as I was following my passion of training equine (donkeys,horses and mules) while sharing information via the world-wide web.  Working with horses has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl, GOD added the donkeys into the dream and I believe GOD will find a way to remove all the pain and suffering and restore my ability to train and ride again, I am on GOD’s time not my time.  

A career that was woven and threaded upon many years of dreams and passion pulling all of my life experiences into one divine place, that’s the key to success in the business world a job that has passion.  All that I am and all that I have is due to GOD instilling the creativity, strength, faith and hope as we are GODs most greatest creation. 

Life is fragile, time is seriously precious and like others that have survived being forced into a victim role I have fought every step of the way to keep my dignity, self-esteem, marriage, family and farm intact.  I can honestly say “GOD has reinforced what matters most to me in life”, my relationship with Jesus, my GOD sent husband, family, friends and animals.  

In a matter of seconds everything in my life changed and yet nothing changed between me and GOD in fact GOD became stronger in my mind, body and soul as after I prayed GOD immediately started creating miracles to save my life.  One moment in time I am sitting relaxed, happy, listening to my GOD mothers voice as she is driving I am sitting in her passenger seat, looking at the farm land, no trees it seemed for miles so different from my home in the forest.  The next moment I remember the inability to breathe, insane pain in my entire body but mostly in my chest I am now inside an ambulance and oxygen is on my face.  The angelic paramedic is telling me to hang on be strong, what a job these people do every day, over and over to save lives.  I immediately started praying for GOD to please help me as I don’t want to die I want to live! I want to kiss my husband again, go home see my family two and four legs (horse, donkeys, cats and dogs) and our beautiful home with flowers planted at every corner.  Gardening is another one of my passions as it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest we have perfect growing conditions for perennials and gardening feels really good a sense of accomplishment and awe of what GOD can create.  Felt like I could barely hear what people were saying like they were talking really slow and muzzled as my body was dying and I understood that only GOD could save my life.  Next I received the final blow “my pelvis is shattered”, I may never walk again, the fear was instantly removed and peace was given to me that GOD could heal me after all this is GOD were talking about.

When they finally got me into the Yakima hospital all I wanted to do was get off that hard board as the eight broken ribs could not lay flat they had tied my head down and I think my hands.  Now I had no control, I was a victim and I was at the mercy of every person who worked on me to save my life.  I had no ability to plan, research what to do next and so I went into a place with Jesus that was sweet and safe.  GOD wrapped his protection around my body like a glove fitted specifically for me. I truly did not have any fear of dying in fact I understood the pain would instantly be gone as heaven is a place of no pain and suffering. I understood that Jesus could touch my body and save my life and in seconds I chose to fight to live.  As the doctor in the E.R. proceeded to tell me and my husband all of my injuries I felt an urgent sense to go to Harborview Medical trauma hospital in Seattle, Washington.  I screamed I wanted to go to this hospital at least three times and the doctor on call ignored my plea.  Finally as the tears swept down my face I looked at my husband and with just one look he said “move her where she wants to go now” my whole body relaxed as I felt safe to know I was going to one of the best trauma hospitals in the Pacific Northwest.

GOD is great and he continuously does everything possible to keep me as comfortable as I can be during this extremely painful long recovery process, without GOD in my mind, spirit and soul life would be just too hard to live. Trauma is such a difficult experience for humans and animals the scars left on the body, mind and emotions are forever engraved leaving the trauma survivors life forever changed.  Like a rock thrown on a lake leaving ripples, trauma leaves little changes in everyone whom is touched by a person suffering from trauma. 

Horses, donkeys and mules are great Healers of Trauma as they live in the moment. Expectancy in GOD for the very best life is the only way I can live and continue to press forward day after day. Life is no more and no less than what we expect GOD to provide, we must remember GOD expects us to do our part too, we must keep on pressing forward in life and treat others how we want to be treated.   What we expect, what we say out loud is what we will get in life no more and no less so be careful what you say and what you think as you get what you say and think. My light shall break forth like the morning, my healing (my restoration) and the power of new life shall spring forth speedily. ISAIAH 58:8  I believe that this scripture reminds us that just like the seasons of life blend into our life GOD has the power to restore everything the enemy (satin) has stolen and provide each of us with double for our troubles.  Life is fragile and precious never give up, keep getting up in life, keep safe under the wings of Jesus Christ until the storm passes and sunshine is back on our face.

I have learned that when a person suffers from a traumatic life event i.e, semi truck car accident, murder, death, natural disaster, loss, divorce, job loss everything changes, friends come and go and life swirls around for a while.  Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is a traumatic event as how can we know how sweet the world is if we did not suffer and have tears?  If our life was perfect we would be dead and living in heaven for believers of Jesus Christ.  I don’t know about you but for me I am not ready to die yet as I have so many things I would like to experience here on earth.  I continue to live my life with a strong work ethic, following the Law of Expectation that GOD will provide healing, health, favor,  double for my troubles and blessings that are amazing and of his plans not mine.  

I proudly wear the scars of this motor vehicle accident as I am forever changed a bold warrior for Jesus Christ.  I do my best to share information to help others suffering and move into the warmth and sunshine of faith we receive from Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. I believe GOD will restore all that has been lost and provide above and beyond our wildest dreams as this is GOD were talking about.   Nothing is impossible with GOD on our side nothing, GOD will never leave or forsake his child, never!  The Law of expectation with GOD is we get no more and we get no less than what we expect from GOD, keep expecting the best GOD can provide and watch GOD show up and show off as this is the GOD we serve.

I pray that my transparency and honesty will help you or another person you love continue to believe in Miracles from Jesus Christ and never give up in this thing wonderful thing called life.  Do you have a miracle to share?  Please leave a comment to help others.



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God Created A Miracle For Me


GOD, Jesus Christ and his angels spared my life in what can only be called a miracle.

April 13, 2010 I survived a life threatening motor vehicle accident when a large farm truck I call it a (semi-truck hit) full of cow manure slammed into the passenger door of the vehicle I was sitting in as a passenger.  Sadly, the driver of the small truck I was in ran a stop sign, leaving me with a life long disability. GOD is amazing as I started my own world-wide coaching, consulting and training business on Jan 1st, 2014.

I was flown by emergency helicopter to Harborview Critical Care Hospital in Seattle, WA with life threatening injuries; I remember praying and asking GOD to let me live, I was scared I would die.  My injuries can only be called a miracle from God to be alive, God is great, God creates miracles and I am living proof of his great work.


Three surgeries and blood transfusions in two days as I was dying

Eight broken ribs right and left side some in three places

Four chest tubes inserted in-between the broken ribs

Collapsed lung – Difficult to breathe

Grade V  kidney Tear – Stint Installed and removed

  • Grade 5: Shattered or devascularized kidney, ureteropelvic avulsions, complete laceration or thrombus of the main renal artery or vein

Broken collar-bone 

Three large pelvis screws

 Pelvic bone shattered three large screws surgically installed as the surgeon told my husband he could bend my pelvis up together like a banana.

A photo of my pelvis screws


Things I am grateful for:

I am most grateful to God for his love, strength, mercy and miracle to save my life and provide me with the opportunity to recover.  I am very grateful to the team of doctors and nurses that worked on me as they saved my life.  Several surgeons told me I am a miracle and blessed to be alive. One doctor asked me if I believed in God and I quickly told him about deep faith in Jesus Christ. I was in intensive care for at least 7 days and the hospital for 12 days.  Finally I could go home but once I got home my life was no longer the same as I had no ability to do anything without help and twenty-four hour care in our home not set-up for a person in a wheel chair.

I am grateful to all of the people in my life that helped with our farm, my husband and a close girl friend and her close friend stayed with me day and night in the hospital taking shifts to never leave me alone in the hospital.  Food was brought into our home, prayers, cards, calls, text messages, flowers, balloons and so many visits and prayers.  In the middle of trauma God created a unique support system for us one only GOD could create.

I was unable to put any weight on my right leg or walk confined to the wheelchair for almost three months I slept in a lazy boy chair with pillows propping me up for at least four months and then the hard work began, physical therapy moving from the wheel chair to the walker, from the walker to the cane and then finally I could walk on my own.  I am grateful for my relationship with Jesus Christ as I do not believe I could have physically taken the pain without Jesus holding my right hand.

It is my hope that sharing this event will help you believe in Jesus Christ our savior for all things.  I have a gorgeous sign in my home a gift given to me by my close friend “Expect Miracles.”   I believe that nothing is too big for our God nothing…. This is my testimony for Jesus Christ and his mercy and grace.

Lily & Melody June 2010

Melody Kissing Rio

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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